The Unknown Season 2 Episode 15 Final


Previously On The Unknown.

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“It will be sent tomorrow. I just keep wondering why some things look so dark. A young boy was recovered from kidnappers, today.”

“Really? Who are the officers that got the boy?”

“No officer. It was The Unknown that brought the boy.” He replied.

“Huh? The Unknown?” Nicholas said, he looked surprised as he drifted forward. He was just trying to mask his feelings and look shocked too.

Henry smiled faintly.


. “What made this place look this way?”

It was the mark Frank’s slap left on his cheek. “I was slapped.”

“No! Frank! That guy is an unfortunate being!”

“Mum, stop that.”

“Why would I? I shouldn’t!”

“It’s wrong. You shouldn’t curse him, instead of cursing him, pray for the one who saved me.”
The diary.

“What do you know about the death of the native Doctor?” Dennis asked Harry.

“If it would, it would have started it’s work the day he died.”

“Now I know the reality. You killed him. Anyways…”

They heard a loud noise from the King’s room and both rushed there.

. “Good morning.” He greeted Beatrice that was on seat.

“Welcome.” Beatrice smiled. “The gate keeper said you’re the new cook, right?”

“Yes, I am.” He bowed again..

“Come.” Beatrice said as she sat down. Henry wanted to seat too but the shout from Beatrice made him rush to his feet again. “You want to sit while I, your boss is sitting too, right?”

“No..” he drawled.

“Learn to always add a sign of respect to my name! Always use ma.”

“Okay ma.”

Just then, Beatrice’s friend- Lizzy came downstairs and saw Henry standing. “Henry, is this you?” She said and moved closer.

Henry also looked at her and froze



Henry’s brain started working like an internet search engine. He knew he would be done for, if the truth was leaked. He looked at Lizzy again and took his eyes off her. He looked again with a long stare. He knew her already, just trying to pose as if he hadn’t seen her face before.

“Who’s Henry?” Beatrice asked Lizzy.

“Why’s he doing this? Have you forgotten my face?” Lizzy moved closer to him.

No doubt about it, God really blessed some people with retentive memories. No! He never believed Lizzy would still know him at all. He was on his way to studio that day he met her struggling with her vehicle that halted suddenly.

He liked her at first sight. But, how would someone like Lizzy like him? He had thought as he moved closer to her and greeted her. He was the one who helped her fix the car that day and even her punctured tyre. The only thing surprising to Lizzy was the fact that he refused the money offered to him.

Lizzy was going through to defend a project that morning, so, she was very happy someone like Henry could help him. It was that day she enquired his name and mobile number, to his surprise.

Henry told her his real name but couldn’t help himself but to give her a non-existing mobile number. He didn’t want any trouble, so, if he fell in love with her, trouble would start to loom. He left the scene that day without the intention of seeing her again, at least she appreciated him, not minding she was a rich type.

“I’m Mike.” Henry said boldly as he looked into Lizzy’s eyes.

“No… I’m Lizzy that you assisted that day, have you forgotten?”

I just pray this lady won’t get one into an absolute trouble now. Is it by force to be Henry this week? “Maybe another person.”

“You may be seeing another person entirely, Lizzy.” Beatrice said.

“Alright, if you guys say so. But, no! You and the Henry in question should be twin brothers.”

Thank God she has softened the pedal. “I have no twin brother.” He grinned.

“Alright Beatrice, what’s up? What’s Mike doing here?”

He grinned again. Thank God Mike was mentioned by her already. But, it seemed she hadn’t taken her eyes off him. Wait, does she love me? He wondered as he looked at her and bowed his head. If she does, that’s when she’ll remember me, even though I’m poor. But, do rich people fall in love with poor ones really? He kept brewing.

“He’s here to apply for the vacant post.” Beatrice replied Lizzy.

“Ooh…” Lizzy sat down. “You’re welcome here Henry.. oh… Mike.” She said quickly as she grinned.

“Only God knows where you met this Henry.” Beatrice chuckled.

“He helped me fix my car that day I was rushing to defend our contract, if not for him, I don’t know what would have happened. And, he gave me his mobile number but it never went through.”

“What! You collected the mobile number of that person? What’s the name of the car he rode that day?” Beatrice asked.

“He was on a motorcycle when he got down to assist me. He refused money likewise.”

“No! You received the mobile number of a nobody? I’m highly disappointed in you!”

Lizzy shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I just like the fact that he could help me that day, that’s all.”

“You have a big problem. Back to you, Mike. Do you think you can cook for us?”

“Huh?” What kind of question is this? Are they eating manna from heaven?


Doris hopped into Craig’s car. She had been called earlier to ask if she would love him to help her to the office. That was all she wanted too, free ride. “How are you, Craig?” She asked as she pulled the seat belt.

“I’m good, Doris. Hope you’re fine now.”

“I have been fit, thanks to you and my sister.” She smiled.

“All thanks to God, Officer Doris.” He glimpsed at her and drove on.

“Have you now called Mrs Priscilla this morning?” Doris asked Craig.

“No. I want us to get to the office before getting her called.” He replied.

“That’s nice too.” She nodded.


“You are dressed up already, off to the station?” Victoria asked Vivian as they both stepped into the living room.

“You never cease to amaze me.” She shook her head as she sat down and unbuckled her sandals.

Victoria took in a long breath. “This isn’t right, Vivian.”

“What isn’t right? I don’t have the patience to start discussing, I can’t start racking my brain for new set of lies to cover up the ones on ground.”

Victoria sat down. “But, you’ll be a very good source of help to get The Unknown.”

“But what is it with this guy called The Unknown? Part of my reasons is because I don’t want them to arrest the person. His name has started spreading like wildfire just because he got Chief Sam’s bad acts exposed, now he helped my son. Can’t you see that this person in hiding has been helping this Kingdom?

Why should he be arrested? The main reason why they need Anthony and I is to question us because they need to get The Unknown. The Unknown has been doing good, not bad!”

“But, Vivian.. I’m going to my place of work too now ”

“About Anthony?” She looked away for a moment.


“I can cook anything you’d love to eat.” Henry told Beatrice.

Beatrice smiled. “Alright, let’s give him a try.” She faced Lizzy.

“Sure.” Lizzy nodded.

“But aren’t you with any box or luggage?” Beatrice asked.

“They are outside, ma’am.” He replied.

“Alright, no problem. Because of the test I want to give you, I’ll come home with Lizzy to eat lunch.” She informed.

“Alright, what would you like to eat for lunch?”

Lizzy and Beatrice looked at each other. “Fried rice would be alright.” Lizzy said.

“That’s nice too.”

What? Do I know how to cook that?


The diary.

Dennis and Harry barged into the King’s room and met the Queen on the floor, already weeping. The chiefs and the guards were downcast too. The king was dead already.

Dennis broke into tears as he met the scene. He couldn’t stop the flow of tears. Even though he was going to be the next King, he hated how his father died so early. “Father!” He screamed as he looked back and saw Harry just leaning against the wall. He wasn’t even crying.

He wasn’t shocked. He had always called him a bastard  and that was what he was. Why would his father die and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid? Dennis just moved closer to his mother and petted her. “Mum, we don’t need all these.” He said, even though he was weeping.

The only thing running on Harry’s mind was the fact that Dennis would soon be crowned the next King of the Kingdom. It out rightly meant that he would become a King over him. He didn’t hate his brother to the extent of killing him, if not he would have devised a way to do so long time.

Harry just walked out of the room. The Chiefs knew him too, he wasn’t a normal human being at all. They weren’t shocked, a bad child would always show how bad he is.

“Over to you, Prince Dennis.” One of the Chiefs said.

“No longer a Prince, he’s now a King.” Another added.

Dennis just hissed as he kept weeping. He would miss his father.


“Don’t worry, he can go with me to the office.” Victoria told Vivian after she had thought of where Anthony would be.

“Really? Hope he won’t be a burden on you.”

“He’s my son too. I reason with your listed reasons behind staying away from the station. But, hope you haven’t forgotten that Frank knows this place well.”

“I know. If the man calls me, I’m going to tell him my son and I would come to the station by weekend. My schedule is tight.”

“Personal Assistant to Beatrice.” Vicky wheedled her.

“Urgh..” She chuckled. “Let me check on Anthony.” She said as she dropped her handbag and walked to Anthony’s room.


Beatrice and Lizzy drove into the Company. The two cars parked and the two ladies walked side by side as they waved at the security men. “Do you think that guy will be able to do this thing very well?”

“Who and what’s he doing?”

“Oh.. I mean the Mike in question, do you think he will be able to prepare good meals for us?”

“At least he will prepare fried rice today, first impression lasts longer.” Lizzy replied.

Beatrice chortled. “That’s true. I’ll see you later.” She waved as they parted.

She waved at the Secretary and saw Vivian already on seat. “Wow! I love people that keep to time.” She smiled as she waved at her.

“Good morning.” Vivian greeted her.

“Come into my office.” She said as she walked into her office. Vivian picked up her handbag and hurried after her too.


Henry walked to the room shown to him earlier. He had been shown his room and been given rules and regulations to abide by, before Beatrice and Lizzy left the house. Thank God he was able to get himself out of the problem Lizzy was about to put him.

If he hadn’t insisted that he wasn’t Henry, he never knew what could have happened after. He looked round the small room. It wasn’t furnished at all. Though, he never expected such. He was just a cook. The room had been covered with cobwebs which made him wonder if the former occupant of the room liked it so much. He really hated that.

He had been cleaning up until Nick’s call came in. He got his phone and grinned as he spoke with Nicholas. “Guy, it isn’t easy here.” He said.

Nicholas on the other end was laughing too. “My cook, just don’t use useless food to kill the man.”

Henry laughed. “The man has a daughter and the daughter has a friend. I was almost caught by Lizzy, Beatrice’s friend.”

“Now break it down. I am not the cook. I don’t know Lizzy, neither do I know Beatrice.”

“Beatrice is the daughter of Engineer Ashley while Lizzy is her friend.” He replied him.

“So, how did she almost get you? Your outfit?” He enquired.

“Not at all, I have met her before.” He started explaining to him.

“Alright, now I get you. But thank God she didn’t get you. Have you now prepared them a dish?”

“I was told to prepare fried rice for lunch, I have been searching for the recipes.” He chuckled.

Nicholas laughed. “So bad of you. Anyways, it looks as if you’re the only one at home, right?”

“Sure. The gate keeper and I.” He replied.

“Search the rooms and know  which one is Engineer Ashley’s Then, search the place if anything can be found.” He informed.

“I’ll get that done, now.”

They hung up.


“So, this is just to tell you that whenever you want to address me, always remember to add respect to it.” Beatrice addressed Vivian as she sat down.

Vivian nodded.

“I know you can talk, you actually don’t wish to.”

She smiled. “I have responded.”

“Didn’t I tell you to always add a sign of respect? Whenever you want to talk to me, always add ma to it!”

“Alright ma’am. Done already.” She said.

“Good. I don’t think I have much work to thrash this morning, I’d love to visit the Prince by 10am. Just inform me when it is 10am.” She told her.

“Done, ma’am.”


Craig and Doris stood before their boss. They got to the office just some minutes back and decided to visit him to feed him back, concerning The Unknown and Anthony.

Craig had called Vivian and had confirmed that she wouldn’t be available that day. Vivian had told him she would come and meet him on Saturday, for further investigations. “I heard all that happened yesterday. The Unknown again.” The boss said.

“Yes sir, he just came to drop that boy.” Craig replied.

“But don’t you think this unknown is connected to this people?”

Doris looked at him closely. “How, Sir?”

“For him to have done that for the boy, who knows if he knows this Mrs Priscilla in question?”

“But that woman called Mrs Priscilla never looked as if she knew this person. Even the small boy didn’t have the look.”

“Craig, why are you talking this way? Will they write it on their forehead? Have you contacted her?”

“Yes sir. She said she was unavailable and would try her best to be available on Saturday.” He replied.

“Alright, no problem. Haven’t they given you the list of those who order Forever Mine perfume?”

“It will be delivered by 9am today, sir.”

“Alright.” He replied.


Ramsey walked into Stella’s office slowly, smiling as he approached her. “Good morning Surgeon.” He said as he stood before her.

“Ramsey, only God knows what you want from me.” Stella chuckled.

“Huh?” Ramsey sat down. “What I want from you?” He asked again.

“Sure. There hardly be a day without you coming into my office, hope there’s no problem.”

Ramsey chuckled. “That’s what they call care. I’m just being caring.

“Ooh… I see that. So, how are you?”

“I was expecting you to wish me a happy birthday.”

“Ooh… Doctor Ramsey!” She laughed as she put her hands together. “A wonderful birthday Ramsey.”

Ramsey was happy. He felt as if no one has ever greeted him a happy birthday before. “Thanks Stella.” He grinned, expressing his happiness.

“That’s nothing. I should be apologizing for forgetting today’s your birthday. Anyways, just tell me what you want as your birthday gift and I’m going to give you.”

“Really? Are you sure you will give me?”

“Why won’t I? Once I can reach it, I’ll give you.”

“Honestly you’re the one I want as my birthday gift. Not only as a gift but an eternal gift… I want you to marry me.” He said, dipping his hand into his pocket. It seemed he had a small package inside.

“And that should be done inside the hospital, right?” The voice of the male Doctor thundered behind them. He hated Stella before, so, hearing all they said would be the best to be used against her.

“Urh… I came to give her a file.” Ramsey stood up quickly.

“A file? A file of a patient, right? Where’s it?” He asked him.

“Em… it got burnt.. no.. I forgot it in my office.”

“Alright, no problem. I have been saying it too! Doctor Stella have been causing trouble in this hospital for quite long. Both of you should see me in my office now.” He said and walked out.


The ultimate search begun, according to Nicholas’ wish. Henry’s mind was at rest because no one was at home, so, he wouldn’t be questioned if anything happened. He just found Engineer’s room and just started searching the room.

He was fed up already when he couldn’t find anything implicating inside the room. Looking back, he saw a small drawer he hadn’t checked and walk to it. Opening the drawer he saw a white book with the inscription of ‘Confidential’ on it.

Could that be what he needed? He asked himself as he stretched his hand to pick it up and the door flipped open. “What are you doing here?”

It was Engineer Ashley.

He began to wonder what he came back home for. By the way, he didn’t hear any sound from the gate, there was no honk from any vehicle, was he seeing a ghost or what?

“I said what are you doing here?” His voice got huskier as he approached Henry.


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