A Mother's Sacrifice Episode 1


Hi guys, I am a beginner in writing, still learning from pobsonline, so please forgive me of any errors, hope you enjoy it
That night the family of Siddhartha singh were eating, a happy family of four Mr Siddhartha ruk singh, Mrs ruk singh and their two daughters karina and janvi. All of a sudden the light went off.
Dad: what happen to the light?
Mum: i dont know, let Me go and check. Karina get the candle from the kitchen.
Karina: yes mama.
Karina went into the kitchen, on her way she hit her leg on the kitchen cabinet. She got the candle and light it up. Then her mother came out with a candle to the dining, when they were about to continue eating, they notice karina was not yet back. Her mother decided to go check on her, she got to the kitchen and met her on fire. Ruk (she shouted) her husband came to the kitchen and met his daughter burning they immediately try to stop her.
Karina: hahahahahahahahahaha.
Mom: “karina live there. But” she did not, then they stop the fire and took her to the hospital.
waiting outside for the doctor to come out was like hell for them, they could not understand the reason their daughter will set herself ablaze . The doctor came out and told them the condition of their daughter they ask to see her.
Doctor: your daughter is stable now.
Dad: thank you, can we see her now
Doctor: only one person can go in
dad: savitri pls go in and see her
mum: ok ruk. On seeing her daughter she began to cry
karina: ma……. ma
mom: karina, why did you do this to urself
karina: maa i didn’t do it, i saw them, the two of them, they told me to do it,
mom: who are you talking about
karina: they are two girls, av been seeing them in my dresms
mom: who are they
karina: maa they are here, they want to take me, please don’t let them take me, please maa…
mom: who are they, karina there’s is nobody here
karina: maa please dont let them take me 
mom: doctor doctor am coming karina, doctor. 
And she left her, the girls came and strangle her with their hair. When her mother came back with the doctor she was already dead which the doctor later confirm to her, she started sobbing for her daughter.