When i grow up, i want to marry the most beautiful woman in the world, Dale said to himself. It’s actually a fairy tale-like statement but what does little Dale mean by such an ambition at that age? What is he seeing and what has he considered?

I believe no gentleman wants to marry an ugly person. Amazingly, these two words; beautiful and ugly have become adjectives to describe, skin color, muscle mass and facial composition. My question is by what standard do we measure beauty and ugliness with? #YouSeeYourFace?

Are you saying we must not consider physical beauty in search of a woman to marry? I never said that. Let me perform a little surgery on your mind with something we may have overlooked.

The honey you see on your dining hall table is a product of a sequencial event that took place between a Bee and a flower. Bees don’t just move towards a flower because it smells good but something attracted it through its compound eyes.

It’s called the color display of petals. Every petal of a flower has a color that attracts bees at a certain wave length on the light spectrum and guess what when the bees get attracted, they don’t feed on the petal but the purpose of the petal is to lead the Bees to the content inside called NECTAR produced by the nectary glands in the flower.

The Bee feeds on the nectar to produce honey while helping the flower to also reproduce through cross or self pollination. Basic science. You see what ”chew and pour” did to you? #YouSeeYourFace? Same way, physical beauty isnt consumed by men but does the work of a marketing manager on the content inside and why a customer must consider a certain product.

Don’t miss the next episode. We will perform surgery on what exactly we as men should look out for in the midst of an attractive billboard. What do you do when you see an attractive signboard of a church called so so and so international and you visit on a sunday and its membership is not more than 10. Keep smiling. Help us broadcast this message.

The MindSurgeon