Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 10


​One bright morning Doctor Manuel and Emerald sat down discussing. “Aunty, I have this idea, I want to start helping abused people, give them hope and counsel them emotionally but I have no funds and am still in Law school what do you think? Doctor Manuel smiled. 
“That’s great, I also have the same idea, the thing is we can start by using my clinic’s hall for the venue and we will create some awareness, this should make most of them that are scared of rejection come out. You can also be a living witness as you can encourage them with what you have achieved so far.”
Emerald smiled. “Am happy thank you aunty, I will write some things out for you to go through.” Doctor Manuel nodded. 
“No problem, we will call it ‘Sanctuary Foundation’ a place where they can become better without fear of rejection.”
“I like it that’s good.” Feeling excited Emerald stood up to go. 
“Emmy, please sit down, I would like a word.” Emerald stopped and sat back down. 
“Is everything all right aunty?” Doctor Manuel sighed.
 “All is well, I just want to talk about your life. Well after Alexis you never brought anybody home, are you not seeing anyone?” Emerald sighed heavily.
 “Aunty to be candid, the wound created in my heart is not yet healed, I don’t want someone who will open it again, I’m bidding my time, I know the right man will come at the right time.
” Okay Emmy, I support you, you are blessed dearie, you can go.” It wasn’t long, Emerald idea bloomed and people started donating just to help the abused.
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“Oh! Come on bro, it’s just a check up day don’t be lazy.” Jilha told his freiend Jerry as he dragged him into the reception area of Mansoph Clinic.
Mansoph clinic was Doctor Manuel’s clinic. “Come on, our internship is here and until we are through, there is nothing you can……………” 
“What now?” Jerry traced Jilha’s gaze to a very beautiful girl. 
“Wow, she is so hot.” Jilha glared at him.
 “This one is mine Jerry, take your eyes off her.” Jilha marched to where Emerald was standing. He cleared his throat. 
“Haem! Good morning my lady, I saw you afar off and I realized it won’t be fresh not to say hi.” Emerald looked at him and decided to ignore him. She decided to leave while he ran after her.
“Did I do something wrong? Please talk to me.” Emerald sighed. 
“Why don’t you leave me alone, I hope you know you are late as an intern.” Jilha smiled. 
“Well, you are right am an intern but is that why I can’t talk to you?” Doctor Manuel arrived at that moment.
 “Emmy, you are here.” Emerald smiled.
 “Yes aunty. I decided to visit you that’s why am here.” She embraced Doctor Manuel. 
“I missed you aunty.” Doctor Manuel smiled. 
“You too dearie.”
To be continued