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The Loverboys Episode 15

Kimberly’s Pov: My name is Kimberly Percival and in the only precious child of my loving parents. Just so you know, I’m a queen. I’m the prettiest,...

The Loverboys Episode 14

Jeanne’s Pov: Miss Beatrice sighed and turned back to us with an ‘I told you’ look. “You see” she said. “This is why you need to put...

The Loverboys Episode 13

Jeanne’s Pov: She didn’t say a woword immediately as she just shrugged and shook her head. She looked down at her dress and dusted it. “Miss…” “I’m fine...

The Loverboys Episode 12

Jeanne’s Pov: Alex’s words pierced through my heart and left an indelible mark. I can’t believe my crush’s being so hard and mean to me....