The Prognosticator Episode 13


My phone vibrated on our way home, it was a call from the “monitoring spirit” (Dupe) my heart skipped, “This girl again” “she has found out i had encounter with Chrisbtabel?” “Why she was calling me by this time?” “Pesman stop acting like a kid” “After all you are a man” “You are going to be the head of the family” “Abi you want your woman to be controlling you” “Ogbeni jaraa e (wise up my friend)” .

Me: hello .

Dupe: Hi my love .

Me: How are you doing? .

Dupe: Am fine where are you? .

Me: On my way to house .

Dupe: From? .

Me: Somewhere .

Dupe: Fine .

Me: Any problem? .

Dupe: Am at your house waiting for you .

Me: **surprised** But you don’t tell me you are coming .

Dupe: Any wahala with that? Please come here .

Me: Ok am coming .

Dupe: Don’t stay too long **hangs up** .

me: **Faced CNN ** Guy see you next TIME, am going to my house now, Dupe is waiting for me. We departed



I opened my door, i saw Dupe lie down on my bed, she rushed to me, she hug me like 30sec before she let go of me, she placed hot kiss on my lips i responded, we started kissing, i missed you pesman she fired, i missed you more i replied i pushed her to the bed to resume the adventure, we kissed and smooch each other at the same time for some minutes, pesman “close your door she said to me “I pray i don’t have visitors today i replied “You will not, please close it she replied

I stood up, walked to my door and bolted it from inside, i moved closed to her and resumes my duties. We kissed for few minutes, she took my head in her hands and made to sit up she stood up passionately for another minutes or so while she massaged my d–k through my trouser, pulled out my erected d–k, she ended the kiss and knelt down before me, she gave me BJ (Blow Job) i nearly exploded when she took my d–k to her mouth, she s—-d out my brain, if you asked me of my name that moment i wouldn’t know what to reply you because have forgotten my name.

I was playing with her n—–s and caress her hair because we were naked. Ouch, hmmmm, yeeeeeeeeeeeee, huuuuuuu, hahha i was g—n like a bull. I pushed her to bed and began to tip the c–t and fingering of her p—y hole, from one finger to two and sucking her boobs at the same time, hahha ouch hmmmm Dupe moan like someone under the spell.

She sat down on my d–k in “cow-girl” style she rode me like bicycle for like 20mims she stretched forward, placed her hands on my chest, knelt down on my waist and began to ride up and down

** Finally i programmed Dupe**

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We changed style Dupe knelt down before me her a-s faced me i began to f–k her with doggy style, we f—-d for another 30mins before i was about to c-m. I pulled out my d–k and cummed on her fat a-s.

Hmmm pesman you are the best Dupe complimented after explosives f—-d, we stood up entered the bathroom to cleanup. .

Me: You are so sweet dear .

Dupe: You are so strong dear .

Me: I enjoyed every bit of it .

Dupe: I also enjoyed every bit of it .

Me: Yea, but you didn’t tell me you will be heading back today? .

Dupe: yes i didn’t! I willingly decided not to, i just wanted surprise you .

Me: That’s good, but when did you leave Lagos for you to reached early like this .

Dupe: I didn’t travelled to Lagos, i lied to you the day i called you that am on my way to Lagos .

Me: **surprised** But why .

Dupe: Thought i warned you not to do woman ritual but you didn’t heed to my advice .

Me: Do you know i would be arrested today? .

Dupe: Yes i knew .

Me: **rolled eyes** chai why didn’t you tell me .

Dupe: Why would i? Pesman let me tell you, the outcomes of the woman ritual you did won’t favoure you, i want you to suffer for your ignorance that’s why i lied that i was travelling .

Me: Why didn’t you tell me all this before we had s-x? .

Dupe: Because i was feeling h—y and i wanted to calm the sexual huge in me, and that’s what I had couple hours ago . .

Me: Hmmmm .

Dupe: Pesman you never see anything only God knows where this woman ritual of urs will land you .

Me: **Feared** please tell me what do you see? .

Dupe: am seeing a lot .

Me: Please tell me .

Dupe: I wouldn’t tell you, because i want it to pass .

Hmmmm pesman you are a dead man already, only God knows where my stupidity will leads me, i pray it doesn’t led me to prison .

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