Twins Episode 4


Mike kept his gaze at his brother shocked at what he was just from telling him. “What do you mean you want to take over my life Jake? Is this some kind of a joke to you? Do you have any idea how much work and how long I have worked hard to have the kind of life I have today? “Mike scolded him now losing his patience.

“ yeah it doesn’t matter how long or how much you have worked my brother, the point is whether you like it or not am getting your life and you are taking mine” he smiled widely making Mike more confused and angry. Jake paced around as he went on explaining how he had his brother`s life studied. Telling him he knew what he did in the university. And the kind of work he was doing.

“I know you Mike, I know that old man you partnered with to make that company after working for him for years. I was told the man trusts you and made you partner a few years ago. What else? “He chuckled teasingly.

“Oh yeah, your wife is a beautiful woman you met at a friend’s party two years ago and you have been married for a year. I know she is a Human Resource Manager at some security firm here in town…”

Shut up Jake! Just shut up! No matter how much you think you know about me, you will never fit in my life. We may look and talk the same but never will you ever fit my profile you low life loser, you are just a criminal that has always found pleasure in taking advantage of other people. You know what? I have never told you the truth over the years but here it is,” mike bawled his eyes watery as he felt his temper rise.

‘’ you my dear twin brother is a total failure, you are the reason for your misfortune and you always find someone to point your fingers at even when every bad that has ever happened to you is your fault, your own Jake! So piss off! You hear me? Go to hell and leave me alone. I did not chose to be born with you and I will never be you neither will be you. Get that through your sick head brother!” he added his voice still raised making Jake shiver in anger hearing the truth.

Mike had always tried to be gentle with him and never got so pissed with him and Jake knew he meant every word he had just told him. Now furious, Jake without warning raised his fist and started hitting his brother making him stagger and fall to the ground as he was caught off guard.

“you piece of s***! How dare you claim you better than me? You took what I was supposed to have and I wish you were dead. But no” he smiled wickedly.

‘” no, dear smart ass, death will be too easy for you” he spoke kicking Mike again as he tried to rise from the ground.

“I want you to suffer terribly Mike, I want to stay alive and face the hell that I went through in prison. “ he added and grabbed the car keys from his hands giving him another blow to the head that knocked him out.

“Now,” he breathed heavily looking at the keys and back at Mike. ‘’ am going to take over yours and you will take my place in jail” he smiled and got a small phone from his pockets. He dialed some number and spoke something.

Taking everything Mike had in his pockets, his phone, his wallet and hand kerchief, Jake walked to the car and drove away leaving the unconscious Mike laying in dust.

Mike shook at the sound of loud sirens. He slowly opened his eyes just to be met by police cars surrounding him. He moaned as he tried to sit up holding his head as he felt sharp pains where Jake had hit him.

“Jake Chibende stay put! You are surrounded, raise your hands in the air and slowly stand up” came the voice from the loud speaker.

In confusion Mike stood up and did as ordered. “What have I done?” he tried to ask as one of the cops handcuffed his hands from the back.

“You will pay dearly for escaping Prison Jake, now you will face the law with harshness” the officer in charge told him as they lead him to the car.

“Am no Jake officer, he is my brother and he has gone with my car. You have to believe me please” he tried to explain himself but the officers laughed loudly thinking he was mocking them.

“Shut up Jake! Just shut up you criminal. You killed an officer on your escape and this is the end of you my friend. “The cop kicked him in the stomach making Mike wince in pain.

His effort to defend himself completely failed as the cops hit him one after the other before throwing him in the car. Mike realized Jake was serious about taking over his life, he had no idea how he was going to get out of the situation. No one would ever believe him and the fact that he and Jake looked the same, most people would not realise Mike was gone. He wished he had told his wife about his brother. Just maybe she could have noticed a different person living with his brother. He cried like a child as the police vehicle drove on.

“Am sorry Isa, am so sorry I hope you are strong enough to bear a life with Jake” he whispered to himself. Mike knew Jake was no dumb, if he wanted to take over his life it meant he surely had it all planned out and Mike felt hopeless.

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Back at home, Isa has just finished preparing a meal for her husband, he had just called her to say he was on his way and she wanted to welcome him to a nice Zambian meal, nshima served with pumpkin leaves and fresh nicely boiled fish. She added his favorite, okra.

Isa smiled hearing the sound of the vehicle driving in and she peeped through the window smiling.

“Hey love! Welcome back” she walked to the door to hug him. “

Jake smiled too liking the idea that Isa could not tell him from his brother.

“ hey beautiful, what’s up! You so breathe taking I had no idea you felt this good and smell so sweet” Jake squeezed her hard making Isa look up his face in wonder.

“ Mike, what’s this all about, you never address me like that and you sound like you are seeing me for the first time. Are you feeling okey? She asked touching his head.

“ and what’s this? I thought you never liked this shirt and said it was too bright for you. Why are you putting it on today? “she asked him

“ um.. Come on lady, this shirt is a blow and I love it. Listen, forget all this and lets go you give me a treat, its been ages you know “ he smiled kissing her but she looked at him shocked.

“Mike, lady? Are you crazy? You never call me that and what is with the language, treat? What the hell is going on? “she questioned him stepping back.

“ am sorry Isa, it’s just that am excited to see you and I missed you. I guess am trying to be romantic here you know, no big deal. Now can we get inside? “he smiled at her and she shook her head.

“ anyway, I prepared your favorite meal. Let’s sit and eat and tell me how it went wherever it is you were rushing to” she spoke as she sat in the chair waiting for Jake to sit.

“ well it was all sorted out and perfect too” Jake smiled knowingly..

“ okey, no more freaking me out and strange calls right?” she looked at him.

“ no more of all that, it’s gone and am here to stay and enjoy this life with everything in it” he smiled widely his words yet again surprising Isa.

“Will you sit down and eat? “she asked him

“ oh yeah, sure thing am famished” he sighed sitting down.

“oh God this ?” Jake whispered in his heart seeing the relish served. He wanted to speak out but recalling Isa called it his favorite, he knew that was what his brother loved so he had to play along.

“ mm mm not so bad “ he murmured upon taking a bite.

“what?” Isa asked him

“ I said this is yummy my love, its delicious as always” he smiled nodding his head.

“so tell me about yourself Isabel. “ he spoke with his mouth full.

“ I mean how was your day ?” he quickly changed the statement knowing it would give him up.

“it was okey. Still feeling a bit tired from the trip though this your child is weighing me down like am 7 months pregnant already” she laughed

“what? Pregnant” Jake chocked his voice coming out unexpectedly.

“Yes Mike, pregnant, baby?” she looked at him surprised.

“Don’t tell me you have developed amnesia all of the sudden Mike?” she shook her head disappointed.

“Um am.. No no how can I forget my own child” he sighed looking at Isa and holding her hand to assure her.

“I was just pulling your leg my love, it’s all good” he nodded feeling angry inside.

The thought of raising his brother`s child irritating him. He had not seen that coming and he hated it to the core. He pretended to be happy as he finished eating his food. It was not going to be easy for him but Jake was determined to make it through. Knowing there was no chance of Mike escaping prison he relaxed.

“After all I have all I need around me, what’s to worry about” he told himself and smiled at Isa who kept looking at him she somehow thought he was acting weird. She knew whatever it was to do with the meeting Mike had gone to but she could never have guessed his dear sweet husband had been switched with a jerk she was yet to experience.

Twins continues….