A New Beginning Episode 3


After the party, Sandra went to her room antagonize over lex proposal, she know she shouldn’t be angry but she find herself totally mad for what lex did, she knew he used the opportunity to make her concede to his request…
Lex quickly followed her to her room..
” what happened love ” lex asked innocently..
” you are asking me what happened? ” Sandra replied in a high pitch voice..
” tell me please because I don’t know what I did ” lex said still with the innocent look, Sandra stared at him in furry and scoffed..
” Please tell me ” lex beseeched for the umpteenth time hold her hands…
” why would you proposed to me without even informing me, you know I am not ready for marriage and you still went ahead ” Sandra said starring at lex who shrugged and stare back at her .
” what’s the different love, we are going to be married very soon, so while prolonging it, we are pledge to be together, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. That’s why I did it, and I don’t see anything wrong for what I did ” lex replied nonchalantly irritating Sandra with his words…
” Just! go ” Sandra murmured to him, trying her possible best not to argue with him…
Lex peck her on the cheek and left while Sandra laid on the bed, thinking how miserable her life would be when she finally married lex…
The next morning….
Sandra was been woken up my her mum {miss Naomi) ..
” good morning ” she murmured to her mum and she stretched from the bed…
” morning dear, I think you’ve slept enough ” her mum replied and remove the blanket..
She left her daughter who went to the bathroom to freshen up, immediately she was done, she join her mother in the dinning.
” were is dad ” Sandra asked as the sat opposite her mother..
” he went for a business trip her mum replied. Sandra quickly served herself breakfast which was bread and tea…..
” lex told me you were not happy about his proposal. ” Mrs Naomi said breaking the he silence..
” Yeah!!, I think he his just rushing things, for God sake I am 24, and marriage is the least of my problems ” she explained to her mum who stared at her suspiciously..
” do you have any man in your life ” her mum asked starring at her daughter while she shook her head negatively…
” do you love him ” her mum asked while Sandra breathed and shrugged…
” I don’t love him , and I don’t think I can ever love him ” Sandra blunted .
” don’t say that, when I married your father I didn’t love him, but with time I found myself loving him as if my life depends on it ” her mum replied while Sandra scoffed…
” you are betrothed to lex, you should start seeing yourself as his wife” Mrs Naomi said while Sandra angrily left the dinning..
” Sandra!!!!!
“Sandra!!!!!! ” her mum voice out her name but the paid deaf ears, she went to her room and cried out her eyes…..
Roy who was at home because today was his off day , he decided to visit Nina, he had not told her about his job.
He went to her house and nock at the door.
“Roy!! ” she exclaimed excitedly as she opened the door..
” hey Nina ” Roy smiled. She ushered him in while Roy sat down on the couch, she went to the fridge and brought out hollandian yogurt, she served him in a breakable cup and sat close to him..
” thanks ” Roy murmured and gulped a little content down to his stomach…
” so where have you been, I had looking for you since yesterday, but you were not at home ” Nina asked cheerfully…
” I am currently working now ” Roy replied..
” and you didn’t bother to tell me.” she asked in disbelief..
” Sorry! , but that’s why I came here to tell you ” Roy replied..
” So what is the nature of the job, “she asked..
” it’s a security guard ” Roy murmured….
” You deserve better than that” Nina said dejectedly..
” I know ” Roy replied gloomily..
She held Roy’s palm and stared directly to his eyes, there was a fire burning in their eyes, suddenly their heard started coming close while she planted a kiss on his lips, they kiss for about two minutes before Roy broke the kiss..