The Unknown Season 3 Episode 3


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“Nicholas Smithson.” Craig raised his head and looked at Doris. “Is this Nicholas?”

“Yes.” She replied.

“You never told me he uses this same perfume.” Craig said.

“I thought that wasn’t necessary. At least you have seen him severally, you must have sniffed his scent. By the way, Nicholas, off all people.”

Craig looked away. “What of Matthias Victoria, do you know her?” He asked.

“No.” Doris shook her head.

“They are just ten. I said it, this perfume isn’t popular here. We just have to contact all the remaining nine of them

. “Where can we meet? I have a business for you.” He said.

“On my way.” He said and ended the call.

He turn his wrist and stared at the watch. “Alright, when you get to the office, just park and get down. I’ll drive myself  to where I want to visit.” He told his driver

“Yes sir.” The driver replied.


“My love.” Beatrice grinned as she walked into the Prince’s office.

. “Beatrice, what a surprise!”

“That’s who I am.” She settled down.

“You look so sexy.” He teased her as he sat down too.

“You look so handsome.

Vivian walked in and bowed on seeing the Prince. “Good morning, my Prince.

“And why are you looking at her this way?” Beatrice accused the Prince.

“Urgh… was wondering where you got a beautiful P.A.” He winked.

“And what’s the meaning of that?

“I’m being honest with you. But, she’s not as beautiful as my Beatrice.” He did the needful quickly.

Beatrice smiled and dropped her head down in shyness. Raising her head again, she saw Prince’s eyes fixed on Vivian.

“Prince!” She shouted. Beatrice halted and looked at her angrily. She walked closer and landed a slap on her left cheek.

Prince Harry just kept looking at Margaret. It was the exact lady he saved! He jacked his head and looked at her again. “We are getting married in two weeks’ time.” Dennis spoke from his seat.

“All is well, we are ready.” One of the Chiefs spoke happily.


Henry had given up on the fried rice. He felt it would get cold before the arrival of the ladies. So, he decided to take a nap. He had been dreaming of himself and Lizzy together, with smiles on his face as he slept on.

Suddenly, the door was broken and he woke up. A handkerchief was pressed on his nose for a while and he slept off.



At first, the gate was knocked softly, but, when the gatekeeper got near the gate and refused to open it because the visitors didn’t speak up, Jerry, the leader of the assassins jumped in and pushed him into his small house. Then he opened the gate gently for his only accomplice to come in

The two walked inside the house briskly, leaving the gate wide open as they walk to the living room. Jerry looked around the living room and dining room but found no one. He climbed the stairs and checked the first room, second one, third and even the fourth, but couldn’t find the so-called Mike as Chief had told him.

He got to the last room and zeroed his mind that if Mike wasn’t in any of the rooms, he would definitely be in that last one. Breaking the door, he walked in  suddenly and a handkerchief was pressed on his nose for some seconds while his mouth was closed so that he wouldn’t breath. Just when he dropped his head as if he was asleep already, Jerry tapped his finger. “Carry him.” He said to his accomplice and walked out.

The young guy in his early twenties carried Henry across his shoulder. As they stepped forward, Henry opened his eyes and closed it quickly. He noticed his vision was really blurred, but, he didn’t fall asleep because he made sure he didn’t inhale from the handkerchief but the little scent he could still smell had blurred his vision.

He was pushed at the backseat of the vehicle parked outside as Jerry and his man hopped into the car and drove off. But, Henry was very groggy as he pretended to be asleep there. He would open his eyes but all was still blurr.

He knew if he had inhaled from the handkerchief, he sure would be snoring that time. But it wasn’t possible for him not to have sniffed the scent at all, at least when it was removed from his nose, he could still smell the scent around his moustache and nose.

He couldn’t rack his brain then, just opening his eyes and closing it almost immediately. The journey continued, the guys never stopped.


The Prince who drove out of his company never bothered to follow Beatrice, but the cab Vivian entered into. He could read it in Beatrice that she had an irascible behaviour. He hadn’t done much, just admiring Vivian. But if he even did much, should she be that grouchy? Vivian wasn’t a ferocious type. Or else she would have reply Beatrice as she slapped her too.

But, was he doing the right thing? He just wanted to know if she was fine and apologise for causing her the trouble. From all observations, it seemed she had been sacked already and he had made her loose her job.

He finally followed her to Victoria’s place of work and parked as she came down from the vehicle. He could see her still holding on to her left cheek, it must have been a bad bash from Beatrice. He waited for a while when he noticed that the cab driver was still at the front of the work place too, it seemed she just went in to get something.

After some few minutes, he saw her, Victoria and Anthony walk outside and she waved at Victoria as she walked into the vehicle with Anthony. “Is she married?” Edward asked himself as he kicked the engine when Anthony locked the door. The car would move anytime.

He kept following them, at least to know where they lived.


It was the derelict part of the house. Dirty, dusky and dank. Henry was thrown into the small room and the door was locked up. He wasn’t tied already, the guys still thought he was fast asleep when they dropped him in there and left so as to get the materials needed to glue him inside the room

Henry, so-called Mike opened his eyes and he just saw some tiny holes from the roof that brought in rays of sunlight, but the room was dark and dirty as he could see. It seemed he was getting better but not totally well. He had tried to listen to the guys’ conversations while bringing him there, he couldn’t comprehend most of the things as the guys spoke.

His vision was getting better. At least he could see how dirty the room was, He shook his head and thought of what was best for him to do. Suddenly, his heart began to race faster, as if he could see the shadow of death dancing around him.

He held his breath for a while and sat up, giving out the long held breath. He swung his head to both left and right but saw no one. His eyes was getting habituated with the Stygian confinement, so, it seemed he could see some packed materials in a corner there.

He couldn’t tell if he was in a room or a different house. But, it really didn’t look like a house, it looked like a room without asbestos, just roofing sheets that had some holes in it.

He couldn’t tell where the crusty trepidation was coming from, but he really felt something bad would happen to him very soon. He reached for his phone to call Nicholas to save him, but he didn’t know the exact place to tell him he was, besides he just remembered something.

Yes, he remembered the guys kept mentioning a name till they got to that place where he was dropped. The name, he rolled his eyes as he looked round the place he was dropped. It was The Unknown.

He pressed the side button of his  phone and unlocked it. He was searching for his mobile number and still turning his head around, if he was save.

The door broke open and four guys stormed in.


Prince Edward watched Vivian as she came down with her son and paid the cab driver. “This is her abode.” He muttered under his breath as he drove off and hardly took his eyes off the two as they started battling with their gate.

He couldn’t tell what exactly that had come over him. He just thought a spirit was actually controlling him, if not, what would he call what was going wrong with him?

He felt that was love at first sight, or was he attracted by her beauty? Yes, it seemed so! He couldn’t hold it back as he saw Vivian walk into his office but to confess her beauty.

He battled with his thoughts as he drove on. Have I ever seen a lady beautiful as this? He kept asking himself series of questions. By the way, if nothing would make him like her, her personality would change his mind.

Even though Beatrice was churlish, Vivian could hold herself back. It seemed she was fastidious, a flabby type who isn’t weak but demure.

Or was she trying to be coquettish because of the Prince? No, that wouldn’t be. She didn’t look like one who liked the Prince, why would she want to win his attention or admiration? He continued battling with the thoughts in his mind.

He didn’t even know what to do. He felt like turning back to meet Vivian, but, would that be the best idea? He pulled out of the road and marched on the break. Why on earth had it been so difficult to get her outta his mind? He blasted as he took a close look at his phone that buzzed.

It was King’s brother- Harry.


Was he seeing the right thing? They were really four, or more than? Sure, they were just four guys. One of them was tall, lanky with oval head like that of water melon. He could see him with a cutlass that dazzled and reflected the sun to his eyes.

The door had been flipped open, so, the darkness had faded away and he could see the light now. They didn’t look as if they had come to wisecrack with him, but these guys were serious, very serious!

The other three guys almost looked the same. They had broad shoulders and likely to have thick and husky voices. Their faces were as dark as charcoal and each one held a gun. Their hands weren’t as soft as rice paper but as he could see, as hard as iron.

Such hand must not be used on someone without giving up a ghost instantly. It looked as if the three guys were trained in the same place, or possible given birth to, by the same mother.

“You came to spy on our Engineer, isn’t it?” One of them blustered. He said it, the voices of the latter three would be thick and husky. As presumed, this voice was even huskier than thought, thundering the whole places as he spoke and moved closer to him.

He shivered. What would he say? He was even short of ideas that he kept his head low after he had examined the four of them. “Can’t you talk?” Another voice boomed near him.

“I know what he wants, once I throw one at his ankle, he will speak up.” That made him actually know he was done for. That was a threat or what? He couldn’t even tell if the guy was serious or not. But, that wasn’t a joke at all. He moved closer, bending his head to look at his face properly. “You are Mike, aren’t you?” He questioned.

He shivered. “That’s… that’s my name.” He replied.

All the guys gave a wicked laughter as they walked round him. “Are you The Unknown?” One of them questioned.

He dimmed his eyes. “I am not.” He said slowly.

“Why do you keep lying?” One of them hit the gun on his head and he fell. He was then unconscious and the guys left.


“Anthony, do you think we should visit that officer?” Vivian asked Anthony as they walked in.

“Officer Craig?” He questioned.

“I think that’s his name. But, would you want officers to catch The Unknown?”

“No. He’s not a bad person. He saved me from those guys and brought me to a safe place.” He replied.

“Do you know whatever you say about him will give them some hints to get him?”

“I know. But, if we don’t visit the officer, he might later come here himself.”

“He might? How sure are you?”

“That man that kidnapped me knows this place and would bring him.”

Vivian smiled and turned her head as she heard knocks at the door. “I will be right back.” She said to Anthony and walked out quickly.

Flipping the gate open, it was someone she didn’t expect.


Lizzy barged into Beatrice’s office. She heard of her arrival back into the company and needed to know how her date with the Prince was. Moving closer, she could read that everything didn’t go well at all.

“What’s wrong, Bibie?” She asked as she sat down and looked into her eyes.

“Imagine that thing! Imagine that thing!” She repeated as she tilted her head, enraged already.

Lizzy looked at her, wondering what was happening. “Who’s the thing, Bibie?” She asked.

“That I took along with me. That useless P.A” she hissed aloud.

“I can’t laugh.” Lizzy chuckled and looked away. “What’s up with her?”

“She caught Prince’s attention. She’s just silly!”

“Caught his attention? What did she really do? I can’t follow you now.”

“Do I know if she winked at Edward? I just know that one started appreciating her beauty and was just staring at the fool.”

“So, where’s she now?” She asked Beatrice.

“She left angrily. That means she’s no longer interested in this job, that’s all!”

Lizzy chuckled again. “What are you going to do about the Prince? Didn’t he follow you?”

“That’s the most annoying aspect of the incident. He didn’t even follow me, he didn’t apologize at all. That Vivian can’t steal him away from me, it isn’t possible!”

Lizzy grinned. “Are you being afraid that she will steal him away? Take your mind off that, she’s just a wretched thing, nothing to worry about.”

Beatrice looked at her. “It will be better if it’s left this way than adding salt to injury because I might just kill her!”

Lizzy looked at her. “Kill? Beatrice, come off that.” She stood up. “We’ll leave for our lunch soon.”

Beatrice hissed. “I don’t even know, I’m sick and tired of this!”

“The prince was just playing around, don’t worry.

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