Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Devil’s Bride Episode 80

Hazel’s p.o.v I was lying in a hospital bed when I opened my eyes. “Hazel.” A male voice which wasn’t madrigal’s called. I turned my head to...

Devil’s Bride Episode 79

Hazel’s p.o.v “Geez You should have told me.” He switched off the tv. “Okay now?” “Yeah. Better now.” “Okay.” He laughed. “Will you like to watch another one or…” “No.”...

Devil’s Bride Episode 78

Hazel’s p.o.v “Can I press the ‘play’ button now?” He asked. It was the day after we went to see the beautiful fountain. He had asked...

Devil’s Bride Episode 77

Hazel’s p.o.v Some were talking while some were kissing just like we were too minutes ago. “Goodness! Look at those two, what a cute couple.” We overheard...