Whatever It Takes-Episode 3


Four months passed. Akwasi kept his word although he had been tempted on several occasions to go beyond the boundaries. He always heeded to Esenam when she asked him to stop. One fine day, Esenam walked into Akwasi’s room and found him in a foul mood. He was lying on the bed and did not even bother to get up to meet her. That was very unusual but Esenam brushed it aside and sat beside him on the bed. She kissed him briefly on the lips and enquired about how he was doing sweetly. Akwasi neither responded nor looked in her direction. Esenam tried to get to the reason he was in that mood but he still will not answer. Esenam picked up her phone and was reading on pobsonline when he spoke.

“Who was the guy with you yesterday evening?”

“What?” Esenam asked, confused.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Esenam. There was a guy with you at your gate yesterday around 8.00p.m. The way you two were going on, I think you are sleeping with him.”

“How can you even think that? Akwasi. He is a guy I know from church. He saw me home after church because he lives a few blocks from our place and that’s it. How could you sit there and accuse me of something like that? Don’t you know me at all or is it that you don’t trust me anymore?”

“How can I trust you Esenam? First you expect me to go all rusty to satisfy your conscience and then I see you with another guy and you two were behaving as if you’ve known each other for ages. I saw the way you looked at him Esenam. I saw how he made you smile. What do you want me to think? Frankly, Esenam, this abstaining business is not okay with me. I didn’t play around because I had you to come to. You were like a big rock standing between me and other women. You, and making love with you was the only reason I could stay faithful. If you ask me now, I don’t know what will happen, but I can tell you this, I can’t go on with this nonsense anymore. We all go to church and we strive to please God, but we don’t do it at other people’s expense. Besides, we are all imperfect and can’t keep all of God’s commandments. Why can’t you be like the Esenam I used to know? Is it because of that guy that you are stressing me out like this? You have to decide Esenam, which one of us you want– God, that guy or me.”

Esenam was totally disappointed. How could the man she wished to spend her life with ask her to choose between him and God? She believed Akwasi would stand by her no matter what. She wanted to believe so much in the fact that what they shared was true love but could someone who loved you unconditionally be so selfish? What if she had fallen ill and could not be able to be with him intimately, was that how he was going to behave? Was he going to run into another woman’s arms at the least opportunity?

“How can you say things like that Akwasi. I love you, is that not enough? Please don’t ask me to choose between you and God. You are hurting me by suggesting that I’m seeing someone else.” Esenam managed to say, really hurt.

“Oh, I am hurting you? What do you think you are doing to me? Do you think I’m enjoying this? Why can’t things be as they used to be? Why must you change Esenam? Why?” Esenam was baffled by Akwasi’s attitude. Why did she believe he loved her? Was he saying the promise he made to her about the abstention was just a lie? Why was he pretending he agreed if he didn’t?

“Don’t you have anything to say? I am convinced that there is another guy in the picture. You expect me to rust while you go playing around.” Akwasi stood in silence for a while trying to calm his jealousies. “Have you slept with him? Is that why you don’t want to sleep with me? Is he that good? Girl, you’ll make love to me and right now! ”

Akwasi said angrily and rushed on Esenam. Esenam could not believe her eyes and ears. She had never seen this side of Akwasi all these years. Had he pretended with her all this while? Before she could say anything he was all over her; kissing, fondling and trying hard to push her on the bed. Esenam tried to pull away from him but he was too strong for her. Tears streamed down her face as the reality hit her. Akwasi would want his way no matter what. She pleaded with him to stop. She begged him not to hurt her but he wouldn’t listen. Akwasi ripped her shirt open savagely. Esenam screamed in fear and tried to pull the shirt to together to cover her bare belly and bra. She shouted for help but no one heard her.

Akwasi put one of his hands on her mouth to muffle her screams and pushed her on the bed, going for her jeans at the same time. Esenam threw her legs at him in an attempt to keep him off but that rather seemed to infuriate him, and fueled his resolve. Esenam silently prayed for a miracle. She knew she would never get over it if something happened between them like that. Akwasi hit her hard across the cheeks when she tried to pull up her jeans when he was trying to pull it down. Esenam cried out in pain. A knock came on the door but Akwasi was so consumed with a mixture of jealousy, hatred and passion, he did not heed to it.

“What do you think you are doing to the poor girl?” Enyonam, Akwasi’s elder sister, asked as she tried to push Akwasi off Esenam.

“She is your fiancée for Christ’s sake!” Akwasi turned angrily at his sister and slapped her in the face.

“Mind your own business, busy body. What I do with my fiancée is my sole business. You think because you are older than me you can come into my room when you’re not invited. Now, get the hell out of my room before I break your bones!” Esenam run out of the room during the argument. She got in a taxi and headed home. Her heart was broken. How could Akwasi treat her like that?

She was so dazed she did not realize the cab had reached her house. The taxi driver prompted her for his money. Esenam paid him and entered the house with her hand clutching her shirt and barefooted. The gateman was very surprised to see her like that. Esenam took the back door to her room and locked herself in. She gave in to tears as her body touched the bed. She felt like dying. How could the love of her life treat her like trash? She would never have believed it if someone told her Akwasi was capable of hurting her that badly.

She went through her brains for answers to the reason he would behave so coldly towards her as her tears blinded her completely. Esenam was so distressed by Akwasi’s treatment of her that she virtually cried herself to sleep.


Akwasi didn’t try or was bad on his side by forcing Esenam, but the question is, Is it wrong for Esenam to wake up one day and decide that she don’t want to be intimate anymore to the man she wants to marry until they are married?

Guys, if you were in Akwasi’s shoes what will you do? Let the discussion flow

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