The Prognosticator Episode 1


All rights reserved, story by Pesman

This story is written in a language the characters speak and under, to keep the effect and originality we will edit just some few words

A ray of flash light flashed across my face, my eye swanged opened to face the reality, there were two guys in my room with local gun and cutlass held firmly in their hands, my heart skipped like 10sec before it started to be beating faster, my underware was soak with my sweat, i felt like ground should open and swallow me, one of the guys moved close to me and landed hot slap on my cheek, my ear started malfunctioning immediately, i can’t hear clearly ( Am doomed i’m not president buhari oo, who will fly me to London for ear treatment?) .

Guy1: Stand up, where did you keep your phone and money? .

Me: My lord, i don’t have any money on me sir, and i just lost my phone this afternoon .

Guy2: Don’t tell me you don’t have any money and phone in this room, if we search your room and found money and phone, you are in trouble. .

The second guy went outside, entered again with chair in his hand, oya sitdown on this chair my friend, he commanded me, I sat on the chair, he unzip his bag brought out a robe and tied me down to the chair, my mouth was also plastered. . They started searching my room looking for what to steal. My mind flashed back to Dupe, her words continued ringing in my head

” Something is telling me that you should not sleep in your room this night, i don’t know what is going to happen o, but my instinct is telling me something bad will happen, pesman please don’t sleep in your house”

Pesman you are doomed and dupe warned me ooo, how I wish i could turn back the hand of time .

Dam!!! I am tired of this situations, you won’t believe i had no girlfriend, seems that some witches from my village are still following me. . That is the reason why i hate our family house, witches were many there particularly “IYA ALAKARA” (Beans cake seller)

I hate the woman with passion. Though she is older than my mummy, she is 63 years of age, i do calle her “parrot” . Chai! This woman can talk for 23hrs 59min 59sec without stop, i suspected “IYA ALAKARA” is behind my problem .

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I can vividly remember one Monday afternoon, i came back from school, i was in jss2 then, my mummy wasn’t in the house only GOD knows where she went, chai i am feeling hungry o, i headed to the kitchen to find something to eat, behold there is no food for me to eat, opps this woman is wicked oo, imagine she didn’t leave any food behind for me to consume, my eyes turned red. . I also checked food stuff in the house maybe i can find garri to drink but there is nothing like that in the house, i feel like killing myself that moment, nothing can stop me from fighting this woman today oo, what a wicked mother? I curse inward! .

I was in trauma of hunger when i hearded my name calling from outside. (why is this witch woman calling me? Yes you guessed right she Was the one iya alakara). I opened the door,went outside to meet her. .

Iya alakara: oko mi jowo bamilo si ile boda yekinni, sowipe moni ki o ran o simi, (my husband please help me go to your brother yekini’s house, tell him i said he should send you to me)

***This woman must be high on weed who is your husband?*** .

Me: mama, mi oro wipe male bayin lo o, mo sese ti ile iwe de ni, kosi iya mi Nile, miosi ti jehun ebinpami, emabinu ma (Ma, i don’t think i can help you go, i just came back from school and my mummy is not around, haven’t eat i’m feeling hungry, don’t be annoyed ma) .

Iya Alakara: Emi? Arifin nje ti moba ran baba re nise ogbodo so wipe ohun kole lo, anbeletase iwo? (Me? Insult! Even if i sent your father on errand he dare say no? Talkless of you?) .

***See as this witch woman is insulting my father, what i hate most is someone insulting my parents, i can kill myself because of them, i love my parents guess you also love urs? Wink*** .

Me: Mama, laye laye yin ema menu ba awon obi mi Mon o (Mama never in your life you should mentioned my parents like that) .

Iya Alakara: Ooda koburu (Ok, no problem) . I and Iya Alakara were still exchanging words when “Kola” walked in on us .

***Kola is grand child of Iya Alakara, he was 14years old then, while i was 13years old, kola is older than me and so? I don’t think he can beat me, but i was scared *** .

Kola: how daa_rr_ee you talk to my mother like thaatt? . *** Kola is a stammerer boy, that is the reason why i hate talking to him, he can use 5min to call father*** .

Me: hey! Mister stammerer ! Do you know…… . *** But before i could finish my word i heard Gbos! Gbos!! Gbos!!! I firstly thought trailer jammed me, i begin to see double, our house look like olumo rock to me, i couldn’t see clearly. Kolawole slapped me three times, i drew back with fury, i pounced him with great energy my fits hitted him by jaw, i saw blood coming out of his mouth. Me 1 vs 1 kola, kola drew closed to me throw quick pouch on me, for where i too smart for that, i James bond, i dogged it, i quickly move close to him carry him up, i lifted him above my head, o boi, i feel like “WWE heavily weight champion” [DEAN AMBROSE] That moment, in no time i finished kola like a food, i felt ontop of the world*** .

Later in the evening, after dinner I just went straight to my room, i couldn’t play PES that night guess why? My eye is still disturbing me , kola is wicked oo, i thought to myself, i looked myself in the mirror “chai” i look like horror my right cheek is bigger than left, kola is a criminal oo . An hour later i slept off


I was in the midst of my friends we were playing suddenly one #masquerade appear from nowhere, it look like a woman but i couldn’t see his/her face because i was scared, the masquerade moved closed to us, that is when i can see it clearly it was a woman and its no other person than Iya Alakara, she wasn’t covering her face, she was holding kalabash with left hand while holding dagger with right hand. My heart was beating 1000km per secons, she moved closer to us and everyone of us ran for our dear life

***who wants to die?***

we ran separate ways, i ran like one minute and i decided to look back “mogbe” ( i’m doomed ) iya alakara is still following me, i increased my tempo even (Usain Bolt) cannot compete with me in this kind of race, i looked back again iya alakara is still running after me but the distance is much. Deep down in me, i was very happy in no time iya alakara would not see me Again, but my joy was cut short when iya alakara screamed ontop of her voice

***Oya Suubu***

(Now fall down) i couldn’t believed iya alakara commanded me like a soldier, in no time i hit my toe on one small stone pauu! I fell for ground yakata. Before i knew it iya alakara catched up with me .

Me: Mami, ejowo ema binu, mi oni se be mo ( My mother, please don’t be annoyed, i wouldn’t do such again) .

Iya Alakara: Taa ni iya re? Loni maje komo bi mose to ( Who is your mother? I will let you know who i am today) .

Me: Ejowo ma! Ejowo ma!! Ejowo ma!!! ( please ma! please ma!! please ma!!!)

Iya alakara raised up her dagger to stab me, i screamed Aloud please! please!! please!!! And i woke up*** .

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To be continued