Twine Episode 37


Three weeks later…………
Dad grumbled all the way home from Ibadan. First, we had to pull over twice for me to throw up, secondly the rickety old taxi we boarded broke down at Ojodu Berger and we had to push it for several hours. My mother and Mama Johnson gossiped about everyone that attended the burial. They kept comparing and arguing about who really sprayed much money and whose lace was truly from dubai, this incessant argument grated heavily on my nerves but i had to clam my mouth shut out of respect for both women. The taxi driver stopped in front of our compound and i lept down rushing to the nearest gutter to throw up.
The women carried the things we brought back into the house. I could hear them arguing as they shared the chunks of fried beef from the party. The party had lasted a whole week because Aunt Eyitomi, who i was named after was an influential woman and she was a great philanthropist who had touched many lives positively. Her will was read the second week and i was willed a greater portion of her assests because i was her favorite niece and she had no child of her own.
” Your aunt had to die when we least expected it. What is she rushing to heaven for?” Dad muttered under his breathe, she was his only surviving sibling and he was trying to hide how hurt he was.
” Let me run home Mama Tomi. I will come back to help you tidy up” Mama Johnson said, she had followed us to Ibadan and spent that first week there. She had come back home and returned just the day before to help my mother.
” OK o….Oshey” Mom said. ” Wa re ni sefun iwo naa o”
I went into my room and collapsed on the bed. My mom opened the door and entered.
” Pele oko mi ……..i know you are tired.” She said with motherly concern.
” Thank you Mom”
” Tomi……you know you can always talk to me”
” Yes mom, i know.”
” Alright” She said, before walking out of the room.
To be continued..