Adventures Of Fola Episode 26



I woke up feeling groggy and dizzy, the bed I was in felt unfamiliar, and the smell wasn’t that of Ada’s room, gosh what happened to me, why do I feel this way, Like I’ve been drugged?.

“ Fola…, Fola…. Can you hear me?” I heard Nancy call, her voice rough. I turned my head on the bed murmuring

“what?” feeling out of place, then I opened my eyes excruciatingly slowly my eyes felt very heavy. I really can’t recall what I took last night to put me in this position. I mean I didn’t get wasted and I don’t do drugs, so why do I feel this way? I sat up slowly, and then took in my surrounding, it took a few seconds for my eyesight to adjust to the room, but when it did I swear my heart dropped. I was in a room that had nothing in it, just the bed. I turned my head to the door getting more scared by the second, the door was closed, then I looked at the window, it had burglary proof on it, no way for me to escape now. God what do I do? How did I get here? God please help me.

I sat there for a minute thinking of how I got here and who brought me here; when suddenly I remembered I heard someone call me, wait, I thought I heard Nancy’s voice,

“Nancy… Nancy, where are you?” I got up from the bed, turning around in circles totally helpless and confused, I got more and more dizzy because of this action so I stopped.

“I’m here, in the room next to you” my eyes enlarged double its size, I could hear her through the wall, I raced to the wall, stopped and touched it, calling her once more, heart beating fast , breath panting

“Nancy” I called,

“I’m here Fola, are you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine, just a bit groggy” I pressed my hands to the wall harder wishing I could will myself to go through it, then I heard the bed she was on make creaky sounds, she then said,

“yeah, we were actually drugged, I felt the same when I woke up a few hours ago”

“What……… a few hours ago, are you saying we’ve been here for hours?” I sat on the floor, my hands still on the wall but my head was bowed, I was totally scared. For us to be taken means my mother has us. She didn’t just take me, no she took Nancy too, and this means her plans for me have gotten ten times worse.

“Nancy how do you know we were drugged, and how did we even get kidnapped?”

“I remember someone pressed a cloth to my face while I was asleep in my room last night, the cloth smelt weird, then in seconds I blanked out. The only thing that can explain that is drugs, I’m sure the same was done to you” I lifted my head slowly as she spoke, eyes focused on a particular spot on the wall, I couldn’t remember anyone putting a cloth to my face, I couldn’t remember anything period. right there I promised myself that I’ll do whatever it takes to protect Nancy, nothing… no one will harm her. As long as I’m alive, my mum thinks she has won but she hasn’t. Nancy is my family, I protect my family. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into. Then I smiled slowly but wickedly, oh yeah she has no idea what she has gotten herself into.



It was seven o’clock in the morning and still no news about Fola, I was going crazy. We couldn’t find any trace of her anywhere. There was no way to find her. My house was filled up by my men, each of them getting agitated by the minute, dressed in black, ready for battle. We were all gathered in my office, papers strewn everywhere, on my office table, on the floor, everywhere.

Gibson was on the phone by the door talking to the inspector trying to get information about the girls; while I was standing in front of my office table looking at him over the papers in front of me, waiting for him to end the call. Immediately he was done I asked,

“Any news?” He shook his head angrily,

“no, no freaking news Michael” then he walked out of the door. I closed my eyes angry and frustrated at the same time, then I stood up straight, walked away from my office table and went after Gibson, our means of finding the girls wasn’t working, we needed a new tactic. I caught up with him in the living room; Ada was sitting down there with Becky holding her. She was still shaken after yesterday’s incident. She didn’t look ok but she was holding it together.

“Gibson wait” I called for him to stop, He stopped then spun around facing me, his face hard. “We need to think, we need to find a new way to find them” he said desperately,

“You think I don’t know that? If I had a clue of a new way to find them, don’t you think I would have said so?” then i rubbed my head with my hands, bringing it down my face to rub it too.

“don’t you guys know tinu’s hideouts?, you can start from there, forget about the police, start searching and find her, you both are private investigators, Mr. smith you own a private investigation company, you’re good at finding people, so find them, please” that was said by Ada, Gibson suddenly turned to face her at her suggestion, it actually wasn’t a bad one, it was a great one, and it was confirmed when Gibson turned slowly to face me and said,

“we are private investigators”

“Yeah and its time we act like one” Gibson smiled, then as one we walked back to my office, ready to find Fola and Nancy.


Becky and I watched them as they turned around to walk back, they didn’t even mention if my suggestion was good or bad, I really do feel like throwing something at them right now, annoying human beings. couldn’t they at least say,

“no Ada, that’s a stupid idea, or no Ada we need to keep to the laws, we can’t do anything illegal(not like I want them to do anything illegal)” anyway ,they just looked at me, then turned around like I didn’t just speak at all. I kept watching them when Becky decided it was time for her to speak,

“I think they liked your idea” said Becky I looked at her confused,

“liked my idea?” I asked, she nodded her head, head that was still turned looking at where Mr. Smith and Gibson had walked away from.

“Yep they sure did, that’s why they left the way they did to try your idea”. Said Becky I was still looking at her when she spoke, once she was done, I felt a whole lot better knowing a least the men had decided to get to work, to really work.



I felt peace, absolute peace. Like every worry in my life have been taken away by God. I could stay here for the rest of my life, if only I knew what here was. I don’t know how long I’ve been here, ‘cos to be honest with you, this place is timeless. There’s nothing here, I feel nothing, the air around me feels hollow, there’s absolutely nothing around me.


Ok so I’ve been here for some time now, and I’ve felt nothing around me, but now, it’s pitch black and I’m sitting down by a wall, my back to it. And to be totally honest I don’t want to leave. Like at all. This is safe for me, this is good. Yes this is where I am going to stay, I’m not going anywhere.


Fola I sat by the wall where I could still hear Nancy, making sure she was ok, and that she was not freaking out or going to freak out. I also wanted to make sure no one got into her room, and if they did I’ll want to know why they did. As I sat there I thought of the many possible ways Nancy and I could escape, it’s been hours since our kidnap and we haven’t heard or seen anyone. Our doors have been locked since we got here; we haven’t been given water or food. I don’t know maybe they want to starve us, whoever they are. I looked to my left to the only window in the room, seeing the sun shine and wising I was home with my family. Every one of them has sacrificed their time for me, making sure I am safe. Right now I know Michael is going crazy wondering where we are.

As I sat there thinking, the handle of my door began to jerk wildly, my head swiveled to the right, staring at it. Guess they’ve finally decided to come visit. I sat there not moving staring at the door, heart in my mouth. Then the door opened and a man walked in wearing black, he had a scar on his face, starting from the side of his left eye down to his cheek. He even looked scarier than the other men my mother had the first time I was kidnapped.

He looked at me, and then his eyes moved to the windows, the same eyes came back to me. I just sat there deciding not to say anything. He walked further into the room and closed the door, his eyes on me while he did. Immediately the door closed, the vibe in the room changed, and they were not good vibes. He came closer to me, while I sat there not moving at all, I won’t let him think he’s intimidating even though he is I won’t let him think it. So I sat there, waiting to see what he’ll do.

“So you’re the Fola everyone’s been talking about” he said, his voice filled with hate and disgust. I said nothing still, just stared at him. “Won’t you say anything, or have you gone dumb like Nancy, heard she can’t talk, have you become like her?” He was closer to me right now; I had to lift my head up in order not to miss his eyes. He then crouched down in front of me, his eyes full of hate I could literally taste it. My heart was pounding really fast, I was alone in this room, only God knows what he intends to do to me, but thankfully I’m not weak anymore, I’ve learnt a lot after my kidnap, and now I know how to defend myself. So I stared and waited, and then finally he did what I was waiting for.

He touched me, painfully. Well not actually touch since it actually hurt, “he hit me”,. My head turned hard and fast to the left because of the impact of his attack on me. With my head still turned, I felt my ears ring, and my cheek on fire. “Ok I can handle this” I said to myself deep breathing silently. Then I turned slowly facing him, I licked my lips to taste the little blood that had come out of my split lips, licking it away.

As I looked at him, I looked at him in spite, planning how he was going to suffer slowly by my hands. His head bent sideways regarding me, he must have thought I was going to cry or something, but the look I gave him was the opposite of what he was expecting.

“ hm, I can see you’re quite strong for a girl your size” he said lazily staring at me. I hate it when people judge me cos of my size, you should never judge a book by its cover; he’s going to know that in a little while, I’ll make sure of that. I didn’t answer him instead I gave him a smug look, letting him think whatever he wanted to.

He looked at me, suspicious of my smug look, oh yeah he’s going to get it from me. He won’t be screaming in pain because of Michael and his team, no he’ll be screaming because of me.

Suddenly I hit him really hard and fast by the throat, he wasn’t expecting it. he made a choking sound his hands going to hold his throat protectively, surprise written all over his face. Then he fell back on the ground. Moaning in pain, Hmm let him enjoy that for awhile. …



Immediately Gibson and I walked back into my office, the men looked at us, waiting to see if we had anything new, which means they stopped whatever they were doing.

“Change of plans” I said, “call every house located close to the one of which Fola was first hidden during her first abduction, ask if anyone saw anything or anyone. Do that right now” I ordered. Every one of my men got straight to work; they knew time was of the essence so they wasted none of it.


20 minutes later.

“I’ve got a lead” said one of my men, Andrew our IT guy he was nerd, he sat at the far corner of my office by the wall with his laptop on his laps, glasses on, working, I remember reading his resume, he’s quite good. I looked at him and said,

“Talk to me” And he did,…….

“Some lady living around the area said she saw a car drive in late last night around 1 am in a compound next to hers”

“Did she say why she was awake at that time?” asked James head of security,

“Who cares why she was awake?, she has info of what happened last night, that’s what’s important” remarked Gibson.

“Anyway, like I was saying” said Andrew, “She said for some months now people have been coming in and out of a particular house that some woman used to live in before, but she no longer lives there, it’s a few houses down from hers, that there was a time some men came there in black at night and the next thing she heard were screams and gunshots, then a girl was taken out of the house, deposited into a car and the car drove off” I looked at Gibson knowingly, he did the same. Andrew kept on talking

“she said she couldn’t see the make of the car, (this is about last night) cos it was dark outside. But that she watched the car until it stopped, then they brought out two people, again she couldn’t tell if they were male or female cos it was dark but they looked like they were asleep. Then these men went into the house with these people. That’s all she saw”.

Every man in my office knew what this meant. It meant Fola and Nancy have been found. So I said the word every one of my men has been waiting for, for hours,

“let’s move” Every man got into action getting everything they needed, except Andrew he sat there with a proud look on his face, laptop on his thighs.



It’s been more than 20 minutes since Mr. smith and Gibson left here, what’s happening, haven’t they found any leads? As I wondered, I heard heavy footsteps coming from the hallway that led to Mr. Smith’s office, everyone of his men was walking out, no not walking…matching. They all had their guns in place, dressed in black, ready for battle. They looked formidable.

“Mm hmm” mumbled Becky, “now they are ready, I think they’ve found a lead” I looked at her with fear in my eyes, probably because of how the men looked. I saw them early this morning but they didn’t look this way then.

“Do they always look like this?” I asked


“The men, Mr. smiths guys” she looked at me confused,

“look like how sugar plum?”

“Well… that” She looked at the men,

“well they all have a background of being in the army and they’ve been to different wars so I guess they are meant to look like that” I gulped, nodded then stood up. She stood up with me,

“sweetie are you ok” she asked, concern in her voice

“Yep I’m great; I just need a drink, a strong one”

“Yeah you do” she replied, “common lets go, I’ll make you one” She took my hand in hers and led me to the dining room, but Gibson stopped us on the way

“Where are you girls heading?” he asked,

“She needs a drink” replied Becky Gibson looked at me; unsure whether he was allowed to talk to me at the moment, the only time he did talk to me was when he came in after Mr. Smith called him at night to tell him about the situation at hand. He didn’t only talk to me, he hugged me, tight. I think he was more scared for me than I was.

“ Ada, are you ok?” he asked. I nodded my head looking at him. “sure?” he asked once more, I nodded once again, then I smiled a small smile,

“I’ll be fine, just find my girls please”. He gave a sharp nod, looked at Becky and said,

“Watch her”

“Sure will, you have nothing to worry about”. Replied Becky Then he turned around and walked out of the house with the men, Michael leading them.

A minute later the sound of cars started, and they zoomed off. All we can do right now is hope and pray. And have a good stiff drink.

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The girl hitter had recovered from my sudden attack; he was standing staring down at me. He looked like he wanted to kill me in so many different ways.

“You’re going to pay for that you stupid girl” his voice scratchy, he winced in pain as he spoke. I said nothing, just continued to stare at him. Then he pounced, he bent immediately to grab both my legs dragging me to him. I began to struggle, kicking and screaming at him to let go of me. But he wouldn’t stop. He opened my legs and was about to get in between when we both heard.

“Hey what’s going on?” Our heads turned to the sound of the voice, immediately the girl hitter saw who it was, he quickly scrambled to get off me; I helped by pushing him off with my feet which resulted to him falling on his behind. Mumu

“I said, what’s going on here?”

“It’s nothing sir”, said the girl hitter, his voice scratchy

The man looked at me, then his eyes landed on my lips, they had started to bleed again. He turned angry eyes to the girl hitter,

“did you hit her?”

“Sir she was proving stubor…” He didn’t finish his sentence.

“You hit her?” the man asked forcefully this time, he was definitely angry.


“Shut your foolish mouth” yelled the man, “don’t you know our buyers hate seeing any form of injury on their properties, do you want us to lose business, what the hell is wrong with you?” The girl hitter bent his head in submission apologizing for his inept behavior

“I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again”

“It better not, you blockhead” then he turned those same eyes that were mad a moment ago to me, but this time they were gentle and kind. Wow this guy is something else,

“I’m sorry about that dear, he’s an idiot always was and always will be” my eyes caught the girl hitter scowling at the man, I smiled inside, satisfied with the look on his face. Then I focused my attention back on the man.

“Your mother will be here soon, she just had some business to finish up” he concluded. Then he looked at the girl hitter and commanded, “Get out” The girl hitter walked out, but he did that with a big old frown on his face, hee hee serves him right. The man watched him leave, once he was gone he looked at me but the look he gave was a sinister look. Oh no what now?

“If my mind serves me right, I remember being told not to hurt you, they didn’t say I couldn’t play or have fun with you”. He said

What? I looked at him, confused and scared. He crouched down in front of me, lifted his right hand to touch my face. I jerked away from him; at this, he smiled a horrible, terrible smile. Then his hand touched my ear, he stroked it lovingly, it was disturbing.

“Let’s play a little shall we, what do you say?” he asked I acted like I had no clue about what he was talking about,

“play, what do you mean, like video games?” He laughed out surprised,

“ no silly, play … you know, the both of us, with our bodies, I’m sure you and your boyfriend do it all the time in his room or your room, so don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about” I sighed, feeling sorry for him,

“he isn’t my boyfriend anymore” He looked at me questioningly. “We are engaged” His eyes expanded to an uncomfortable size,

“you’re engaged, when did that happened?”

“Yesterday” I replied, feeling really good about his reaction. Suddenly he stood up, paced for a few seconds mumbling to himself, I couldn’t really hear him, all I could get was “madam doesn’t know about this” Then he stopped pacing, he looked at me for a second thinking, then came back to me, returned back to his kneeling position and said,

“it doesn’t matter, I’ll do what I want to do with you”

“I’m advising you not to” I said, quite seriously

“What are you going to do fight me?” he asked, staring at me like I was amusing

I said nothing, just watched him. He watched me back. Next thing I know, I’m lying flat on my back with him in between my legs, he had both my hands above my head in a tight grip while his other hand held one of my thighs possessively. Oh my god this guy moves fast. Michael warned me that some men can be really fast and really strong; the only way I can win is by using my size, so I did that. Without attempting to struggle I stayed there and looked him straight in the eye. Then I raised my legs and circled them around his waist, once I did that he smiled at me, he thought I had decided to play his game. I smiled back, then I said,

“Hope you’re good at holding your breath for a long time?”. He looked at me puzzled, and then I did what he totally didn’t expect me to do. With my legs still wrapped around his waist, I lifted them up at the same time raising my lower back off the ground. My legs finally got to where I wanted it to be which is his lower shoulder, he’s kind’a small so his shoulders aren’t wide, with the whole of my strength I squeezed his shoulders as tight as I could, his face changed from being excited to that of pain. I heard a crack and then He let out a disappointing girly scream.

I continued with my assault, he immediately let go of my hands and tried pulling my legs down, once he did I was able to move my legs further up, this went to his neck. This time I squeezed with every strength in me, he started to blow my legs which I won’t lie hurt like hell, his own legs moving uncontrollably on the ground, but I held on, I kept squeezing Until I saw him loose consciousness.

A few seconds later, his hands went limp beside me then his eyes closed. I still held my legs tight around him breathing fast and hard, I had to be sure he was totally out, once I was certain he was out, I let go of him, he fell to his side his eyes still closed. I got up and called out for Nancy.

“Nancy” I called

“Are you ok, I’m here, is he out?” she asked I looked back at him on the floor,

“yep he’s out, and I’m fine”, then I wondered how she knew what I was doing,

“how did you know what I was doing?”.

“He screamed like a girl” was all she said, well I can take that.

“So what’s the plan?” she asked

“We take them out” I replied

“Fola I don’t know how to fight”

“I don’t either, but we’ve got brains, we’ll think of something” I felt her thinking about it, I hoped she wasn’t going to say no, if not that will mean the end of us


This place is awesome, I have no care in the world, none at all. I swear I can live here forever, wherever this is.

“Stephen….Stephen….Stephen you need to wake up” What, who’s calling me? It sounded feminine I turned around but saw no one, it was just dark, everywhere was dark. Why is everywhere dark anyway? Am I in some dark room or something?

“Stephen….Stephen …..Wake up” I turned around once more seeing nothing,

“who’s that?, come out, reveal yourself” I yelled out Then a few feet in front of me, I saw a light come into shape, It was my mother.



I got up from the floor then walked over the man lying unconscious. As quickly as I could, I moved to the door to open it. About three men including the girl hitter were in the living room , sitting on like 3 couches, their backs to me watching football and it was loud.

“Ok I can do this” I said to myself, and then I went down to my hands and knees and crawled to where Nancy is being kept. I looked at the men but their attention was still on the game which was really loud. That’s why they couldn’t hear that man scream while I squeezed him.

I raised my hand then placed it on the door handle and pressed down as slowly and as quietly as I could. The door opened, then bringing my hand down, I pushed it open also slowly. Then I crawled in. Immediately I got in, I closed the door quietly, got up and turned around to see Nancy on the bed, she looked shocked. She got up from the bed saying,

“oh my god you’re here” I smiled and nodded my head. She stood there by the bed looking at me happy, a big smile on her face. Then she ran to me, engulfing me in a tight sweet hug. We stayed that way for a few minutes, me hugging her, her holding me like she never wanted to let me go. I rubbed her back soothingly saying,

“Its ok, I’m fine, we’re fine, it’s ok” Once she was ok, she stepped back to look at me, then asked

“what are we going to do now, how do we escape?”

“Well I don’t know, the kidnappers are in the living room watching football”

“Ok, how do we escape?” she repeated

“I don’t know Nancy” we stood there completely confused on what to do then suddenly, an idea came to my mind.

“Stay here I’ll be right back”

“no no no no no Fola don’t leave me” begged Nancy holding my hands real tight. She looked scared out of her mind, I would feel the same if I was her.

“It’s ok Nancy I’ll be right back, I promise, just wait right here” she looked uncertain, but then she nodded at me allowing me to go. Her hands fell away from mine. I smiled at her gratefully then turned back to the door,

I walked to it, placed my palm on the handle but turned one last time to look at her, I mouthed

“stay”, she nodded her head, and then I pressed the handle down, it opened. This time I didn’t crawl, I walked out.

As I walked out, the men were still watching their game, I looked to my right to see a small kitchen, well I’m a woman I know my way around a kitchen. So I walked there. I looked around searching for the groundnut oil, I found it by the microwave, and then I continued to look, searching for the pots and pans. I found them in the lower cabinets, I took two medium sized frying pans out and then headed carefully back to where Nancy was. I got in, and closed the door then walked over to her. She was staring at my hands as I did so, when I got closer, she looked at me bemused.

“Why are you holding oil and pans?” she asked

“You’ll see”, then I smiled at her, she smiled back. Then my mother arrived.

To be continued