Monday, September 20, 2021
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The Billionaire’s P.A Prologue

THE BILLIONAIRE’S P.A {He’s Arrogant and Rude, She’s Clumsy and Feisty} GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Thriller By Crystal Oduwa (Authoress Bella) ________PROLOGUE_______ Money makes the world goes round. Most people would...

Just A Dare Episode 50 Final

~ARIELLE I smile as I look at Javier who is looking pretty nervous but immediately his eyes lands on me, he smiles at me. I smile...

Just A Dare Episode 49

ARIELLE~ I stare around the room, my lips stretching into a smile as I recall everything that has happened once again. We had just proclaim our...

Just A Dare Episode 48

~ZOE “I don’t know but I really do think that movie do make sense.” Ethan chuckles as we both stop at the door of my dorm...