The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 17


******ADE****** .

I wake up in the morning, stretched my hand and yawn “Thank God Its another beautiful morning” I tapped my brother waking him. .

Ade: Cnn its time for solat (Prayer) .

Cnn; ***Hissed*** Haaaaaa don’t tell me day has break, I just slept not too long .

Ade: Lazy head, you slept for over 9hours and you’re saying you just slept .

Cnn: ***He seems to be enjoying his sleeping*** Oga o .

Ade: That’s the sign of being healthy better stand up and give praise to God, you should go and ask those who are on sick bed they will tell you how long it take before day break .

Cnn: Halihamullilahi I have to give praise to God He really saved me last week at Jabi .

Ade: ***Surprised*** You went to Jabi without telling me, wait did you engaged in fight with Mai-bollar (Those hausa guys picking iron and steel are called Mai-bollar, they are very dirty and dangerous) .

Cnn: I don’t know any mai-boller .

Ade: What happened at Jabi? .

Cnn: I went to Tola’s house and .

Ade: ***Cuts in*** Let pray first after prayer you’ll narrate everything to me before I go to work .

Cnn: Ok ***He stood up and went to mosque with Ade

*** ******AFTER PRAYER******

I was coming from bathroom with towel hung around my neck, I faced Cnn who was seated on the bed. .

Ade: Oya am listening to your story what really happened to you at Jabi last week? .

Cnn: Na God saved me o .

Ade: Don’t let Abuja rich man Catch you if you don’t want to rot in jail .

Cnn: I don’t have issue with any rich man, I said I went to Tola’s house .

Ade: Hmmmm you met her father? .

Cnn: No, she called me to come over to her house she said her big mummy is not around so, I went there I sat in her sitting room only God know what came over us .

Ade: Like????? .

Cnn: We started kissing .

Ade: Eyaa you missed each other, is that what happened ***Now I’m putting on my trouser*** .

Cnn: Suddenly the door leading to the sitting room was opened leaving me stranded, I didn’t know what to do nor say at that moment .

Ade: Oh my God, who then walked in? .

Cnn: Her mother .

Ade: Big mum? .

Cnn: Yes, but she didn’t know me as the criminal her brother is searching for in osun, she thought Tola and I just met .

Ade: You’re very lucky .

Cnn: Tola later f–k up, she worsen everything .

Ade: What did she do? .

Cnn: She introduced me as her Osun lover who she had abortion for .

Ade: Ouch she supposed not let her know you’re the one, what happened next .

Cnn: The woman just took her phone and called Tola’s father, she told him everything, while she was on call I sneaked out and came home, have been calling Tola’s number since then but she couldn’t pick .

Ade: Maybe you have put her in another trouble, you know what? we’ll call her with my line tonight .

Cnn: Alright bro ***He took his phone and dialed Tola’s number, it went through she and picked on second ring*** .

******NURSE TITI******

Its been long I heard form Pesman so I decided to call his line, I called it for almost five times without response from him, I sat at the edge of the bed as I thought of what next to do and nothing meaningful came to my head, I really missed him its been long I saw him, Pesman seems not to be caring about my well being but I love this guy so much. Today na today I must see him today, what is the essence of dating a guy who is not caring about you, come to think of it I dumped my boss I was dating just because of him, I really need to see him and ask him of my offence that makes him neglected me,

I walked to my wardrobe as I took a nice gown and kit of my makeup, I put on the cloth and wore the perfume I walked out of my house and head to Pesman’s house, maybe he was keeping another lady at his roof that’s why he couldn’t pick my calls, I thought as I headed to his house without knowing I’m going to meet my doom


I was busy dressing in my room, my mummy had called me last night to come to Enugu this morning, it was kinda urgent to me because I wasn’t prepared to travel any time soon, have been calling Pesman since I received the urgent call from my mum but its not reachable, I tried the number again as I was putting on my shoe luckily for me it went through and he picked without wasting time, I went straight to the point by telling him what’s on ground, he wished me safe journey. “Susan please take care of home, I will be back next week” I said to Susan without knowing I gave fish to cat to be monitoring for me.


I smiled as I looked myself in the mirror, this is the best opportunity for me to execute my mission, have been dying of having affairs with Pesman for a while but the stupid Christabel seems to be the obstacles blocking my way, but now that she has traveled I’ll make use of the opportunity to intimidate him, I applied little makeup on my face because have already taken my bath, I smiled to myself as I headed to Pesman’s house, but what I failed to realise is that I was gonna meet another stupid moment at his house. .

****** DON/JAY****** .

“What are you guys looking at?” one of the police said to Jay and Don as they walked in .

Jay: ***Busted in tear*** we were robbed overnight .

Police: ***Surprised, another crime?*** By who? .

Jay: Two guys broke into our house around 12:30am they took our phones and laptops .

Police: How many of you are at house? .

Don: Two of us .

Police: How many are they? I mean the robbers .

Jay: They were two .

Police: And two of you can’t fight them? .

Jay: They came with weapons .

Police: ***Faced the first man who came to report*** It seems you have the similar case, take this book and write down your statement .

Jay: ***He glanced behind the man and saw a cap he dropped on the desk*** Sir I think one of them put on something like this to our house .

Man: You mean this cap? .

Jay: Yes this exactly type of cap .

Man: That means same people robbed us because when they came to my house one of them have this cap on his head, he threw it at me when they were about to take off .

Don: Let me see the cap .

Police: What do you have to do with the cap? .

Don: The cap looks familiar to me .

Police: It looks familiar to you? Are you the owner? .

Don: ***Shocked*** No am not the owner, but have been noticing this type of cap on someone’s head .

Jay: Who is that? .

Don: Don’t you see this cap looks like Abbey’s? .

Jay: Yes its true, it looks like his .

Man: Who is Abbey or what do you call him? .

Jay: A guy in our next street .

Man: Please police .

Police: ***Cuts in*** Calm down sir, you can’t be teaching us our work, ***He Faced Don*** You see! Your coming here is really a good one, kindly write down your statement too so we can take the next step .

Man: I’m done with the statement already please do whatever you can do to know the owner of this cap, this is the only evidence I’ve .

Jay: This cap is Abbey’s, what a wicked world so, Abbey is the one robbing us .

Police: Take it easy, we’ll invite him for interrogation, do you know his house? .

Don: Yes we do .

Police: Ok we’ll go there now **He called another two of his colleagues, together they went to Abbey’s house with the Man,Don and Jay, things are now working as planned for Jay and Don*** ******

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Sorry for coming late ore (Friend) I said to Abbey as I sat infront of the guy of about my age I met in his room .

Abbey: I thought you said you’re going somewhere before? .

Me: Am not going anymore that’s why you see me ***Stretched hand forward to the guy for handshake*** good afternoon brother .

Guy: You must be Pesman? .

Me: Yes I am .

Guy: Abbey had told me lots about you, anyway you can call me Powerline .

Me: Powerline! Nice name .

Powerline: you welcome, let get down to business concerning your admission if you like oscotech Esa oke I can help you on it,. What you need to do now is to buy changing of institution since you didn’t choose Oscotech before, am on my way to jamb office I can buy you one if you don’t mind .

Me: Are you serious .

Powerline: Sure .

Me: Wow you gonna save me stress and money, how much is it??? .

Powerline: Just 4k, what course do you like studying? .

Me: Elect/Elect .

Powerline: Good course, am also studying the same course at Oscotech .

Me: You mean Elect? .

Powerline: Yes .

Me: Oh! That’s wonderful ***I gave him 5k for changing of institutions, my phone rang that moment and the caller was Nurse Titi, but I didn’t pick her calls because I don’t want to interrupt Powerline*** .

Powerline: Let me have your number so, I can call you when I’m back, then you will have to give me your jamb registration number, the school you want to choose and course of study .

Me: 080xxx *** I gave him all what he requested for*** .

Powerline: Let me be going .

Me: So soon .

Powerline: I’m only waiting for you here, I was on my way to jamb office before Abbey called me back that you’re on your way coming .

Me: Thank you bro may God be with you .

Powerline: Amen ***He left*** .

Me: *** Immediately he left my phone started ringing and the caller was Christabel*** Hi love .

Christabel: Pesman have been calling your line since yesterday but not reachable, I want to inform you that am on my way to Enugu concerning the urgent call I received from my mum yesterday .

Me: Haaaaaa so, where are you now? .

Christabel: About to leave my house for park .

Me: Am going to miss you o .

Christabel: Am missing you already .

Me: When are you returning home? .

Christabel: I will not stay too long sha, but it depends on what I meet there .

Me: Send your account number let me pay your fare .

Christabel: Thank you my love, I love you so much .

Me: I do bye for now .

Christabel: Bye ***He hung up*** .

Me: ***Few minutes after I hanged up I received a text message from Christabel which contained her account number, I transferred 10k to her, I was barely done with the transfer when two policemen,Don,Jay and one elderly Man who I do not know banged on us without even knocking on the door, he’s the one Don said without pointing at no one in particular, with my mouth widely opened

“What was our offense?” I managed to asked*** .

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To be continued