To love and leave Episode 5


“I’m home alone, will you come over”? those words kept ringing in my head. it felt like an answer to long prayer.

Bidemi had sent me an SMS early this morning asking if I’d come over to her place. The excitement in my heart can’t be over-emphasized. Since the time we saw at the park last week, She’s been quite busy, always having someplace to go with her mum. as at last night, she told me today would be a busy day just like the past few days but this morning she had sent me the message before i woke up, asking if I’d come over. i replied immediately i saw it, of course I’d come over i had said. i have nothing doing at home and even if i did, it will have to wait cause today, I’m seeing the love of my life.

My phone rang and i bet you already know who it was…..

Ada: Small headed boy

Me: What’s up miss Mouths

Ada: Iya e

Me: hahaha… how are you dear?

Ada: I’m fine bestie. how are you too? Don’t tell me, i know you are fine because if you are not fine you wouldn’t have picked my call but since you have picked my call that means you are fine and from your voice i know you are even finer than fine…

Me: emmm….okay…guess i don’t have to answer that then. I would ask how your night was but i know you’d narrate the whole thing like a story book so i won’t ask

Ada: hahaha! bestie, are you now saying i talk too much ni?

ME: Rara o…. you don’t talk at all

Ada: So what’s up? how’s your day going to be today??

Me: Going to see the girl i told you about

Ada: Shey that girl you said you like that lives on your street ehn, who you said lives in a big house and her parents are very rich? shey that girl??

Me: Ehn that one

Ada: so both of you are an item now right?

Me: We’re not dating yet…..but we will

Ada: Whatever, I’m coming to lagos next week. My cousin who got married to a man that fought boxing in the Olympics that i told you about when we were both having lunch at that restaurant after the school gate, shey you remember? ehn ehn that my cousin asked that i come over and spend the break with her in Lagos.

Me: That’s a very long description, i thought i would have gotten used to it by now

Ada: Hahaha. you can’t bestie

Me: Let me know when you get to town so we can see. please drop the call and stop the delay, i have somewhere important to go

Ada: So am i not important?
Me: Of course you’re important to me but i have to go right now

Ada: Oya go!! Bye Bestie!!

Me: Take good care of yourself. Bye!

I hurriedly wore a chinos trouser and a polo shirt and quickly made my way out of the house and ready to see My love. I knocked twice before the gate flung open, we said our hellos and she gestured that i come in. The compound was bigger than i envisaged. There was a playground covered in grass and it was the Only portion of the ground that wasn’t bricked interlocked , A play swing dangled on the playground, a chair and table to rest on sat at a far distance.

On my left was a row of flowers that led to the swimming pool, a vehicle driveway that led to the car garage that was obviously bigger than the whole of my apartment. I could tell the garage was filled up already because 4 exotic cars were packed sparsely around the compound. She led me through a walkway that took us to the porch. We entered the main house and i could hardly hide the admiration on my face. A gold painted stairs that lead upstairs. Massive lightening bulbs were suspended at the center of the room. This is semi-heaven i said in my heart.

Bidemi: Welcome to our house

Me: You mean your paradise?

Bidemi: Oh please! Spare me me the flattery

Me: i meant every word of that Bidemi, your house is amazing

Bidemi: Thank you Dolapo. Lets go upstairs to my room

That send shivers down my spine. Her room?? Oh lord… i did nothing to deserve this blessing! I followed her up . Bidemi’s room was bigger than our sitting roon and kitchen combined. There was a sitting area, a study with chair and table, library was at the far right of the room. A flat screened sony TV hung by the wall and connected to it was a DVD player and a home theatre speakers two doors by the right, one of the doors was closed, i guessed that would be the toilet and bath room, the other door was opened, i peeped in, it was her closet, i mean a whole store room used for keeping her clothes, bag and shoes.

I have no doubt that this girl has never lacked a thing in her entire life.

Bidemi: Sit down Dolapo and what do i offer you?

Me: Actually i just ate at home

Bidemi: How about juice or wine?

Me: I’m okay.really! If i become hungry, i will let you know immediately.

Bidemi: Our cook is in the kitchen but i can prepare something for you

Me: As if you can cook….

Bidemi: of course i can cook. The cook only comes on weekdays but on weekends, my mom makes sure we do the cooking, My sister and I before she went back to school.

Me: Your mom is definitely a disciplinarian

Bidemi: Yea she flogs alot

Me: i better pray she doesn’t meet me here. i have a phobia for cane

Bidemi: Hahaha! you have nothing to worry about. my mom likes it when i have friends come over.

Me: Even when a.big dude like me is seen in your room?

Bidemi: Hahaha! There’s nothing to worry about unless if you’re trying to hurt me

Me: I’ll never hurt you or make you sad

Bidemi: That’s what you people always say

Me: Well… I’m different

Bidemi: You people say that too

Me: We who?

Bidemi: You boys! all of you! One time you promise heaven and earth, professing love and how we’re the ones on your mind . Only for us to wake up one day and discover it was all lies and you are far gone

Me: Wow… I’m sorry i upset you, i didn’t mean to

Bidemi: (Sighs ) No i should apologize. I transferred aggression on you, you didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry

Me: The aggression you transferred to me was from who? Your Ex, i think

Bidemi: i don’t want to talk about

Me: You can tell me anything Bidemi

Bidemi: My Ex, was the first guy i ever loved, i knew him all my life. His Family and mine were close and right from when we were little, we were always referred to as Husband and wife. I fell in love with him and he claimed to love me too but he had eyes on my sister

ME: (Cuts in) He was an idiot

Bidemi giggled ) Yes he was! I noticed but my love for him blinded me and took away all the common sense i have. i kept ignoring the obvious, the truth was right in front of me and i chose not to see it. We’d alll be in the same house and they both would be kissing behind my back….

Me: He and your sister?

Bidemi: Yes!

Me: (makes a funny face) …was she adopted??

Bidemi bursts into laughter) Hahahaha… please Dolapo! this is a serious matter

Me: No it’s not, it used to be but not anymore.

Bidemi: It hurts!

Me: but it taught you something, never to trust blindly and always being careful. You can’t blame your sister you know, she was dumb and silly but she must have felt the way you did too; Seeing the obvious and ignoring it just as you did. The guy on the other was the idiot who knew exactly what he was doing right from day 1, he probably told her he loves her just as he told you and she believed him just as you did. but it’s all in the past now and it taught you one of life’s biggest lessons, which is never to trust anyone blindly, hope for the best in people but expect the worst from them. If they turn out to be good then good for them and if they turn out bad then good for you that you didn’t expect too much. you weren’t silly that he hurt you. Don’t see it as you failing, that was his failure because he couldn’t handle a beautiful girl as awesome as you are. you’re better than him. You’re are amazing, there’s no greater success than loving someone and never hurting the person. you didn’t hurt him, you did alright but he failed himself by hurting you. you have to let the hurt go Bidemi because you did absolutely nothing wrong!

Bidemi stood up and pulled me closer, gave me a hug and her head was on my shoulder, i couldn’t take it as she cried, a sharp pain in my heart as the girl i love has so much pain amd hurt in her. I hated the bast**d who hurt who made her cry and who is obviously still hurting her. Bidemi pulled back, looked straight into my eyes and said;

Bidemi: Where have you been all my life? No one has ever made me feel this special and important. I smiled as her eyes stared into mine, her arms wrapped around my neck and mine around her waist. Nothing else mattered at that moment and it suddenly felt like we were the only ones in the world. The only sound i could hear were the sound of my heartbeats and hers has it rhythmically forms in coherence. Her arms around my neck got a little tighter and i moved her closer, i closed my eyes has our lips met like they were made to fit into one another, i squeezed her back and her palm cupped the back of my head, we were lost in passion, heads shifting in opposed directions, she must have felt weak so she leaned into me, i balanced her in mine, held her like i had the whole world in my arms and it depended on me for it’s safety and survival. All this while our lips locked into one another and when we finally let go, we looked at eachother and smiled, she placed her head on my chest and listened to my heartbeats.

Bidemi: Say something, anything

Me: I love you! I’ve always had and i always will!

Bidemi smiled and i felt i should lighten the atmosphere a little

Me: (smiling ) Are you still sure your mom wouldn’t flog me when she comes? Bidemi Smiles and gave me a soft punch) Shut up! now can we go take that juice i promised?

Me: Do i have a choice?

Bidemi: (snapping at me) No you don’t!

Me: Hahaha! Ok then! She sat me on the chair and went out of the room, i jumped up and started with my imaginary punches again. I quickly sat when i heard the door knob turned, Bidemi stepped in with a tray, on it were two glass cups and a bottle of juice, two meat-pies and two doughnuts was arranged beautifully on a plate

she placed the tray on a stool and sat beside me, served the juice and handed me a cup.

Me: Thank you!

Bidemi: You said you schooled in Ibadan abi? i don’t think you told me the course

Me: i told you at the park jor
Bidemi: No you didn’t!

Me: Yes i did

Bidemi: lie lie boy

She pulled my nose and stood up to run, i chased after her. she was jumping on the bed and chairs while i tried catching her and when i finally did, we both fell on the bed and kissed again, this time longer than the first. We returned to finish our snacks and drinks, taking breaks at interval to hold hands and kiss.

Me: So…. are we like dating now?

Bidemi: (straight faced) No! I’m just the kind of girl that brings a guy to my room, serve him snack drinks, hold hands and kiss him and forgets about him the moment he leaves

Me: oooh….emmmm….

Bidemi laughing) look at your face right now! I’m just messing with you Dol!

Me: (relieved) Damn! you got me!! but wait did you just call me Dull??

Bidemi: No that’s a pet name D-O-L

me: well that sounds like D-U-L-L meaning olodo and D-O-L-L meaning baby kinsway

Bidemi: (rolls on the bed laughing ) Hahahaha ….what about dunlop

Me: Yaaay! like Dunlop tires?? just call me Dolapo or Dolly-p

Bidemi: hahahaha…. Dolly-pig??

Me: haaa me pig? I started tickling her and she was laughing so hard. i let her go when she apologized.

Me: (clears throat) i have no go home now Bidex

Bidemi: Noooo! stay a while! My family would be back soon but i can hide you here forever. i don’t want you to leave

Me: i don’t want to leave too but i have to prepare food for my mom who went to work and my brother who went to a UTME coaching center

Bidemi: Responsible guy! when next are we seeing?

Me: As soon as possible! I pulled her close and we kissed. I was.backing the door and Bidemi was facing it as we held eachother tight in a hug. There was a knock on the door, the person didn’t wait for an answer before opening the door, Bidemi and I pulled away, she looked up, her eyes widened and her mouth opened, i turned all the way around to see who it was. Femi stood at the door entrance arms folded, looked at me first from head to toe, then looked at Bidemi.

Femi: Hello Bidemi! I didn’t know you had company! Is this a good time or should I leave and come back later?? Neither Bidemi nor I said anything, Femi giggled

To be continued


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