31ST May Episode 41


I saw it again, this time it drove very slowly passing me on the streets as I waited for my father to come pick me up.
I had always wondered why it was much smaller than other buses, and why the driver always wore a face cab hiding his face, but when he drives by he looks at me, just looking at me and then it would stop. As though waiting for me to come to it.

But I don’t move, I don’t.
I sit there watching it..And then suddenly after waiting for a while and I don’t come towards it…
The driver would reverse and keep coming back. Then I would get scared..then I would get up and begin to back away.

it felt creepily uncomfortable…

I felt goosebumps rising on my arms and the hairs at the back of my head rising. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t want to be in that bus. But it kept reversing back towards me and I would back away some more.

Suddenly my dad would pull over and the bus suddenly stops.
I would run to my father’s car, I get in and lock the door…
“Go father go!!” I told him
“Hey nice to see you too, how was your day dad? .Oh it was great princess and yours? oh dad it was awesome. i love you. Oh kiddo I love you too” Father says
“No serious dad, let’s go.. that bus… that bus is all shades of creepy ” I would point to it looking at him
“What bus? ” He turns following my hands
“That one ” I say turning but the Bus wasn’t there anymore.
“It was there..just now I swear. for a couple of weeks now it just slowly crawls by, very creepy. no one is ever inside the bus and it is much smaller than the normal ones we see. the driver always has his face hidden with his cap and he keeps staring and when it stops, it opens it doors as though waiting for me to enter but I do not go because well I know I never take the bus because you comes for me and secondly ..it felt creepy. very creepy. ..but I swear it was there just a minute ago, didn’t you see it? ”
“No princess I didn’t. too many movies, you should stay off the horror flicks okay. stick to some Disney or cartons”
“I am not a child anymore father.. those are for babies”
“Good thing you are still my baby so…go figure”
“What? I hate that you grew up too fast. I want you to be that little girl who shadows me at every turn and then tells me she loves me always”
“But I do love you always papa”
“And I love you too kiddo ” he says leaning into me and placing a kiss to my forehead. “So home we go”
“Yes home we go”
And we drove off I wonder where the Bus had gone and wether it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Maybe because a couple of kids had been declared missing for the past couple of months and they never find them. Maybe I was being paranoid.

I shrug off the thoughts away from my mind.
“Won’t you be going to school today Chloe?”
“No dad, I feel sick”
“Okay then, stay in bed while I get you cake and some hot coco , you would like right? ”
“Yes father, you are the best”
“Ofcourse, better than the best even” he smiles kissing her cheeks.

he disappears and then comes back a few minutes later with a tray.
“would you be okay while I go to work? ”
“Yes father I would be…I am a big girl remember? ”
“Oh yes .!!! I always forgot.” he smiles telling me good bye. I stay in bed all day , only getting up to shower. .

Taking some aspirins for my head , i slept off.

“Beep beep”
I turn frowning as my message tone wakes me up..
“Beep beep beep”
it was a message from Todd, my best friend.
“Hey Chloe, I didn’t see you in class today, are you okay?”
“No Todd, I think I got the flu, I stayed in’”
“Sorry, are you feeling better?”
“I am now”

he sent a smiling smiley “I am glad. ”
“How is classes today, did I miss much? ”
“Oh well,if you are counting the tests and the assignments and practicals…I would say pretty much alot”
“Crap! ! the day I don’t show up in school the day hell breaks loose”
“Oh you know how it is ”
“Yes. ..”
“Crap! !’”
“What is it..?”
“Miss Christine just gave me my first punishment for the semester”
” why what happened?”
“What do you think? She caught me being distracted and asked me a question but I was chatting with you…now she asked me to leave her class and go serve detention”
“Oh dear I am sorry ”
“Its fine. .I hate calculus anyways.”

“You know there is no phone during detentions right?”
“Yes I know . sick right. I’ll beep you up when I am out.”
That was 2 hours ago
I was down in the palour, watching Tv when my phone beeps again

“Hey Chloe, guess what?”
“What, ?”
‘”So I am done with Detention, but bad news is that, she made me stay back another hour to re-write my asssignments and drop it off on her desk”
“Oh that is mean”
“Yes I hate her. she is the devil but sadly I can’t leave..So…I would text you when I am done”
‘Okay Todd…I am sorry though, I feel horrible”
“Nah its fine. Maybe you can make it up to me”
“How ?’”
“Oh till we see”
An hour later , after waiting for his text message I beep him instead.

“Yes chloe”
“Are you done ?”
“Yes..just walking out of school. but I have bad news ”
“What,?” I ask him
“I missed the school bus”
“Oh…snap. how you gonna get home.?”
“No idea, I called mum but she says she is in the office having a meeting and that I should go figure it out’”
“Shit that sucks,what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know .. wait for another bus I guess”
“Another bus? look Todd, why don’t you start walking home. before any bus comes back from dropping off kids it might be late or you could book a fare home, isn’t there anyone at home to pay your fare?””
“I wish I could trek home, it’s far and there is no one around at home to pay the cabby. I would just wait.”
I sit biting my lips, then I suddenly remember , that feeling coming up my skin a gun
“Hey Todd, whatever you do don’t enter that Bus”
“What Bus?”
“There is a Bus I have been seeing around school of recent, it is much smaller than other normal buses but here is the creepy part, it is always empty like empty empty, no one is ever in it except the driver who always wears a face cap and keeps his face hidden. it has been passing school of recent but there is something awfully creepy about that Bus… please don’t enter it..please. i don’t know why I get scared seeing that Bus. just don’t enter it.”
“You play too much Chloe; some Crepy Bus that no one is ever in it. how hilarious. you watch too many creepy movies. ”
“I am serioos Todd, there is something about that Bus that creeps me out . whatever you do…if you see it don’t enter it…”
“Stop it Chloe”
“I am.being serous. the school bus have left…just find another means home…”
“how do I get home. ?”
“Call your mother again”
“I told you, she said she is busy and I should figure it out”
I see my father coming in through the door, he places a kiss to my forehead and heads to his room
“Can you ask your dad to come pick me up?” he texts me
“Erm I could, but he just got home , might be tired. .but let me ask him, gimme a minute”
“By the way, did you hear about the girl Milli who went missing last week?”
“Another kid? no..Oh that is so hoorible..”
“Indeed it is. they dropped her off at school in the morning and everyone saw her stay all through and then sometime during the close of school no one saw her again and nothing has been heard about her. it’s so freaking sad”
“Oh dead lord. be careful Todd , all this missing kids, I wonder what happens to them”
“me too”
I drop my phone and go to my father’s room,
“How you feeling princess, better?”
“much better father. Dad,can you please pick Todd up, he is stranded at school because he had to do detention and some assignment and now he missed the school bus and he is alone in school. can you please pick him up?”
“Erm okay let me take a quick shower and I would.”
“you Rock dad you know”
‘Yes I know” He says pulling my nose and heading to the shower , I rush back picking my phone up
“Todd?” “Todd?” “Are you there??”
“Yes yes Chloe I am here.”

“he just went to shower, he would come pick you up as soon as he comes out , but be careful and be on an alert ”
“Oh tell him not to worry, the school bus just arrived?”
“The school Bus?”
“Yes just now, I am already on it.”
“But…there is no way the school bus would have come back so soon even if it did. Todd, what kind of Bus is it?”

“Like the school Bus . I asked the driver, he said it is the school’s backup bus to take kids home who missed the first bus”
“What Chloe ?”
” what kind of a bus is it please describe it”
“Todd for goodness sake describe it” I sit up clutching my phone, I felt that negative vibe again..
“Okay..now I see that it is smaller than the first school bus, ”
“And what else , does it have a broken class on the side, a rimmed iron by the window and does the driver have on a black cap and you can’t really see his eyes ”
“Erm …Yes. what Chloe?! !!”
“OMG!!!! Its the creepy Bus Todd. it’s the creepy Bus from school. Get off now!!”

“Its not funny Todd, it’s the creepy buss.. Get off now”
“Relax Chloe you are a scaring yourself.. the driver says it’s the school back up bus. quite it Chloe. ”
“Dad!!!! DAD!!!” I call my father who comes rushing down,dressed
“What is it Chloe, ?”
“Please call the school and ask if they have a replacement or a backup Bus for students.”
“What , what is wrong Chloe, why do you sound frightened ? ” my father comes to me touching my arm

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To be continued