"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 14


“Whats going on here, whose biological father is who? Yvonne asked.
“Yvonne, please go back to your room.” Yvonne’s step father said.
“She is not going anywhere, she is my daughter and we should talk!!!!” Mr. Aziz shouted out.
“Look, Mr. I will you give me some few minutes with her but let me handle this” Yvonne’s step Father said and took Yvonne by hand.
“Lets go to your room, we need to talk” He continued and together went to Yvonne’s room.
As soon as they got to the room, Yvonne started throwing questions to him.
“Dad, what’s going on? why is that man calling me his daughter? who is he?” Yvonne desperately asked and demanding for answers.
“Yvonne sit down, there is something you need to know.” Her step Father said. She sat down and got herself ready to listen to him.
“After your late mother and i got divorced, she made a shocking revelation to me. I planned telling you when i succeed in uniting this family.” He said.
“The man you see there is Mr. Aziz, our mother’s uncle, the one who raped her. He is your father.” He continued.
“Daddy…” Yvonne said but was interrupted by her step Dad.
“My dear, let me finish, i know how you are feeling right now, its none of your doings and there is more to it than this.” He said.
“You are a twin, Yvonne, you have a twin brother” He disclosed.
“What? But Daddy how could you hide this away from me all these years? What have i done to be kept in the shadow for everything to be hitting against my face now?” Yvonne asked.
“Yvonne, its your mother who kept it from you, not me, your twin brother was in the care of your biological Father, Mr. Aziz. And now he want you to recognise him as your father.”  He said.
Yvonne sat down with her face buried in her arms. Back at the living room, Mr. Aziz who does not look like a happy man waited patiently for them.
He made a phone call to an unknown person.
Unknown person : “Hello Sir”
Mr Aziz: “Am very disappointed in you, that was not the order. ”
Unknown person: “Sir, am sorry, but she saw my face, so i had to do it and it even appears that she never knew Yvonne is going out with Yaw. Going there in the first place was a mistake.”
Mr. Aziz: “But she was the mother of my children, anyway, i want to meet you in the next hour at the usual place. ”
Unknown: “Yes sir, i will be there”
As soon as he ended the call he saw Yvonne and her step father coming out from her room.
Yvonne came towards and asked him the whereabout of his brother. That aspect was so much important to her. She felt that she having a twin brother will make her more comforted with what she was going through, and her mum’s death.
“Where is my brother? I want to see him” asked Yvonne
“So he told you everything, that’s good, and i presume you also know that am your biological father?” Mr. Aziz asked.
“Mr. Can you just answer my question? Yvonne insisted.
Mr. Aziz laughed when he saw Yvonne burst out that way.
“Blood they say is thicker than water, she even has my character. That’s my daughter. Anyway sorry to say, Your brother was murdered about a week ago. This is his picture. ” Mr. Aziz disclosed.
He took the picture out of his pocket and gave it to Yvonne.
“He is Raymond. And am very close in finding who is behind his death. ” He said.
Yvonne noticed that it was Ray. She looked surprise and immediately drop the picture.
“Any problem, my daughter” Mr. Aziz asked.
“Look, stop calling me your daughter. I may be biologically related to you, but you have not earn to be called a father, this is my father (pointing to his step father) he is the one i know, not you” Yvonne said.
“Dad, i want to go out now, i have something to do” Yvonne told her step Father and left.
“You have succeeded in turning my own daughter against me, you will leave to regret this Mr. Minister” Mr. Aziz said and also left.
Yaw had gotten home and was packing up when he heard someone banging at the door.
For precaution sake, he peeped through his window and saw a man.
Well he decided to open the door. It was Tiger.
“Yes, how may i help you” Yaw asked.
“My name is JayJay, Yvonne’s boyfriend. My mission here is very simple, stay away from Yvonne, or you will have yourself to be blamed.” Tiger warned.
Yaw quickly recognised him from the picture and never uttered a word.
Tiger left in his car. All along Yvonne had packed somewhere with his driver in a distance when she saw Tiger at the entrance of Yaw’s apartment.
Yvonne wanted to follow Tiger up immediately but she needed Yaw to be around.
She quickly went to Yaw. Opened the door and saw him packing.
“Yaw, come with me please” Yvonne said.
“Your boyfriend was here to warn me to stay away from you.” Yaw said.
“He is not my boyfriend, i think if you want to know the truth, you should come with me now” Yvonne said again.
Yaw stood there and was delaying, if they don’t follow in time, they will loose him.
“Are you coming or not Yaw?” Yvonne asked.
He was still not answering, Yvonne just held his hand and drag him like a kid and went into the car.
They quickly set off, and within some few kilometres they were able to catch with Tiger, and followed him in a distance.
Tiger unknowingly led them to their meeting place where Susan, Daisy and Mr. Aziz had already gathered.
That was the same venue where Yvonne was raped by Tiger.
To be continued