Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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The Loverboys Episode 23

Kimberly’s Pov: I sat quietly on the bed as I awaited the girls to dress up so we could leave the mansion. “I wish we could...

The Loverboys Episode 22

Jeanne’s Pov: “Come on Alex” Kim suddenly said. “Are you seriously worried about a dog? Besides, it’s possible no one treated him and he just got...

The Loverboys Episode 21

Jeanne’s Pov: After a while, Mrs Tristan returned home. Gosh! This woman’s so busy. No wonder she desperately needed a nanny for her daughter. I had assisted...

The Loverboys Episode 20

Jeanne’s Pov: My heart beamed immediately. “Y…You do?” I asked and he nodded and drank from his bottle again. “Yeah. And it all started four years ago. “Normally,...