The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 37


I just stood motionless after I received the commanded call from Madam Hadiza I don’t know what to do, Its been long I saw Christabel, I missed her so much. But Madam Hadiza said I should come with immediate effect, I’ll have to call Christabel and come up with a lie, Madam Hadiza is a Darling and powerful woman, so I have to honor her, I took my phone and called Christabel she picked after the third rang .

Me: Hi, don’t you want to answer my call before? .

Christabel: Sorry dear I was in the kitchen preparing your meal .

Me: *** Oh! This bae is just too nice*** I wanna tell you something .

Christabel: Are you close to my house already? .

Me: Am still at my house .

Christabel: Ok what do you want to tell me? .

Me: Please you’ll have to forgive me I can’t make it to your house at this moment again .

Christabel: What happened dear, You wanna waste my food .

Me: Am not gonna waste it, I’ll surely come to you but not now .

Christabel: Hmmm I don’t understand you anymore Pesman because I traveled for some weeks you’ve changed, seem you have being seeing another lady? .

Me: Woman with their sense of humor, instead of letting me explain myself you’re accusing me of what I know nothing about, why are you like this? .

Christabel: I’m a woman and you’re a man definitely you don’t know how i feel .

Me: I know its not sounding well to disappoint you but what happened is that I received a call from school that I should bring my credentials to school today or I forget about my admission .

Christabel: So you’re going back to school now? .

Me: Yes but am returning today, so I will come to your house keep my food in a microwave .

Christabel: I can’t remember when you bought me one .

Me: See you later dear .

Christabel: Safe journey .

Me: Thank you… I made my way to Madam Hadiza’s house after ended Christabel’s call, I knocked on the gate and it was threw opened by Gateman. .

Gateman: My son its you? .

Me: Baba na me o .

Gateman: Welcome how is life? .

Me: I’m coping .

Gateman: Glory be to God .

Me: Baba I need to come and stay with you this days .

Gateman: What happened? .

Me: Am enjoying the work of the ring you gave me and I’ve being needing of another protection charm .

Gateman: Do you think its easy to be employed as Gateman and security man at the same time, robbers can never broke into this house even if I wasn’t at home they cannot come here,I have finished everything .

Me: I trust you baba .

Gateman: See my son, you can come here whenever you want, I’ll be giving you something .

Me: Baba where did you get all this charms from? .

Gateman: I inheritance it from my father, my father was a hunter, during his life time he used killed wild animals such as Lion, Elephants, Leopard and many dangerous animals, so I took everything after him .

Me: Wow, you have to tell me more about the great Man (seated beside him on a second plastic chair) .

Gateman: You want to hear about my late father? .

Me: Seriously .

Gateman: My father was a great hunter, one in town, he had once used ordinarily cap to killed an Elephant in old Oyo empire .

Me: ***Curiously*** Oh my God, what a great Man? Please tell me how it went, I know its going to be adventures killing the whole Elephant with just a cap .

Gateman: Something around 1942 my father went to .

Me: ***My phone rang that moment and the caller was Madam Hadiza, Chai this woman and her problem*** sorry baba Madam is calling me, you’ll have tell me the full story before I leave here (I walked to Madam Hadiza’s sitting room) .

Madam Hadiza: You have been in this house for the past 30mins what are you discussing with him? .

Me: Am very sorry the man is one of a kind, very nice and fun to be with, he’s my friend .

Madam Hadiza: You’re doing friendships meeting? .

Me: Men ain’t gossip .

Madam Hadiza: ***Laugh*** Senator is here waiting for you .

Me: Here I’m .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***He seated on the sofa, dressed in white Agbada, smile keep glowing on his face*** .

Me: Good afternoon sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: I sent for you .

Me: Ok sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Your madam discussed something with me .

Me: Ok sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: I heard you want to go to South Africa .

Me: Its true sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Don’t you like Europe or Asian countries? .

Me: I’m a typical African man .

Sen.Akinkunmi: That’s good, you and your Madam trip will be sponsore by me .

Me: Thank you sir ***Afterall its our constituency money*** .

Madam Hadiza: Thank you Senator .

Sen.Akinkunmi: When do you want to go? .

Me: Actually I just wrote my post utme, I want us to go the first week of my admission only if I’m admitted, but if I’m not admitted am not going again so, no particular date for now .

Sen.Akinkunmi: which school admission Is that? .

Me: Oscotech Esa-Oke .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***Busted in laugh*** I thought you’ll mentioned Harvard university .

Me: Harvard university is not meant for farmer’s son like me .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***smile*** Don’t worry I’ll give you a recommendation letter to give it to your registrar, your name must be in the first list, even if you do not write post utme you’ll be admitted, you’ve nothing to worry about admission .

Me: Thank you sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: So I need your passport, I’ll buy you the ticket .

Me: I don’t have one .

Sen.Akinkunmi: You haven’t traveled before? .

Me: ***What an insult?*** Have been to almost 21states in Nigeria .

Sen.Akinkunmi: **Laugh*** Am not talking of Nigeria, you haven’t traveled out of Nigeria before? .

Madam Hadiza: I’ll get him the passport .

Me: Am very grateful .

Sen.Akinkunmi: You’ll have to come to Abuja when its time, you’re flying from Abuja .

Me: Can’t we fly from Lagos? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Do You know I based in Abuja? I have a friend in South African embassy Abuja, He’ll get me the tickets .

Me: Osun to Abuja is somehow far and I don’t like long journey .

Madam Hadiza: ***Smile*** Don’t worry Pesman, We’ll go to Lagos by car from Lagos to Abuja by flight .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***Bravo my plan is going to work out, he thought within himself*** .

Madam Hadiza: That’s what we called you for .

Me: It really a good news .

Madam Hadiza: What can I offer you? .

Me: Am full already .

Madam Hadiza: You don’t want to eat .

Me: I ate not too long ago.

Madam Hadiza: How about a drink .

Me: You have 1960? .

Madam Hadiza: Which one is 1960? .

Me: Herbal drink .

Madam Hadiza: I don’t have .

Me: Ok give me magic moment .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman I don’t have .

Me: What do you have then .

Madam Hadiza: style P .

Me: Give me.

I stayed for some hours before I announced my leaving, Sen Akinkunmi gave me 10thousand naira as I walked out of the sitting room, I came across two people fighting along the road on my way back to my house, I moved closed to them to separated the fight as a good citizen of Nigeria, few people met us there and settled the fight for them. I reached my house and headed to my room, I dipped my hand into my pocket to bring out my phone and call Christabel that am now at home, but my phone is nowhere to be found, I was totally confused maybe I left it in Madam Hadiza’s sitting room! No I did not take out my phone when I was in her sitting room, I made my way into Tasker’s room luckily he was at home. .

Me: Tasker please help me with your phone .

Tasker: You want to collect Blue film? .

Me: No, Green film .

Tasker: I don’t have green film on my phone .

Me: Please lets be serious .

Tasker: What happen .

Me: I just entered now and I can’t find my phone .

Tasker: Didn’t you forget it where you’re coming from? .

Me: I can’t say! Please call my line for me 080 .

Tasker: ***He dialed my number and it went through*** Take Pesman it has been ringing .

Me: ***Collected the phone from him and placed it on ear*** Hello! Please this is Pesman the owner of the phone, I couldn’t figured out where I misplaced this phone .

Voice: ***Man voice*** You be mumu oo, Na me you dey blow grammar for? .

Me: I’m very sorry please no vex .

Voice: You no even fear person, see as you dey talk to me so.

Me: Please no vex, bros na beg I dey take beg o .

Voice: Wetin you want? .

Me: Please where are you .

Voice: I dey your head .

Me: Please where did you help me get the phone? .

Voice: I no help you see the phone o, I take it from your pocket, guy you sabi look o, two people dey fight and you busy look them so tey I comot phone from your pocket and you no know, better say bye bye to your phone ***Hanged up*** .

Me: I tried it back but it was switched off, that was when it dawned on me that I’ve lost my phone for real.

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I was smiling profusely as I sat in my sitting room, my plan is going to work out, Imagine that mere stupid boy is given me headache, Its obvious I don’t want to use 10% of my power on him, the boy is just too small for me to fight, and hadiza make the matter worse by lying to me that they are going on a business trip. I took my phone to call Tugo and tell him and his boys to go back to Abuja since they ain’t gotten any clue on how to get the boy, I’ll call them for another work if they are needed .

Tugo: Senator sir, have being wanted to call you sir without knowing you’ve being dialing my line, sir I want to tell you that we have found how to get the boy and everything will be done within two to three days, we have tracked him down sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: How did you do it? .

Tugo: Its our work sir, We’ll get him sir, Please give us sometimes .

Sen.Akinkunmi: I call to inform you that I have also made an arregmenent on how to get him, but my own plan cannot work within two days it will take us some weeks to month .

Tugo: What do you want us to do now? .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Go on with your plan, can you share with me the plan? .

Tugo: When we get the guy we’ll call you sir… Its against our law to be telling you .

Senator: Alright .

Tugo: Tell me your own plan sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: It also against my law .

Tugo: No sir! you know we are executing our project ourselves, but yours I believe you’ll still need us, but if you don’t need us anymore you can decided not to share it with us sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Tugo the bad boy ***I told him my plan*** .

Tugo: Baba agbalagba, Its nice idea sir, one of the two will surely work out .

Sen.Akinkunmi: Go on with yours first


Oh my God so,It was a dream? I wake and begin sweating profusely with my heart beat increased, No this cannot happen It must not happen I rebuke it, I saw the man I saw in my dream last time again and a guy talking in a car though I couldn’t see the guy face but man face is clearly shown to me and I can recognized his voice in darkness, I saw two of them talking on how to kidnap Pesman And this my second time of having similar dream, no doubt this man is planning on how to kidnap him, I knew it going to happen because I never failed before.

I must save my man from this man and his boys, I took my phone to Call Pesman but his number was switched off, what’s wrong with him? Did he lost his phone or they had kidnapped him already? My mind wasn’t at rest I knew if I couldn’t find something to do about it my one and only is going to fall to the Man’s pitch, I thought of what next to do but nothing came into my head, seriously I’ve tried every means of communications still I couldn’t get him, So I made up my mind to travel to Osun state first thing tomorrow morning, Pesman must be saved, the Man I always see in my drean is deceiving himself or so I thought. .

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To be continued