The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 36


******D.P.O IBRAHIM****** .

D.P.O Ibrahim is seen coming down from his car with his Daughter, Nike carried their bags and headed to the sitting room with full smile on her face. Mrs Ibrahim was well seated in the sitting room waiting for the arrival of her husband and her daughter, she was joyful to received both of them. .

Mrs.IBRAHIM: Thank God I couldn’t believe I’ll still set my eye on you again, I’m the happiest woman on earth .

Nike: Good evening mummy (she knelt down) .

Mrs.Ibrahim: You’re welcome dear, how was your trip (she hugged her husband) .

D.P.O: ***He looked around the sitting room and give glory to God for his protection over his life, he settled on a sofa and faced his wife*** .

Nike: Mummy am greeting you .

Mrs.Ibrahim: You sense something? .

Nike: Absolutely No .

Mrs.Ibrahim: I miss my husband .

Nike: You don’t miss your daughter? .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Sure I did, hope you bring something for mum? .

Nike: After you neglected me? .

Mrs.Ibrahim: How would I do that? Go to the bathroom to take your bath we’ll join you in the dining .

Nike: You want to have words with your husband? .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Yes, afterall you camped him for almost three weeks .

Nike: Funny you mummy, for your information I did not camped your husband I only traveled with my father .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Whatever! Abgi go and freshen up .

Nike: Ok mum (She went to her room) .

Mrs.IBRAHIM: How is Abuja,Big mummy and my daughter? .

D.P.O: They are fine, your daughter is doing pretty fine she sent her regards, you can’t believe she’s now adding weight .

Mrs.Ibrahim: I trust Big mum she can kill one with foods, how is your body now? .

D.P.O: You can see that am now ok, I drove all the way from Abuja down here .

Mrs.Ibrahim: I thank God for that, I don’t want to become a widow .

D.P.O: All thanks to my son inlaw .

Mrs.Ibrahim: The boy really did well, I owe him something .

D.P.O: My sister offered him 50k he rejected it he says he did it for the sake of the love he has for my daughter .

Mrs.Ibrahim: But I couldn’t believe you risk your life just to get him arrested .

D.P.O: Everything is clear to almighty God, maybe I embarked on that journey because God wants to heal my kidney problem which I didn’t know I have .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Yes its true God is wonderful, you’ll give me the boy number I want Thank him and welcome him into our families .

D.P.O: Alright dear, let me take my bath so I can rest, we’ll talk better tomorrow .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Ok sir .

D.P.O: (He went to his room)

******STUDENT****** .

We’ve landed in Ibadan about two weeks ago and we are yet to get any clue on how to kidnap Pesman I suggested we added him on Facebook which I did but the Dude is out of Facebook for some days now so,I wasn’t able to chat with him, Senator Akinkunmi was about to run out of patience because we failed to delivered after spending a whole week at Primer hotel Ibadan, seriously speaking its our work to kidnap but I think we have been spending much time on this, if we couldn’t finish this on time, when are we going to start another one? something must be done before Senator sent us back to Abuja. Tugo voice brought back my faraway sense .

Tugo: Guys I received a call from Senator not too long, the man is not happy with us, he said maybe we should go back to Abuja if we couldn’t get the guy latest this week .

Spider: We are not capable to do that .

Tugo: That is exactly what senator think of us, what do we do now? .

Student: Am still working on the guy I’ve sent him friend request on Facebook, he’s yet to accept, senator should give us some times we’ll get him very soon .

Tugo: What do we do now? Is there any alternative on how to get him? Lets come into conclusion please .

Spider: Its true we should have blan B because plan A might failed .

Student: You guys should be thinking on another strategies to nail him .

Tugo: We will find something to do about it, I don’t want us to disappoint senator because if we do, the Man will not have any trust in us again and we are losing our reputations gradually .

Student: We’ll try our possible best ***Just then I log on Facebook and met Pesman online he had accepted my request, the grin that appeared on my face that moment was obvious*** You can’t believe the guy had accepted my request .

Spider: Are you for real? .

Tugo: Oh what a good news .

Student: Let me chat him up maybe he’ll reply me, some Dude are not chatting type on Facebook .

Tugo: Try your luck lets us see (All of them moved closed to my laptop to Catch the glimpse of his chat and Pesman) .

Student: Hi Pesman .

Pesman: Evening .

Student: How are you doing? .

Pesman: Am doing fine, I saw your request? what can I do for you? .

Student: I always love your post, I want us to be friend .

Pesman: We are friends already .

Student: Thank you! Where are you chatting from? .

Pesman: Osun and you? .

Student: Actually I’m from Kogi state but I based in UK .

Pesman: That’s cool, how is UK today? .

Student: UK is fine and Nigeria? .

Pesman: 9ja is fine .

Student: Ok I’m Fred but people called me Goal .

Pesman: Goal Nice name .

Student: Can I know more about you? .

Pesman: Ask whatever You want to know about me .

Student: Your full name? .

Pesman: Check my profile for my names .

Student: Where do you work? .

Pesman: Not working for now .

Student: You’re still in school right? .

Pesman: Not yet I’m seeking for admission, even I’m currently at oscotech Esa-oke for my post utme .

Student: That’s good I love your courage, keep it up ok? .

Pesman: Thank you bro .

Student: When are you leaving the school? .

Pesman: Tomorrow morning Insah Allah .

Student: Are you a Muslim? .

Pesman: Thought you’ve checked my profile? .

Student: It escaped my mind .

Pesman: Smile are you a Muslim too? .

Student: Yes .

Pesman: But you bear Fred .

Student: Its my English name, you know in UK you must have an English name, those white men ain’t gonna know how to call local name .

Pesman: Alright .

Student: I will like to appreciate you I’m big fan of yours on Facebook, I always follow your post .

Pesman: wow I’ll be happy sir .

Student: What do you think I can give to you? .

Pesman: I can’t decide for you, just give me whatever you like .

Student: I think you’ll need a laptop for your education or you have one?

Pesman: No I don’t have any .

Student: A laptop for you Pesman .

Pesman: ***Feeling happy*** wow thank you brother I really appreciate .

Student: Can I have your number? .

Pesman: Ok sir 0806xxxx .

Student: Nice mine is +4422xxx but the phone is currently down .

Pesman: Alright sir .

Student: What will happen now is that I’m coming home next month .

Pesman: You’re coming to Kogi? .

Student: Yes but I’ll firstly branch at Ibadan before I leave for kogi, my bae is in Ibadan, so I want to visit her first .

Pesman: Nice Idea .

Student: Guess your home town isn’t far from Ibadan? so you can come for your laptop .

Pesman: Osun to Ibadan is very close highest five hundred naira cab .

Student: Ok once I reach Ibadan I’ll call you with my Nigerian line .

Pesman: Thank you sir I’m very grateful, may God bless you abundantly .

Student: ***you don’t know anything*** Amen, have a nice night rest Pesman .

Pesman: Thank you sir and you too .

Student: Bye .

Pesman: Bye for now .

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Student: ***I ended the chat with him*** Bravo we are proceeding, have gotten his second number .

Tugo: I always trust you .

Spider: Dont you think you need to call him? .

Tugo: What are we still waiting for? Call him .

Student: Trying to be using your brain once in a while, thank God you read our conversations I told him I was in UK and I gave him fake UK number do you want me to call him with Nigeria number? .

Spider: You can call him with our other secret numbers and told him you want to help him on his admission .

Tugo: Yes you tell him you saw his details on school data base that you just willing to help him .

Spider: Great Idea it would work out so far he’s seeking for admission .

Student: Its a nice idea, I don’t just want us to call him today, some fork in school might tell him its a fraud we need to be extra careful, I’ll call him after our chat tomorrow .

Tugo: Let us act fast I don’t want senator to lose interest in us .

Student: Alright .

Tugo: ***He took his phone and called senator to gist him about the latest development***


I wake as early as possible the next morning, though I couldn’t sleep much till day brake because I didn’t feel at home you know, the kind of feeling when you pass a night outside your room nah, so I wake up by 5am and followed Powerline to the mosque, after the prayer I returned back to the kingdom, immediately I entered Powerline’s room my mind flashed back to the chat I had last night, the guy is too nice he promised to give me a laptop just because of my stupid post on Facebook, in this life one have to be determined and be focus on whatever he/ she is doing, who could believe my mere post on Facebook could earn me a laptop? Seriously I can’t wait to meet him and have the laptop of my own.

I entered the bathroom at exactly 7am, within few minutes I was ready, Powerline also was ready for class, he bade me goodbye and show me where to kept his key because he had early class, I walked to the park where I boarded a car back to my hometown.

Two hours after I settled in my room my phone rang and the call was Christabel .

Christabel: Hello dear, I called you last night but your number wasn’t connecting, am now at home where are you? I even checked you at home but you’re nowhere to be found .

Me: Am sorry dear, I forgot to tell you, I went to oscotech for my post utme .

Christabel: Bad you Pes! .

Me: Am sorry it was an urgent call .

Christabel: Are you still in school? .

Me: No, now at home .

Christabel: I’m coming to your house right away .

Me: ***Another call Came into my phone that moment, the call made me remember my appointment with with her*** Wow babe I’ll like to come to your house instead of you coming to mine, I really missed you .

Christabel: I missed you more, when are you coming? .

Me: Right away .

Christabel: Ok .

Me: Your friend is at home? .

Christabel: Susan? .

Me: Yes is she around? .

Christabel: No, I met her absent at home .

Me: Where is she? .

Christabel: I don’t know .

Me: Don’t you call her? .

Christabel: Susan is not a kid, so you have nothing to worry about her .

Me: Am coming then .

Christabel: I will be expecting you soon .

Me: Alright ***Hanged up*** Another call came in from Madam Hadiza as soon as I ended Christabel’s call .

Madam Hadiza: Hey Pesman, how is school? .

Me: Fine dear, thanks for yesterday am now home .

Madam Hadiza: Hun you like hiding your things .

Me: Not really, I just returned .

Madam Hadiza: You can’t call me before you left for school and you can’t call me when you’re about leaving the school .

Me: Am sorry .

Madam Hadiza: How was it? .

Me: It went well I did my best .

Madam Hadiza: Success is yours .

Me: Amen thank you for the care .

Madam Hadiza: Once you’re home already I want to see you right now .

Me: Hope no problem? .

Madam Hadiza: No problem dear I want us to discuss about our South Africa trip .

Me: Am going somewhere now, I will check on you later in the night .

Madam Hadiza: One more thing .

Me: What’s that? .

Madam Hadiza: Someone is waiting for you here .

Me: Who is the person? .

Madam Hadiza: Senator Akinkunmi .

Me: ***Colored eye*** Have told you I dont like the man, what is he looking me for? .

Madam Hadiza: He’s a very simple and nice man, I think he want to talk with you please don’t say No, come to my house right away please .

Me: I don’t think I can make it to your house now .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman please come and honor senator’s call .

Me: I’m coming because of you not because of him .

Madam Hadiza: Thank you dear, I’ll be expecting you .

Me: Am coming later not now .

Madam Hadiza: Its urgent you have to be here .

Me: But I told you am going somewhere .

Madam Hadiza: Cancel wherever you’re going and honor mummy’s call .

Me: Hmmm I’ll have to call the person to terminate the appointment with her .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t tell me you want to meet with “Her” not “Him” .

Me: Yes I’m meeting “Her” not “Him”, and I’ve much feelings for her .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman what did you just say? .

Me: Am meeting with my mother .

Madam Hadiza: You wanna run me crazy .

Me: Don’t tell me you’re jealous? .

Madam Hadiza: Before nko? I don’t joke with what I have .

Me: Normal, so am coming .

Madam Hadiza: I’ll be expecting you dear .

Me: ***Hanged up*** I wasn’t pleased to meet with senator Akinkunmi, I don’t just know why something is telling me not to go, but I want to honor Madam Hadiza’s call because the woman is really a heaven sent and I think I’m safe in her house. And what does the Senator wants to see me for? Am I really safe??? Hmmm I can’t tell .

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To be continued