15 Days Fiancée Episode 14


Written by Authoress Ti Fe


We were done with the dishes and I walked out of the kitchen to get myself cleaned up. I headed to my room and began to strip right at the door.

I was all sweaty and it was very irritating. I needed a wonderful warm shower to calm my nerves.

I got to the bathroom and turned on the shower. My head was bowed as the water flowed down my body.

I shivered as the water touched me and i felt my n**ples hardening. My eyes were shut and then the picture of Jace and I in the kitchen flashed back into my head.

I quickly opened my eyes breathing very hard. Why am I seeing this??

I walked out of the bathroom after I was done, and tied the towel around my chest. The towel was short as it stopped right under my b**ts.

I got out and to my surprise I met Jace in the room. I jumped in fright and my towel almost fell. I slipped and was about to fall with Jace quickly caught me.

“I ga you.” He said and I quickly released myself from him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked angrily holding the towel firmly.

“I am sorry for coming In without knocking. I didn’t realize you were in the bathroom. It was immediately I stepped in you stepped out of the bathroom.” He said as I looked at him.

“And why aren’t you turning back or closing your eyes.” I said and he smiled .

“Is that really necessary?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yes I do see it in movies. And as a gentle man you should.” I said and he sighed.

“Actually I wish I could but your body is so irresistible. I can’t look away.” He said nonchalantly folding his arms and staring at me making me uncomfortable.

“What do you want anyways?” I asked.

“We will be starting the voice training lessons soon. Came to tell you to prepare.” He said.

“I was actually preparing when you came to cause troubles and I almost fell and the towel almost fell right in front of you.” I said pissed.

“But I caught you and unfortunately the towel didn’t fall. Don’t be so worked up love. I will be in the living room.” He said and walked out of the room.

Immediately he was out, I rushed to the door and shut it. Next time I won’t make that mistake again.

I sighed and walked to my closet to pick some casual outfits for myself.

Just then some notification popped into my phone, and then I realized I didn’t switch off my mobile data at the first place.

It was some notification from Instagram. I opened it and I saw that Stefan posted a picture.

In the picture, he was at the beach and he had lot of girls around him. He looked happy. I felt great jealously seeing him that way.

He was there enjoying and I am here trying to make him regret leaving me. Or maybe because I had not done enough.

I quickly cleaned off the water that was on my body with my towel and quickly began to wear my clothes.

I took a yellow body hug crop top and a jean trouser that left my belly button visible.

Just as I was about picking up my phone, my phone began to ring and I saw Celine was the one calling.

“Hey Babe”

“Hi Elena. Did you just see Stefan’s Post?”

“Yes why?”

“Can’t you see clearly that he doesn’t even remember you? I mean he is very happy, and you are bent on making him jealous which I can say is the most stupid thing you have ever done.”

“Celine, I haven’t showed him what he wants to see. I haven’t even posted pictures of Jace and i. So that night, he may just think it was a nobody I kissed”

“Elena!!! You are so annoying. When last did Stefan call you? Has he even called you at all?”


“You see Elena. He doesn’t care about you. He is enjoying his miserable life and you should enjoy yours too. Jace is the best personality I have ever met and I wish I were In your shoes, I wouldn’t let him go”

“Celine back off okay? Jace has no feelings and I still love Stefan. Or why do you think I want to get into the institute? He left me because the other lady was a good singer.”

“Elena f**king wake up! So you think if you become a good singer he will come for you and then you will accept it?? Elena stop acting so cheap”

“Enough! Celine stop! I have been taking all these from you because you are my best friend. I won’t take anymore. If you want Jace you can have him. But I want Stefan back.”

“Okay then. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I hung up breathing angrily. Why would she say all those things to me? I thought she had my back.

“Just more efforts, and you have Stefan begging for you to come back.” My brain said and I smriked.

I walked out of the room and got to the living room to see Jace already setting up some microphone and the likes.

“Hey. You are here…” He said looking at me.

“Yes I am. How do I look?” I asked and he laughed.

“You look amazing Elena.” He said and I flushed.

“Thanks.” I said and he nodded. He faced what he was setting up and I was forced to speak again.

“Jace don’t you think we should have couple pictures? You know the media must confirm our act so as to make it real enough.” I said and he looked at me.

“I have always thought of that, but I thought you wouldn’t like the idea.” He said and I smiled widely.

“I love the idea. Can we take some now?” I asked and he nodded happily. We moved closer to each other and I lifted my phone.

We began to take pictures. I wrapped my hand around his neck and he Pecked my cheeks.

I asked him to do it again and when he was about pecking my cheeks I turned my head and it landed on my lips.

I quickly took the snap before we could disengage. He stared at me and I kept my gaze on the pictures.

“They are beautiful.” I said and he nodded walking away. There were butterflies In my belly, knowing these pictures would send enough message to Stefan when he sees it.