One day The king was inspecting the law and order situation in the kingdom. One of his ministers, who was jealous of Goodboy, complained that the king gave importance only to Goodboy’s suggestions and all the other ministers were ignored.
The king wanted the minister to know how wise Goodboy was.
There was a marriage procession going on.
The king ordered the minister to enquire whose marriage it was. The minister found out and walked towards the king wearing a proud expression on his face.Then the king called Goodboy and asked him too to enquire whose marriage was going on. When Goodboy returned, The king asked the minister “Where are the couple going?” The minister said that the king had only asked him to enquire whose marriage was going on.
Then The king asked Goodboy the same question. “O My Majesty! They are going to the city of Bantama,” replied Goodboy. Now the King turned towards the minister and said, “Now do you understand why Goodboy is more important to me? It is not enough if you complete a task. You have to use your intelligence to do a little more work.’ The minister’s face fell. He had learnt the importance of being Goodboy, the hard way.