The Thorn On My Flesh Episode 10


Sometime later, I hear her calling my name and I walk towards where the voice is calling from. I eventually locate her voice inside the bedroom.
She has already dressed up, sitting close to the standing mirror with her sophisticated make-up kits. She is adding a pink grease on her lips. She is looking ravishing with all the moderate applications on her face. Although she still looked strikingly beautiful without them a while ago.
“Could you help me zip up this?” She points her finger towards her back.
“Why not?” I move close to help her, but immediately the zip is up I hear, “Ouch!”
“What is it, dear?” I ask softly.
“Please, please, draw it down again,” She says painfully with a babyish voice, “It has hooked my skin. Do it gently.”
Now I am drawing it down slowly, and suddenly I feel a grab on my hand. Remilekun is holding my arms from over her shoulders, and she seems to be maneuvering them to where I don’t know. Somehow I act in accordance to the destination. Finally I find my two hands on her grape-shaped bosoms. She turns her face up to me; desires sparking in her eyes. The word I can read out of her eyes is, “Come into me.”
I understand her. But I never had that in mind being her first visit here. Then like a petrol on a dying fire my sexual urge begins to burn with rage. I become harder than ever before. I draw her up gently from the seat without saying a word, or rather I am saying something with my eyes. Things like, “Baby, I am coming.”
Gently she presses her lips into mine. We are both thirsty for the watery milk that lay buried in our tongues and lips. From our nostrils we exchange warm breaths which make our spirit become one. Her eyes are tightly shut, but mine are partially closed. She soon wraps her arms over my head, pushing it slowly towards her luscious grapes. I never knew, until now, that her top had been stripped down. Neither did I know when she stripped off the cups that are masking those tempting globes. in a breathy voice she urges me to feed on them. As I obey my mistress a loud moan rises high into the air.
A little later she whispers another instruction into my ear, “I would like it if you eat me before you occupy me … that’s why I had a shower.”
I smirk … Is that not a cunny language for the habit brought by the white men – using my tongue to play with the honey well…she deserves that from me. What with that pure skin that is not different from a fresh apple.
In the end, I carry out the instruction beyond what my mistress could imagine.
After we both take a shower we set to the dinning. By now the rain has stopped. Debby is no longer there. I can see Remilekun’s eyes fixed on me; smile on her face. I urge her to continue eating and she seems to be eating the food with passion. I am amazed that she could finish the food she claimed she would only nibble at.
When we are done eating I see her rummaging her bag for something. At last she brings out the holy Bible.
“Swear to me,” she says to me, almost with tears in her voice, “ that you will never meet any woman after me.”
She further says that I am the second man that would see her private world.
I have confirmed that – just like a narrow road that has never been trodden by any foot.
She tells me about the guy that made her a woman who later broke her heart while she was on campus. She says the young man left her for a lady that is not up to her standard.
“Some men have no heaven!”
She continues with pressure in her tone; tears run down her cheeks, “ and many of them are blind … I have once promised myself that I wouldn’t meet any other man till my wedding night. But I don’t know what charm you have used on me.”
I am lost for words at her agony. I know how she feels. The same way I felt when Titi left me for a rich man. But her own case is different because her father is affluent.
I hold the Bible which she had already stretched at me. We both hold it at equal length. She asks me to swear that I would never cheat on her or leave her till death do us apart and same thing applies to me – then we both swear.

Some weeks later, Remilekun’s parents and mine meet for an introduction. I am happy that her parents receive us with joviality. Remilekun and her mother really look alike in terms of elegance and beauty. I get excited when Remilekun’s father says that honourable personalities would be present on our wedding day; such as people in government. They are disappointed that my father is not alive and they pay their condolences. My mother and three relatives are the ones on seat. However, everything ends with merriment. I can see a smile of satisfaction on my mother’s face. She whispers to my ear that Remilekun has a good background unlike Titi whose father is mentally retarded. I am just realizing that Titi had left my life for good according to the heart-breaking letter she left for me.
But two weeks to our wedding day, Remilekun visits my house and she meets me where I am reading my daily times as usual. Soon, a shocking news unfolds before my eyes. I can’t resist the tears that ooze out of my eyes.
“Honey, what is it?” Remilekun asks with shock in her voice.