31st May Episode 5 Blade Blood and Fire


Luke is on his bed , two girls are lying naked on either side of him. Their cloths were littered on the ground, shoes and bags, his cloths spreads lazily on the chair.
There was a knock on the door, he turns on his side as the knock continue again and again

He sighs , he thought he told them not to disturb him for the next couple of hours.
Knock knock knock!!!!
He taps one of the girls, she moans turning “Yes baby, you ready to go again?’ she opens her eyes lazily, her turning reveals succulent breast and her pale skin glowed .
“No babe, maybe in another few minutes but would you be a darl and check the door please?”
Knock knock!!
“I thought you told them no one should disturb you?” she says eying the door
“Well, apparently someone needs to be fired” he slaps her bare buttom, she giggles “ Check the door babe” she rolls away hitting the other girl who opens her eyes, she snuggles close to Luke
He fondles her breast absentmindedly as he scrolls through his phone, he frowns seeing missed calls and then a message
It was a message which read “He is dead”
‘’He’ was a long time friend that he used to work with years ago, a couple of years later they left that job, his friend went the path of the white Jesus and him, well.. the black Jesus as his friend used to say.
Luke owned a club. He screwed a lot of girls whenever he wanted, different ones every time of the week, he had money coming in and he made a lil castle for himself. Not rich as his former boss but….he was okay.
After their last job for the boss, their Boss had paid them handsomely and let them go.
Something about a job well done and he didn’t need them anymore, the threat to his wealth was gone. They didn’t complain, the money was a lot. More than a lot actually.
And they left, did other jobs and then one day, his friend had almost died on their way back from one of ‘those jobs’
They were in an accident, their car had collided with another car, and it stumbled causing them to be upside down.. while they were stuck in the car..waiting for help, which comes an hour later, and His friend had passed out, coming in and out of consciousness. one of those times he said he saw the light and then a man with beautiful eyes reached out for him and pulled him out of darkness. When he woke up in the hospital he had said the strangest thing to him
“Luke, I saw Jesus. He saved me , he gave me another chance’’
Of course he had laughed “Don’t be ridiculous , we were together in the car, how come Jesus appeared to only you. When you are the worst of us .”
“I am serious man. When we were hit and I thought I would die when our car capsided, he was the one who pulled me out. He saved me”
“No bro, it was a paramedic who did, he came and found us and he pulled you out after he got me out too. That was no Jesus. Jesus is high up there in his throne in heaven listening to some cool jams from his angels on a daily, probably banging some angel chicks when daddy isn’t looking”
‘’don’t say that. That’s blasphemy Luke. Jesus is holy, he don’t do such. Don’t ever say that about my God. He cannot behold sin nor reside in an unholy vessel”
“Well who says I want him to. I am fine being the sinner that I am and up until a few hours ago, your balls was been licked by a certain girl, and you were raining on her when you banged her for hours.. and now you are here saying unhol vessel and Jesus. Did you hit your head?”
“I am a catholic, born and raised”
“And I wonder where your family went wrong because you became the devil, screwing everything in skirts, fighting, killing, burning..raping –‘’Luke trails off
“Hey…Do you ever think about that family..that family that you know..we offed, the one with the children and the father who owed everything boss has ?”
“Which…the boss’s friend…the one with the sweet wife you were first to screw, the son we threw to his death and the little girl who got shot trying to safe her father..and the father who gets shot six times by Boss? Nope” Luke smiles , “I forgot about them since that day, until you mentioned. Why?”
“I don’t know bro..i mean all of them..all the people I offed, I am just thinking about them and I feel bad bro..and they were the most innocent amongst the ones we killed . And lying in that car upside down, everything flashes through my eyes. I remember the child’s eyes when he held on to me tight before I flung him over that roof, I remember the way she pleaded before you ran that blade through her heart, and the girl…she had so much hate in her eyes when you beat her to a pulp. She was what…barely over 11. I don’t know. And when I think about it…I realize now that Boss, he was wrong. He just wanted to save his only son who was sick and he did what a father, any father would have done to save his family.. I would have done too. If I had a family. I would do anything. I mean Boss took his company, boss took his life’s work and sent him to survive on his streets., what did he want him to do to boss? Nothing other than helping Boss, Boss turns around and stabs him in his back. And just because the father came at him and needed money to take his son to the hospital..what do we do…we let the dogs on him and every time he goes home broken, beaten, bleed and we laugh and jeer and it happens over and over and over again. We don’t care, we didn’t. And then Boss gets mad when he gets shot , only a toe leaves but what does he do? He takes us and goes after the entire family..son, daughter, mother , father. In one night , all gone, wiped out, two generations, in cold blood, in heated fire..all gone and dead, return to dusts. ”
“Tsk tsk tsk bro… You know you can’t just bring them up and shit. That’s what..a couple of years ago. Look you just have to think of getting well, you got fxxked up pretty bad. I just had a few bruises. You can’t be thinking of dead people bro”
”You don’t understand bro,. Jesus spoke to me, he said I have sinned, he said all the people I have killed be crying for my blood and i…oh..” the tears rolls down his eyes
Luke sighs “Hey, fine whatever …okay say I believe you. What do you want to do about it huh?”
“I want to let it all go. Start a new life. I believe he is calling me to..to his ministry. And before I have to do that I have to repent. We have to repent”

“No hell no . you , you can toll down that road of repentance and forgiveness and white Jesus and shit, but…me, I am already a sinner and maybe me and the devil be dancing till eternity… so..look, just get well soon okay?”
Luke leaves him. A month later his friend was released and he picks him up, hoping that moment of insanity, yes he called it insanity had passed.
Luke had it all planned out. A night out in town, girls and …smoke, drugs…everything and anything.

But what does his friend want to do? he asked him to take him to church.
And that’s when he started talking stupid. God, heaven and angels

Well his friend always talked about God, heaven and angels , especially when he kills, he likes to pray over their corpes, he sees himself as the sender..whatever that meant,

But now.. he sees himself as a giver of life, bringing men to God and forgiving their sins on God’s behalf

And soon their friendship became a strain. Since they couldn’t move together in the same social circle, drink together or even chase girls together, whenever his friend was around, it was like ..he couldn’t fart without his friend saying something about it.
So he figured, why bother. His friend does him and he does him
“Go on and chase your God. Let me serve the devil” was the last thing he said to him face to face

It’s been years but they keep in touch every once in awhile

It’s been 5 months they saw last and then he had tried calling him up a week ago and not getting through to him, His friend didn’t have a family. Priests don’t fxxk. Well unless he was fooling around with the Nuns but..
Anyways he hadn’t been able to get through to him.

He got worried.. and puts a man on it. But It’s been days now,and today, today they tell him he is dead. How?

He had burned with his church
It was ironic really…
Priests don’t burn, Devils do.
He felt bad, pained even. He wished he had gotten intouch with him more often, gone around to visit, maybe accepted to have a prayer session and confess his sins…sins he would continue after he leaves the church but hey….it would have made his friend happy

But to find out that he dies, burned together with his church to the ground, it was a sad and gruesome death. Painful even. They may have walked different parts, but..he was his friend, maybe the only true friend he had. He dials the number, someone picks immediately “How, how did he get caught in the fire?’’
“Some electrical fault maybe, it was after church, everyone had left. He was alone maybe praying, he usually remains back after the confessors comes and leaves to pray. They were having some electrical faults for months and always talking about getting around to fix it. Well they never did, it could have been anything. A spark, would have caused a fire and who knows where he was in the church unawares. They found his body, or what was left of it in the confessing booth.”
“Fxxk!! When is his burial?”
“Guess no family ?”

“Priests aren’t allowed to boss. So it’s safe to say he was celibate for the duration of time he served . Maybe he cut of his dxxk” the guy laughs
“Don’t mock my friend”
“Sorry boss”
“It’s fine. Thanks “
He cuts the call, he realized the girl wasn’t back. It was a two room apartment , she had to leave the room, get to the sitting area and then the door.
“Go check on vicky” he turns to the other girl
“Ok baby” she leans in and kisses him loudly , he smiles, When she leaves he gets up from the bed and stares out the window, taking his phone with him, He wonders what Boss was up to.

He should give him a call., the last time they spoke, he had a family ..twins ..and his wife was a model he married and business was doing well.
He sighs..
He hopes whereever his friend’s soul was, he was resting in peace

He hears her come in..
“Who was at the door Vicky?” he asks without looking back

“Vicky…stella? Who was at the door?”’ he doesn’t turn,
“oh…just me”
He turns , then he frowns
“Who the hell are you and how did you get here?”” he asks

She opens the door from my consistent knocking
“Yes please, who are you?” she frowns , not liking what she saw , she puts her head out the door and takes a look from side to side
“Me..? I am Rena”
“Okay. How did you get passed security? Plus who allowed a ..a ..i don’t even know what to call you get in here “ she is looking at me. My hood covers my head and a cloth covers from my nose. You can see my eyes alright. Even my arms and legs are covered .
“Well..i walked passed security, guess they were too preoccupied and I allowed myself in. “
“And why are you here Rena, what do you want, money, a few change, are you a begger..i am sure my baby would have some loose change to give to you.. even your cloths looks hideous. Who dresses like this, like a day light ninja, why are you all covered up, let me see your face”
She reached for my cloth I hit her hand away

“No. I have a question for you. The person inside with you..”your baby’’, does he happen to have a skull on one of his shoulders, it got bones too, like an x while the skull laid on the middle”
The girl frowns. Thinking . “I suppose he does. Why, you know him..and how..” she is frowning deeply,
“oh from my life when I was alife” I smile
She laughs “oh I see , you are crazy. I should call security” she says taking a step back to close the door “ So you better leave now or I am calling security as soon as I get back into my room”
“Oh..so, I would tell you something real quick. You got two choices.. leave now. Or two, go back in there and die with him”
“What?? What did you say, are you crazy..? ‘ she reaches for me to slap me, I grab her hand, pull her out of the room , close the door and slam her face to the wall, with her hands bent behind her, she tries to scream I close her mouth “Two choices ..which is it..Run or die?”” she had begun tremble, she shakes her head, “Run’’ she mutters as my grip becomes unbearable for her
“Good’’ I let her go. She runs down and out of my sight. She was naked .

I knew she would try to call security.

But she wouldn’t find them. Or maybe what remained of them..

I smile .
I knock again. And again.
I heard voices, I knew he wasn’t still alone, The second one comes out.. I don’t have time to talk
“Two choices.. your friend just left, down the room, with her little naked arse slapping each other and her quite beautiful bosom, don’t worry. I am not into girls..but here is the thing.. just like her I am giving you two choices. Follow down her part and safe yourself or…die with the arsehole in there.” I show her my blade She gulps, she looks back up my face, staring directly into my eyes

I believe she saw..she saw I wasn’t bluffing. She runs naked down the hall. Smiling I enter, and heads straight to the room, he was facing the window..

He was naked.
I stand and stare.
Look at me , I will him
He is asking who is at the door..

Then he is asking again when I don’t say anything…

Or maybe I should
“Oh..its just me”
When he turns I realize that he doesn’t recognize me. But how can he…
I was barely 14
He wants to know who I am
“So where do I begin ?”
I see him the tattoo on his shoulder, I could tell it anywhere even in my dreams. . he raises up his phone,

He is dialing
“How did you get in here ?”

Vicky..stella ?”” he bellows, frowning, looking behind me when no one answers
“Oh they left early, couldn’t wait for desert.. I would be giving that to you, what do you like, reverse cowgirl, doggy, oh I know..69 or spooning. But the way I see little Johnson , I wonder… did Vicky and Stella tell you they enjoyed that little finger thing or they just had to pretend because of the huge sum of money lying on that table on your beside, it maybe motivated them to fake it.” I smile
“Who the hell at you, get out now before I get the securities “
“Oh…No!!’’ I shake my head “. but you can call them anyways, I believe they are incapacitated at the moment”

I don’t sit. My hands are in my pocket, I lean on the wall, He is staring at me and dialing. No one picks
“Wait you don’t believe me , why don’t you look out through your balcony, I think maybe you can see a finger or two, maybe a foot and a hand, who knows, someone’s eyes..” I laugh, He looks at me then he goes to the balcony, then I begin to laugh again
“Oh I am kidding . I am not that dramatic, I would have loved to be an artist but you see, I didn’t have the time nor the money, or maybe a father to help me and stuff, nor family and maybe who knows, I was cut away from life before I could even decide to pick a career path. But your securities? I only debilitated them, sort off. They would live … I think “ I say He comes back into the room “Leave now” he opens his drawer and pulls out a gun,
I leave the wall “ And here I was trying to have a normal conversation with you and you pull a gun out on me..me a girl?” I ask him
“if you don’t leave now I would kill you, whoever the hell you are”
“Okay okay Luke, fine . I would go..or I could have been able to go but you see, I am not scared of that gun you are pointing at me. You see, I have been shoot once, I didn’t die “
“How..how did you know my name , who are you?”
“oh I am getting there, you see..i have been shot once , trying to protect a man from another man. Then later I was burned along side that man, his wife and his son. But you see, during the time the fire began to tickle my toes as my shoulders stung from the gun wound, I remember a certain man, with a tattoo on his shoulders , just like yours, you see, he had kicked and punched my little body till I felt nothing, then he had dragged the little boy away from his mother and given him to another, who sent him to his death, then he had …taken turns with his friend, and raped the woman who kept screaming and screaming and begging, but he didn’t stop, not until she was bleeding and couldn’t feel her legs, and while they both laid her beside me and my brother , where my father kneeled, tied and made to watch, he took a blade.. a knife is sort of a blade isn’t it, because it is sharp and smooth , just like this” I show him a small knife.., infact, he can see a couple of others too..i wore them like a belt around my waist. But I hold on to one.
“ And then he ran it through her heart,..slowly but making sure as her eyes pleads one last time he ends her, I am sure he felt the moment her heart stopped .. then he laughs. While I laid there, cradling them, I look up, I would never forget those eyes, that laughter and most importantly ..that tattoo” I point to his shoulders, I saw his eyes move, I see it waver, as though my words had sunk ..’And your name? I heard your friend call you once “, I play with the knife
“so do you remember me Luke..do you?’’
I saw his hands shake ..”Who are you, how ,,how did you know about that?”
“You are not stupid luke , you are not. I am Rena but you can call me the punisher . you see… do you see ??’’ I remove my hood and the cloth covering my face..”Do you see me, do you recognize that little girl your boss shot, the little girl you practically killed when you beat her little body to numbness, the little girl, sister to that boy, daughter to that woman, daughter to that man… that girl who burned in that fire with them. I am that girl who died . but was reborn. For my skin and self is nothing but scars from the fire..and yet I surviveed , yet I am here. That means something doesn’t it?..it means that…that.. I am ment to give and eye for an eye, to mett out punishments to the ones who had done that to my family. And when I made this journey, I knew I wouldn’t stop until each and every one of you rot in my hell” I say , still playing with the knife, I wonder where I should go for first.
“It’s impossible. How ..how did you survive? No one should be able to survive it. we watched the house burn to the ground, we saw you bleed to death , you all died , you all died , and even if you survived the gun shoot, you shouldn’t have been able to survive the fire…How..how is it possible?” while he talked, he didn’t drop his hands down, the gun was still pointed at me.
I wasn’t sacred of death.
I was already dead.
Infact I welcomed death, but before I would die…I would make sure i take them with me, after all who would torture them in hell if not me
“It’s not, but here I am. I remember your friend praying to God to make me join the army of angels , because Angel Micheal was in charge of it..well maybe he did. But you see..then again, maybe the devil made me an angel of death. So..luke how do you want to proceed. Do you want to die by gun, or knife or the blade?. You see you are lucky, The one with the big teeths didn’t have much choice, you see…I watch him Burn myself… I watch him beg, I watched him and I felt nothing..maybe happiness. Maybe a tiny relief..knowing his death would bring. Now..you have a choice, but you must pick one. Choose wisely ..”
“Well you should have died there.. you fxxking piece of shit, but that’s fine , even ghosts gets reunited with their dead bodies , make sure you give my love to your mother, she did taste like honey, with that fine arse . You say you killed my friend, you? But even if that was truth.. I would be mighty glad to send you to that hell you speak off. The dead should rest in peace right..so I would send you from that grave you crawled out from..say bye bye” He cocks his gun and blows me a kiss
I smile
“Wrong choice “ I take another knife

I threw the first knife at him, aiming a particular part of his body , and ran towards him. Then I threw the other.

I watch the first knife slice his hand, causing him to drop the gun as though something hot has stung him, the gun goes off, but I dock, it goes over my head.. the second knife hits his stomach
“Bulleye!!” I mutter as I jump over the table, releasing the blade I tied behind me..
He staggers holding his hand, it was bleeding heavily from his writs. The knife was sharp..i knew that much. The other one grabs his stomach, I knew it wouldn’t kill him, yet.
He tries to reach for his drawer but I am close to him already, I kick him causing him to stumble over, exposing hairy asre as he rolled over his head and landing on his back.. hitting his head, as his hands holds his head
I grab his little finger between his legs as, swiftly I let the blade cut through it, his screams had him releasing his head and grabbing his area. Too many places to attend too..he keeps holding his writs, his head, his stomach and then the place where his little boy was. But it is gone. All that was left in it’s place was blood and testicles.
I kneel, putting my knees on either side of him, dropping the blade as he cried like a baby, I grab two more knifes.. grabbing both his hands I stab them to the wooden ground, Jesus style.. then I grab his legs and tie it.

I knew he was weak, the hit to his head, the blood leaking from his wrist and stomach, the mountain of thick redness leaving his middle, where his one-eyed little member used to be
“Are you crying Luke?,”
“Please …please..forgive me , forgive me please, help me, Call the hospital, I –I would give you what you want, money, cars, everything, please help me” he cries , I pick up back the longer blade and stare at his ,member .. it was dead already. Usually, it should come to life when touched right? But it was limp.. I look at him
“Do you know why I caught it off?”

He is crying .. I see his head is bleeding too.. He is pleading , ofcourse he won’t answer me, he shakes his head crying

Men look pitiful when they cry, especially ones who deserve it
“You see..you raped my mother with this didn’t you. So I thought it should be the first thing to go. And then you beat me up, so I am thinking …knifing you should cover that. So…you know I would love to do all manner of things to you but…. Let’s play a little , I ask you a question , if you fail or don’t answer, something leaves your body deal?”
“Please please, we just did what he ordered, he would have killed us, please…please help”
“wrong answer.. you are no fun’’
I place the blade to his chest…”you set me away from my mother… luke, and today ..i send you to my hell”

I do it slowly…very slowly ,making circles …his screams are not compared to that of my mother..

His struggles don’t deter me…

It was like my anger, my pain..my revenge was enough strength for me..

I pin him down..

It’s an hour later I leave his room..

I would hope who ever finds him shouldn’t be too scared .
I left his heart on the table ..

They would find it together with his little man
It’s been so many years…so many many years but I remember it all.

The same way I remember it all, I remember the places in which I and jude used to play hide and seek, how we used to sneak in and out of the compound ..when mama and papa weren’t looking..
I remember it so well that working through that dark paths , even now , under the fence..was a joy then., even now all I feel is nostalgic
Mum never knew how jude and I used to leave the compound , we never told father either. It was our little secret, jude and i.
It was fun too.
Little children, what did we know. Playing pranks, throwing tantrums and having our way was what we knew how to do, being rebellious too.

We chased the icecream man down the streets to get one. We sneak out to go play with my friends when mum and father were at work and we were back from school and told to be doing our homework, the nanny was more interested in eating and watching tv to realize us gone until we were back

it was fun times, good memories ..
Memories they took from me..memories I cherish still.
I enter the compound .. the guards are too far out at the front to notice a shadow dressed in black .. I stay clear from where I know the cameras used to be.
I walk round the garden, I don’t hide. I don’t need too.
It was like the night welcomed me, as though they knew why I was here.. with their arms they shielded me, as I walked in one with them… they enveloped me .
I see them first, the twins, barely seven.. fanning over their mother who was too busy doing her pedicure and answering phone calls to pay mind to the twins who were running round and round and jumping in and out of the play pen

The nanny was tired, I could see it in her face. But I wasn’t here for them.

No I wasn’t .
I climb into the house, from the window, a window that I kick in. it was always loose, father never fixed it, mother never came down here..

It was a store home. It looks as though they too never came down here either.
Climbing up the staircase, I begin to relieve every laughter , every joy..every dream ..
I see jude, laughing as father makes funny faces at him as mother bounced him on her laps. I see father and mother dancing to a song of Kenny Rogers..

I see me, my legs tucked under me as I bend my head over my homework, but in reality I am talking to my friends, telling them I would come over when mama and papa leave for work

I see jude, running behind me and chasing me round my room as I laugh and scream

I see father, placing kisses on my face, mother combing my hair, I see all of us..one big happy family..

That family was mine.. mine

And in one night it was wiped away..

Burned away

Swept away and forgotten …

Just like that, by one man. One man …

That man..

Was here, in my house, my father’s house.

But tonight would be the last night he would be here …

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“Who is there?” he says
He looked different , he looked happy, he looked fulfilled. He looked like the way my father looked when he had all that he loved and ever dreamed .

I smile a sad smile
“Who is there?” he frowns, he had entered the room from the study, I was sitted in the dark, legs crossed like the way he crossed his leg that last day..watching just watching
“Benita, baby? Why are you in the dark, put on the lights “ coming fullly into the room, backing me
I should run the blade through him, but just like he said “I never kill a man when he isn’t looking’’ I don’t move
“Are you scared of the dark?” I whisper
“Benita, quite playing, put on the lights, and why did you leave the kids alone with the nanny, she doesn’t exactly pay attention, they could fall and injure themselves ‘’ he says sitting down “Put on the lights Benita, I can’t see a ..” he shouts hitting his leg “Fxxk Benita, put on the damn lights!!”
I flick it on, just the table lamb beside me, he is frowning as he tries to nurse his toes, sitting down on the bed
“Now look at what you caused, get me an ointment for it, or a balm to sooth the pains. This fxxking toe..never heals “ he says
I get up…I hand it to him
He takes it without looking up…pouring it into his hand ,he rubs his toes
“Does it hurt..the toe I mean?”
“Ofcourse it do-‘’ he looks up sharply, and shifts back in fear seeing me
“Who are you, how did you get here??”
I walk away..just a few feets away, I go back .. I need him to see my face when I talk to him
“You know, I have been answering that question and now I don’t want to answer it anymore . I would show you…maybe then you would understand “
I drop my cloths off my shoulders as I put on all the lights.. standing naked..

I turn to him..
Soon, I know he wouldn’t be able to move… other than his eyes and maybe only his mouth, The liquid I gave him was no ointment .. it was sort of a paralysis drug..
It kicks in in 15 minutes…then he won’t be able to move a limb.
But the drug allows you to feel pain, 100 times than the nomal person…
A tiny pin jab would send you a thousands bolts of pain.. the smallest pinch would make you feel as though someone was ripping away your skin.
“Who are you ?” he asks “What do you …want? How the hell did you get in here?!!”
“Look at me Patrick…look at me”
“You see this body? No man can be able to look at me with lust in his eyes, no man would be able to run his hands over me and caresses me and find pleasure within my legs. Why? Because those perfect bosom I see girls have…I have none, my chest is bare..burned, breasts can’t even grow. My skin feels like..scales, my face..my face scares the little children if I walk without a covering…I was burned so bad, even the hospital I was put in can’t still understand how I can survive a 100 degree burn. While I laid on that bed…the pain, the excruciating pain kept me living. As long as I could feel pain, I knew I would keep pushing to live another day.. the wound on my shoulder..the one you put there. You know it missed my heart by a tiny second. That’s what the doctor said.. I was lucky . then as I fell, I heard the gun go off again and again and again .. I heard my father sigh..and then I saw his head fall . Do you understand what I am telling you right now?”
He is trying to reach for something, some sort of alarm, I killed the switch when I combed the room, the gun…I placed on the table beside me.

Who keeps guns around little children ..

I guess he hasn’t changed afterall
“Do you recognize me Patrick? They say people should be able to see your parents in you. Look at me …I am sure the clouds will clear, the dust will settle and then you would be able to see. Look at me…I am who you think I am..well in a way.. I am blood of his blood afterall, born from love, died from it..and rebirthed from it…look at me, who do you see in my eyes, who do you hear when I speak..who stands infront of you?”
“Get out from my house, or else my security would do to you what they do to thieves” he is finding it difficult to move his hands, it looks as though he is moving in slow motion, the poison is kicking in slowly
“He always talked about you you know, how much of a best friend you were.. his brother he called you. His blood he called you. In school he was practically you helper and savior, and when he came with a business plan, you were the one who laughed at his first, bringing him down.. but it didn’t deter him. You left and he made something for himself.. he made a life for himself and his family. And you strolled it like a cat dragged out of the little…and you begged for him, and again and again, because he loved you he didn’t think, he gave you a hand. But because he loved you even more, he made you his equal. But what do you do? While he was away or not looking, you kicked the stool that help him up, cut off his life source and just like a stray cat..you kick him out of his own shelter, out of his own company which he sweated day and night for, knees in deep earth, fingers filled with dirts and you didn’t care.. for years he kept beginning you to give him back what belonged to him, then he begged you to atleast give him parts but you turned a deaf ear to his pleas and blind eye to his suffering. Oh we survived ..we did. I never quite understand how a man could be so wicked and the bible pgrade comes to mind..’the heart of man is desperately wicked’ Jeremiah 17: 9 . and I wonder if they were talking about you ? ” I gather my cloth and wear it.. I walk round the room.

“you see.. we used to have such memories here.. such beautiful memories, mother, father , jude. I still feel them, I even still smell them, I can hear their laughter , the love we shared could literally choke you. that was my family Patrick. .the family you took from me. the family that gave you a pat on the shoulder when you fell, the one that picked you out of the gutter when you had nothing but the cloths on your back and the shoes covering your feet. the same family…you and your men..saw fit to end in the dead of the nigh while you sat and watched them , as though you were in the movies, no matter how much we cried and struggled and pleaded..over and over and over again, they killed my mother raping her till she became numb, my brother , so little, you didn’t pity his sick body, his dying heart… you let him throw him to his death and me, when I tried to protect my father despite having little to no strength in me, you release the first bullet ..that tore through my delicate shoulder and father… you did, you wanted to be the one to end him and you did..more times than I could count. and you know the worse thing…to watch your family burn and you along side it… it burned them…and it came for me. the fire..” I turn to him
“the fire had a face you know, it had hands and claws and fangs, it started from my toes, it climbed my legs and tore my skin, every touch..was hell.. I burbed and no matter how much I tried to scream and kick, the fire wouldn’t let go, slowly it climbed my body like a man forcing himself over my small delicate frame, my skin began to melt and even my bones, my eyes and my hair… then I suddenly felt no more pain. .. but you see… while all that was happening.. my small body crawled away still, still trying to get away from the fire.. and when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore… I allowed it to fester. what was I leaving for right? all that I am .. all that I loved..everything was gone. dead, and burned. what do I live for…
sometimes I think the fire took pity on me, I think it felt sorry for .. I think it undersold my pain and suffering … and like a rejected lover it leaves me..and I hear it say

“Atleast you can use your pain and suffering to have your revenge on those who have harmed you..” or maybe it was me who told myself. I knew that I wanted to live, another day, another day to mett out Punishments to the ones who did this, one by one I would come like the shadows in the night without them knowing ..but I would let them see me, for a man shouldn’t be killed when he wasn’t looking, that was your line wasn’t it??”
His eyes suddenly grows big “FREDERICK!!!”
“Yes… I am FREDERICK ‘s RENA .. the one who tried to protect her father. The one who crawled out to look for her brother, the one who held her mother right before your man ended her…yes I am Frederick . The one you betrayed, the one who you took all these away from, the one whom you bask in his wealth, his sweat and his luxury. I am his daughter Rena..the one who lived despite being dead.. but today..to you…I am Frederick because even Jesus said it. I am my father and my father is me.. if you see me you have seen my father , if you see my father you have seen me. We are one and the same , if you see me you must believe that my father sent me …” so look at me Patrick..who do you see…?” I face him,
“Yes, Frederick, and I have come to collect what you owe me and maybe your soul with it ” I repeat the words they said to my father..
“But before I proceed, Here are documents ..I found in your safe, well my father’s safe and everything in his name. and by the way, thank you for growing his wealth ten times over for the past ten years… I had to do a proper research to know what and what you have achieved and what’s in your name. so …while you were in the study I took out time to flip through.. you are a rich man Patrick. Riches you acquired forcibly from my father so it’s only write that you return it”
“Ne..ever “.. he tries to get up. , he falls back
“Oh don’t worry, Soon enough ,you won’t be able to move much longer..”
“What. .did..y-ou do to me?”
“Oh poison. slow killer but effective. Now..sign this and we shall begin”
he doesn’t touch the pen “Its mine..all mine.. Frederick is dead..you..you all are dead..mine..”
I run the pen over his skin, the pain causes him to jolt back..
“Now imagine me tearing your skin Patrick ….sign it . ”
he doesn’t take the pen , I grab left hand, place it on the table….”Sign it”
“fxxk you..fxxk you… Never ”
I smile , I removed his entire left five fingers, his screams don’t leave the room, it doesn’t exactly pass his throat. His energy was failing.
“if you don’t sign it..I would burn it all to the ground…You, your family..Your money..the company. ..I would burn It to the ground. …Even your dead ash body would be licked off my stray cats after they piss on it . SIGN IT ”
he was stubborn.

I remove his right ear, I place it on the table with the fingers…
“well it looks like we won’t be signing. ..I might as well kill you…slowly…how does it hurt… the pain…worse than everything you have ever felt have you?”
“please..please..stop..” he begs
I tore open his shirt and tattoo our names on his chest , I start with my father, then my mother’s name , then jude’s and then mine…and beside it I put the Punisher..smiling..

my blade is dripping of blood, he is writhing in excruciating pain..
“Do you feel my hell becoming to you Patrick.. do you see Them, big teeth and tattoo man? one died by fire, the other one by blade… An eye for an eye isn’t it.. and you..the last of them all..I would make you bleed, Your blood would trail fown the stairs as I cut you continually with my blade and then I would watch you Burn by fire too…And I would relish it..I would savour it like sweetened honey in my mouth and then would I be truly be free. then would I know my family can rest in peace. ..”
“please please stop” he begs again

“please……help..help me ” he breathed

“No one can hear you Patrick. when I am done with you I would do to your family what you did to mine. You should have made sure we were all dead Patrick,now the hunted become the hunter. .the prey the predator, the child..the punisher. .and you…are the last of the scum of the earth that I would rid off…”
“I ..I will sign it. it hurts to much. .please. .please ”

I pull him up, I give him the pen..I watch him struggle ” please..my family..please ”
“sign it.”
he manages to scribble on it

“Rena Jacobs.. ” I tell him.. , with tears falling from his eyes he scribbles it..

I take it …
father.. I know you aren’t here anymore, but we got it back. we did.

I felt my heart closing. .I felt the tears coming. Not yet. Not now.
“please. ..please. ” he begs, I see him twitching , the poison must have kicked in about 90 percent…
“my family…please…help..safe ..me..please. .Fred..Rena..please”
“Your family would be with you soon Patrick..” I kick him , he lays on the bed twitching and writhing in pain..

I count 19 knives in total…
“This is for the number of times my father helped you and you stabbed him in the back” It goes to his legs. he can’t move, he can’t scream..
“This is for the times you hurt him when he tried to help” this goes to his second leg
“This for my mother ” his thighs
“for my bother ” His second thighs
“Oh ..I don’t know how many times she got raped but. ..5 knives should cover it.. ” They go in his arm and covered his thighs
“This is for …Me ” Two goes into his body, Now he is jerking , blood is soaking the white sheets
“This ..this is for my father. .” I slide 9 into his body, round his chest…leaving the space open. .
Blood sprouts out from his mouth.., his eyes and ears, but he is still alife…coughing out more blood…

I get up..
A sudden wave of peace rushes over me, I close my eyes and open it..

I see his eyes… Then I smile…
“Dust to dust , ashes to ashes , from the scum of the earth you came., and to there do you return.” I pour fuel into his mouth from the tiny bottle I held, I watch him fight to gulp it down and breath. .. I light the match stick

“Welcome to my hell” I drop it into his mouth..
then I step away…
I wouldn’t want to sleep on that bed anyways, that would be the fruit thing I would change. .so why don’t I burn it with him on it.
I watch his mouth start to catch fire, he struggles for only a minute…then he stops. .
I see it take his face first…
I did say that i saw a face in the fire..Maybe it was his..

I smile..
I see his body burn. .

I don’t turn away..

I don’t blink…
“Blade, Blood and Fire..” I mutter “It is finished ”vthe bed gets caught up in flames. .
this is what an exorcism look like right? ridding the body of it’s demons or on this case, the world of this evil.
The bed Burns..not getting in contact with anything…the fire slowly ..slowly dies out ..
“Can a man heap fire onto his lap without getting burned ??” I repeat those words…
“No. ” I answer ..
“But the day that fire Burned me and everything I know and loved..was the day I was reborn. .and I know why.. because it made me who I am…Rena the Punisher. ”
I turn away walking out of the house into the night..

I didn’t come for his family. ..I would let them live …
but tommow I would come for what’s my father’s , that is now mine.

Today..let them mourn their father..

Tomorrow, I would send them away.

but I am not like their father…

I would let them live..

maybe the little ones would be shielded away from the harashness of this life. .

I have so much wealth, ..The sin of the father wouldn’t be visited unpon the children .. I disappear into the night.

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