The unknown Season 3 Episode 1


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“Who’s Henry?” Beatrice asked Lizzy.

“Why’s he doing this? Have you forgotten my face?” Lizzy moved closer to him.

“I’m Mike.” Henry said boldly as he looked into Lizzy’s eyes.

“No… I’m Lizzy that you assisted that day, have you forgotten?.”

“You may be seeing another person entirely, Lizzy.” Beatrice said.

“Alright, if you guys say so. But, no! You and the Henry in question should be twin brothers.”

“Have you now called Mrs Priscilla this morning?” Doris asked Craig.

“No. I want us to get to the office before getting her called.” He replied.

“That’s nice too.” She nodded.

“I can cook anything you’d love to eat, what would you like to eat for lunch?”

Lizzy and Beatrice looked at each other. “Fried rice would be alright.” Lizzy said.

“That’s nice too.”


“Good morning.” Vivian greeted her.

“Come into my office.” She said as she walked into her office.

. “Guy, it isn’t easy here.” He said.

Nicholas on the other end was laughing too. “My cook, just don’t use useless food to kill the man.”

“I was told to prepare fried rice for lunch, I have been searching for the recipes.” He chuckled.

Nicholas laughed. “So bad of you. Anyways, it looks as if you’re the only one at home, right?”

“Sure. The gate keeper and I.” He replied.

“Search the rooms and know  which one is Engineer Ashley’s Then, search the place if anything can be found.” He informed.

“I’ll get that done, now.”

The ultimate search begun, according to Nicholas’ wish. Henry’s mind was at rest because no one was at home, so, he wouldn’t be questioned if anything happened. He started searching Engineer Ashley room.

Opening the drawer he saw a white book with the inscription of ‘Confidential’ on it.

Could that be what he needed? He asked himself as he stretched his hand to pick it up and the door flipped open. “What are you doing here?”

It was Engineer Ashley.

“I said what are you doing here?” His voice got huskier as he approached Henry.



Henry shivered. That event happening actually made him remember when he was still young and needed a sum of money for his school fees. His father was a tough man before his death and never did as if he heard his pleas concerning the money. When the teacher had almost beaten him to death, he had no choice than to steal in his father’s room.

But, that was his father, not Engineer Ashley at all. His father caught him in the act and dealt with him even more than how the teacher did to him. But wouldn’t Engineer Ashley just kill him? He had thought as he fixed his eyes on him.

One peculiarity about Engineer Ashley was that he hardly wouldn’t forget either a file, document or some architectural designs at home. He just remembered he had forgotten to pick an architectural design that had to do with a special project awarded to the company.

He hated it when a driver or gatekeeper barged into his room to help him search, or else, he would have sent one of them to be of help to him. But, an ordinary cook in his room?

Henry was moving backward, using his tilted leg to push in the drawer so that his punishment would be raised to the power of ten. He gave a short breath as he concluded that. Yet, Engineer was moving closer till he got to his front.

“Madam.. em… what’s even her name? Madam Beatrice told me to clean the kitchen and everywhere in the house. That’s what I have been doing, Sir.” He shook as he told him.

“It was my daughter that told you to clean all the rooms in this house?” He asked again.

“Yes.. yes sir.”

“Alright, no problem. No problem at all. Next time I meet you inside this room or next time you just enter into anyone’s room without prior permission or notice, you’re dead!”

“Y..yes.. yes sir.” He shivered and cruised to the left and made his way out of the room.

“Why would Bibie ask him to clean up the rooms? By the way, hope he hasn’t found this diary?” He opened the drawer and brought out the ‘Confidential’ diary. “I don’t even know why I’m writing all these down, I should dispose this.” He said as he flipped the pages.

He hissed and hurried to his wardrobe to get the architectural design. As soon as he got it, he hurried out of the room.

Walking through the living room swiftly, Henry who had finished eavesdropping all he said in the room saw him with the ‘Confidential’ diary. He walked into the kitchen quickly, he had to prepare lunch for Beatrice.


“It’s 10am already, ma’am.” Vivian told Beatrice.

“That’s good of you, Vivian. I like people who are sensible and get their work done at the right time.” She paused, “we should head on to the Prince’s office.” She said as she shut down the laptop before her.

“Alright ma’am, let’s go.” She said as she walked on.


“Nicholas, I think I found something.” Henry said to Nicholas as he placed his phone firmly to his ear and parading the small room given to him.

Wiping his sweat, he sunk into the mattress and laid his back. “I said I found something.” He repeated, perhaps, Nicholas never heard him.

“What’s it? It pertains to our case, right?” Nicholas asked him quickly.

“I am not sure. Engineer Ashley had gone to his place of work earlier and I was searching his room. Suddenly, the door flipped open and he walked in, asking me what I wanted. Before then, I found a diary which the word ‘Confidential’ was written on it.”

“So, is he still at home?” Nicholas asked him.

Henry was sure Nicholas was ready to get the diary instantly. “He took it along with him as he left the house. It seems he forgot something at home, so, he came for it”

“For him to have taken it, he must have suspected you.”

“I think so. He met me at his drawer and it was there he kept it.” Henry replied.

“Alright, no problem. Have you started preparing fried rice for the ladies?”

“I’m going to start now.” Henry replied.

“Later then.” Nicholas ended the call.


“At first, I thought we’d have to get one of the criminals that kidnapped the small boy, but now that Mrs Priscilla waved it till weekend, I think they should be there.” Craig told Doris.

Doris nodded. “But, was there any other thing apart from the signature of The Unknown?”

“Hmmn..” he giggled. “None. But, I just remembered something.” He looked at her as he halted.

Doris stopped too. “What is it?”

“The Unknown and the little boy share the same redolence. They have the same scent, same perfume! Forever Mine.”

“Really? Let’s go and check the list of those who do order for the perfume.” Doris said as both hurried to the office. The list had been sent to them.


Engineer Ashley’s mind had been on race since he met Henry in his room. He wasn’t sure if he had opened the drawer or even the diary. He had looked so concerned because he never wanted anyone to read the content of the diary.

But, he wasn’t so careless to have left something so confidential inside his drawer. He did keep it inside his traveling box and would always lock it with a code not even known by Beatrice. He had to write something inside it and that made him leave it inside the drawer beside his bed.

At first, he wanted to shake it off but remembering Chief Sam, he shook his head. He had always wondered if The Unknown would come for him. At least, it wasn’t Chief Sam alone that was involved in the act, but speaking to the other committee of four that was left, he was assured that all was well because Chief Sam wasn’t careful enough.

He gave a long breath. Mike wouldn’t be connected with The Unknown, he had thought as he shook his head again and looked at the diary. He hissed, why would he even write down such things inside the diary? Why? He hit his thigh slightly as he pulled his lower lip in.

But, why has he been so concerned? He asked himself. Mike wouldn’t have opened it. He surmised. But looking outside to clear his evil thoughts, his mind struck it again and he picked his phone to call Beatrice. He needed to know if she really sent him to clean the house.


The diary.

At least the deed had been done, the throne shouldn’t be left empty for a long time. It was two weeks already and the King had been buried. Everyone was getting off the death of the King and expecting the new King to step on the throne.

But as tradition had it, Prince Dennis must have a wife before he would be crowned as the next King of Taraka Kingdom. Now, the two weeks the Chiefs had given him just elapsed and the cabinet members were all seated in the palace, ready to see who the King-to-be would bring in as his wife.

Harry had relaxed, ready to see his brother’s choice. His weird thought had always been that Dennis would never get a lady to marry him within a week. Though, he was a Prince, even a handsome one. But, he knew he was always careful of the lady he would fall in love with. Would he ever get a good lady to marry within two weeks?

Prince Dennis who had no one but the one he had started liking. He promised not to stress himself before getting himself a suitable queen to be by his side always. His two weeks was just for him to transform Margaret to a Queen.

It was a great surprise when he walked inside the gathering and greeted the Chiefs on seat. He addressed them in a low tune and seated.

“Your wife, our Queen.” Harry who had been laughing said from his seat. He had been watching his brother for the two weeks. He never left the house to search for any woman and he knew he had no one. Trying to play his games well, in case if his brother found no woman, he might be the King. He grabbed a bright lady from the stream and started following her around.

Katherine was a tall and beautiful lady. A lady who just got to Taraka Kingdom after they were released from slavery in Maro by the slave hunters. She had refused him with regard to all she had been hearing, but her parents had told her to go ahead, at least, that would make them taste wealth too.

“Yes, let my wife come in.” Prince Dennis said and the door was opened unto Margaret to come in. “Here she is.” He added.

Harry raised his head and saw the Margaret that he had been looking for. “No!” He shouted as every one started prostrating for the new King and Queen

To be continued