Why me? Episode 1



So i was at Shanghai with this guy i had jx met. No one of my age grp in the vicinity could speak English so i practically had no choice dan to make him a friend. He told me his name but i was starin at de sky all dat tym.

Well it wasnt bcos de sky was different here bt an unpleasant smell shot past my face each tym he said samtyn. Wit a smile 😕 i askd him wat his name meant n he said “shusha”. I figured he was dumb, so i jx askd him wat dat ment too.

He said its d way dey call a smell from a flower, So i told him, n i quote “Dude, this flower could rilli use a mint gum

Honestly he didnt get angry but an old woman wit her face lyk samtyn? tuk tym to xplain to this guy what i had said.

? I dont no wat i said wrong n am sure de old woman? misinterpreted wat i said to de guy. I was just sayin he is a nyc guy wit a nyc minty smell?, or well dat was de excuse i had in mind bt dis was a head of a tribe??!! And i was in deep shit?.

Anyway i tot dose tribal stuff were outdated oo bt trust me, nt in China! Bfor i cud realise my excuse de guy had ordered dat no member of his tribe wil eat until my head was chopped of my body.

Eeeiii?. Wat happened to Human Rights?. This how i escaped.

Edwin!! Edwin!! Wake up! You sleepy headed droolin bearded man! Oh yeah dat was real:mrgreen:. N it was my mum callin me as usual.

My name is Edwin and i havnt even been to Togo befor. I  live in Accra wit my parents?? n siblings??? oh n a househelp?. Bfor u gt any ideas i must tell u de househelp is a male. Yu see ur face! :roll:. N today is supposed to be my first vis-a-vis wit a lady. Hhmmmm dat gal too. Giv me a minute, i tink i peed myself?.

Watch out for episode two. Its ur boy Eddy?