Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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The Loverboys Episode 4

Jeanne’s Pov: “So, who’s your favourite among the loverboys?” I asked and she blushed. “Huh? Of course it’s Alex. Who else could it be?” She replied...

The Loverboys Episode 3

Jeanne’s Pov: She paused and took in some juice. “Oh, that?” She asked and continued eating, but I wasn’t. I was just staring at her, hopefully waiting...

The Loverboys Episode 2

Jeanne’s Pov continues: I heard him touch the keys again and just then, his phone started ringing. “Yes? I’ll be there” he said on the phone. His voice...

The Loverboys Episode 1

Jeanne’s Pov: ‘Come on, Jeanne; you’re too slow. Does it really have to take you ages to get me a cup of coffee?’ Susan groused as...