31ST May Episode 30



I felt it even before I saw it..

my screams seemed as though it called it.

It smelaroundt thierof death..and of rotten skin..

It had a face but I coudnt tell what it was..

It sneered and hissed and yet it talked.
It had begun every day ever since I turned twelve..

Every toss and turn..I hear it call

I couldnt understand why it never stopped..

But year in year out..it became a song.

I was just a child yet it lured me in..

To speak to talk to just let me in..

I couldn’t break off even if I wanted to..

It was never going to let me go even if I plead.

When I turned eighteen..it told me it was time.

Time for what it never seemed to not smile..

No one believed me when I told them all..
They thought me to be delusional and would put me in a strap..that made me shut up..

Bound and without freedom I was tightened to stay at a place, for a while I stayed idle, the voice, the shadow, then come to me to play .

I would wake up far away…Wether a dream or reality I could not tell..

Drenched and tired..my cloths would smell..

Bloodied and thirsty. ..was all I could make out but that’s just then..

I always did wonder where I was, and before I could make a single sense of thought I am completely swept away into reality or another made up reality… but i always ended up more confused than earlier.
And in my mouth, there is a taste of Something I had never had before and my tummy would churn and turn…I wondered what was wrong.

Over time..my cries and pleas fell to dead ears..

No one wanted to listen or help..no one cared..

They said I was just a child..whatever I spoke off was just a tell – tale

They should have believed me but that was their big mistake..

And so the day drew near..

I remember Vividly because I was mute scared..

It or she or he..came out ..through the tiny window…Without a tear..

And I was nothing but a bag of fear.

I tried to scream but my voice caught in my chest..

because it felt like she held my neck…and began to suck me in…

all I could do was shake and struggle, hoping for some little escape ..but even my legs were weak, I couldn’t even dare.
My parents. .my beloved were simply down the stairs..

No matter how I struggled I couldnt hold on to the chairs..

It’s stench was suffocating I knew for sure this was the end..

and soon I was blanked out, to nothingless and I knew I was not spared .
Over the news I heard of one dead..

She was eighteen and hung without a head..

She had scars all over , limbs out of place…blood drenched dry she gave everyone such dread..

But all they could do was cry and lament , for they didnt listen when their little girl …spoke of her impending death.
But I was the girl. . the girl found dead..

And now all I can do is roam around my grave..no longer in fear

because my spirit has refused to join my body in the death bed

because just like my killer..
I am on a mission, to bring fear to the ones who didn’t listen..

who didn’t bother to check if my fear was real and not just some tell-tale..

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I stand by the window.. I see them., those I loved around the table, laughing and smiling, they had soon forgotten their daughter and sister who was dead..
And just like the shadow that passed through the window without a tear..

I too seeped in , I stand before them…and my little brother was the first to scream in fear.
Do not be scared I tell them…. I was here to make them thier beds

like the one I was laid in, with cold and dirts in the earth..
The next morning. .. it was her scream that tore through my ears…

it was the neighbour, coming by to ask for a loaf of bread. .
And when she saw them.. body parts separated from another, she fell and hit her head..
but that isn’t the end.. I was on a mission, to find another child just like me

To bring to the place I was soon brought in , and make sure the ritual begins with her soon instead..
I saw her when she was just three, and like the one before me, I came to her when she was asleep..
it was her scream that opened the channels for me..and then I grabbed her by her throat and sucked her in..

She is here with me, in the other world that no one sees…
I teach her how to drink…the red water that seeps from the tree

I teach her how to claw, at the flesh of the carcass that littered the bushes close to the stream..
And I know she is scared..I know she doesn’t understand…but it’s okay..I tell her..when you go back to sleep…make sure you wake up and scream..

And I hope they listen to you as they never did me…and save you from the impending horror that is yet to begin..

And just like always…just like the others before me..
They don’t listen…they don’t listen to her fears and cries for real..
And every night I came to her…and every night she would scream…

I knew that one day I would take her, and leave her flesh ripped away from that which held her together ..and I would remove her head and leave her hanging inside down from her bed…
And I know when I am done and spent. …I will give her my essense. .like the one before me…and she would continue form where we had stopped..and just like a dream..

Just like me…her first mission would be to the ones who she loved ..but didn’t love her to listen to her..even in her screams!!! she would rip them out..one by one…

For she is death. ..

And it all started with a SCREAM!!

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