Total Love Episode 65


The Queen continued thinking. ‘Who is this person?’
Winnie and the philosopher got to Tony’s place after receiving his call before he left the hospital that his wife gave birth and he’d like to visit the palace the following day. He called them so they would sort things out on their traveling plans for the following day.
The gate was opened. Winnie thought within her that maybe the issue of his wife giving birth to a son has made him forget to close the gate. They walked in happily after knocking severally and met the inhaler on the center table in the living room. ‘Is anyone at home at all?’ Philosopher faced Winnie.
“But that’s the inhaler that signifies the presence of Mr. Tony at home.” She replied.
‘Alright. Mr Tony!’ The man shouted his name.
Tony had heard the shouts and added to his shouts in the kitchen for them to notice he’s there and couldn’t just get to the living room to get the inhaler. “Something is happening.” Winnie thought and dropped her handbag, straight she went to the dining and finally to the Kitchen.
“Mayor! Get the inhaler!’ She screamed on seeing him on the floor. The kitchen was already stuffed with the smoke of the food on the cooker & has added to his attack.
The philosopher rushed to the kitchen easily after seeing how Winnie walked there, it was easier to locate the Kitchen than looking for it. He was with the blue inhaler, Tony was rushed out of the smoke and was aided. Straight to the hospital after the first aid.
The Queen ordered the guards to get the greatest hunters of the Kingdom immediately. They must go and quickly search the forbidden forest to quickly get Dan and Dara. One of them should be the one that will save the King. She thought.
The hunters got to the palace. Dressed in their various hunting clothes, ready for the forest.
The Queen granted their warrant and ordered their departure immediately. The King must be saved.
The hunters got to the exit of the Kingdom after a quick race. The forest guards refused on letting them into the forest. “Some people were sent there today, I can’t allow you to go there with them.” One of them uttered.
“The Queen sent us, the King is seriously ill and we must get those people out of that place.” One of the hunters convinced.
“Not possible!” One shouted.
Two of the hunters got back to the palace to inform the Queen about the issue of the guards. The Queen got into the car with them and they drove there.
7:26 pm…
The hunters finally got into the forest. They were six in number, with their giant touch-lights. They started searching and dismissed one another to start searching the forest, the way passed is unpredictable.
7:34 pm…
Tony woke back alive. He sat on the hospital bed staring at Winnie and the philosopher. “I’m so much grateful for this.” He smiled looking at them.
“Its nothing. We just have to thank God. Which is hospital is your wife?” Winnie inquired.
“Em.. HIS GRACE.” He replied.
Winnie and Mayor, the philosopher looked at each other and laughed. “We are in the same hospital then.” He replied.
They all stood up and was about leaving the ward when Tony fell on the floor and started foaming out things from his mouth suddenly.
Mayor and Winnie were surprised. Winnie rushed to the reception immediately to get the nurses who will assist her to get the Doctor that will attend to him. Everything was changing and getting out of hands.
Tomi was informed about what just happened to her husband. She was panting on the bed she was laying on, she sat down still looking around. “Someone should just come in and lead me there. At least I don’t know the way, this hospital is too big to be searching for someone.” She cried.
She dialed the number of her pastor some second later and got him informed about the incidence. “I never knew it would be you. I’ve seen a great vision that must be……”
08:11 pm…
The hunters were already scattered in the forest searching for Daniel and Dara. They all were thinking that they must have been devoured by wild animals or killed by some spirits.
They continued searching. 12:00 pm is the deadline!
The Queen and her daughter were with Ray in the room, both crying profusely and praying that those two were found and gotten to the palace within the range.
11:04 pm…
The Queen was getting more and more uncomfortable and covered with sweats. The palace had turned upside down then, no one could sleep, all awaiting the arrival of Darasimi and Daniel. Everyone sobbing that they’ll loose the King.
11:37 pm…
Dami got inside the car and ordered the driver to rush down to the Kingdom’s exit. They waited there, all hoping to see the hunters come out of the forest.
11:41 pm…
They finally got there, watching here and there. They should just come out! The Queen was shouting, with her heart beating very fast.
12:00 pm…
It was 12 pm sharp. The Princess’ phone call was received.
To be continued