About Last Night


Thoughts and feelings Late at night as i lay in bed, As many thoughts rush through my head, I think about the weak and strong, I question all the right from wrong, I wonder who could i really be, I think of what’s gotten into me, I hang out with the entirely wrong crowd, All these thoughts i am thinking out loud,

What is this life i am in? My head is now beginning to spin, I pace my room without a sound, Walking in circles round and round, All these questions i have to ask, I can never finish a single task, My heart is beating really fast, Asking myself, will this really last, Nothing i do feels like it’s right, Even though i am very bright, Why does it feel this way?,

The exact same thing every day, So here i am thinking in my head, All the negative things i’ve said, This is not the real me, It definitely cannot be, Sitting here thinking for a while, I find myself beginning to smile, All these emotions i have to express, Letting go of all this stress, Sitting here in the rain, Feeling all of this pain, Like a flower i begin to wilt, Holding onto all this guilt, While falling asleep i begin to cry, Thinking about how hard i try, As I am beginning to find my way, I think who am i today, Thinking about all the nights i cried, Holding all these feelings inside

Now getting all them off my chest, Doing good, only hoping for the best, My life is like a story told, My heart is something that i hold, It’s not something on my sleeve, As many things as i achieve I think about all the positive things, Hurt feels like a big bee sting, Life isn’t something I can find in a tree, It’s only what’s inside of me Late at night as i lay in bed, All these thoughts rushing through my head, I no longer think about the weak and strong, Nor do i question the right from wrong.

Credit Naa  Derbie