How do you feel when you get so attracted by an outlook as a man and you sign up to this lady and its a different content all together? Its like buying a mobile phone at Kwame Nkrumah Circle [Accra-Ghana] and took it home only to unwrap a bar of keysoap. #YouSeeYourFace?

Who will you blame? The Keysoap, the Seller or Yourself? Don’t be an Adam to shift blame. Be a man and blame yourself. The phone never changed magically, you picked it up from the source but you failed to inspect [ i didnt say taste and see but inspect] and only ASSUMED and HOPED you are taking a phone home. W’atricki wo! [You’ve been tricked].

Many of us men, saw ladies at a source, took them home and married them thinking the wedding ceremony has the ”Abracadabra” tendencies of making them wives. What ever you picked is what you unravel and kissed at the altar and its what you have after wedding.

Amazingly, we tend to blame the ladies but let me ask a question. If you claim you have found a gold on the floor and you havent seen a gold before, and you are told it was rather a marble, do you blame the marble or you blame your ignorance of how a gold looks like? Your problem was you lacked a mental picture of how golds look like. So you picked anything that shines like it.

What at all must men be looking for and what at all must women become to be found by men. We have been told for years go find a woman and marry as a man but i submit to us this is a deception of the ages. He who finds a WIFE, finds a good THING [not a woman]. The devil knows this scripture and that is why he tries to turn this THING in every woman into a SEX OBJECT [a counterfeit of a THING].

Woman, there is a THING on the inside of you wrapped in a soft appealing skin and stature. Unfortunately you spend time investing on the container forgetting we buy products not because of containers even though they play a role but for the CONTENT. #YouSeeYourFace?

Next episode, we will perform MINDSURGERY on what this THING is and how it is developed. Bless someone by willingly sharing ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD.

The MindSurgeon