The Game Of Love And Obsession Episode 18


Desmond came back with plates and glasses on a tray. He dished out the food and they both began to eat. “Sandra, I know this is out of place considering you have just come home from the hospital, but I have no other choice. I need to know my fate and where I stand. I believe you remember all that I told you in the hospital, “Desmond said and waited for a while for Sandra to nod in agreement before continuing. “Very good! I am glad you remember. So what is your answer, Sandra? Do you have an answer for me? “ Desmond asked. “I have had a deep thought about all that we spoke about back at the hospital. The truth is that, I still don’t have any intimate feelings for you yet. But , I want to give us a chance. You are a good friend, Desmond and I know you will make me happy. I am just hoping I will be able to see you as someone more than a friend one day,” Sandra answered. Desmond was very happy with the answer. He had finally succeeded in letting Sandra say yes to him. It was a relief after many years of rejection.

Jesse was at work when he heard his phone rung. He quickly took it from the table only to be stunned by who was calling him. It was Theodora. He hesitated for some time, but finally picked the call. “Hello,” said Jesse. “Hello, Jesse. How are you doing?” Theodora inquired. “I am fine,” Jesse responded sharply. “Why are you acting cold towards me, Jesse,” Theodora asked. “After all you did to me, you have the boldness to ask me this question!? You thought you were leaving me so I would be miserable. Your plans didn’t work, Theodora!! I met a wonderful girl who has made me forget all about you. I don’t even think about you anymore. Oh, and your portrait that hung on my wall is long gone. I am over you, Theodora,” Jesse lashed out at Theodora.

Theodora began to cry over the phone. She had never seen Jesse react that way. She was calling to apologize for what she did to him. She had began to have problems in her marriage and needed someone to talk to. She knew Jesse was a good listener and hence was calling him for some advice. Her hope was shattered when Jesse lashed out at her with those words.
Jesse realized that Theodora was crying. He felt sad within for treating her that way. He didn’t even ask for the reason she called. At that point, Theodora’s crying intensified and Jesse could feel the pain in her cry. “Hey, Theodora, I am sorry for what I just said,” Jesse apologized. “It is not your fault, Jesse. I deserve that. I treated you in an inhumane way when I left you for my husband,” she said amidst crying. “What is it? Why are you crying? Is it because of what I said? I am sorry for hurting your feelings,” Jesse asked and pleaded. “That is not the source of my worries, Jesse,” Theodora responded. “Then what is it?” Jesse asked. “It is my husband, Jesse. I am beginning to feel I made a mistake,” Theodora confessed. “Wow! Those are strong words. Can you explain further?” Jesse asked. “I will Jesse, but not on phone. I will come over to your place when you close from work. This is not an issue to be discussed on phone,” Theodora responded. “Alright, if you say so, Theodora,” Jesse said. They said goodbye to each other and Jesse ended the call.

Meanwhile, Sandra and Desmond were enjoying each other’s company. Desmond didn’t want to leave Sandra’s side. He had daydreamed about that moment for years and now that it was finally happening, he wanted to enjoy every moment of it. “Desmond, you didn’t tell me why you ended things with Bella. What happened?” Sandra asked Desmond. “Hmm.. It was hell dating that girl, Sandra. Bella had been showing signs of interest in me for a longtime. When it became apparent then that I wouldn’t have any place in your life, I thought of Bella as an excellent replacement. But, I was wrong to think so. Within the first weeks of the relationship, everything was wonderful. It was so full of excitement and love until familiarity began to set in. That was when the true nature of Bella began to manifest. It was like we were two enemies fighting a war. Every conversation turns into an argument and we could hardly go a day without arguing to an extent I became used to it. It got to a time I couldn’t handle it anymore. I reasoned that, if we could fight as much as that just some few weeks into the relationship, then how was it going to be when I married her. I realized I was heading for disaster and had to call it off,” Desmond explained.

Sandra stared at him for some time. “Are you sure it is not for my sake you broke that poor girl’s heart?” Sandra teased.
Desmond smiled and took Sandra’s hand. “That was not it my dear. It is true that I love you very much, but when I am committed to something, I stay committed. I wasn’t happy with her and had to end the relationship before things got out of hand. Maybe, we were not meant to be. I am sure she would find a better suitor,” said Desmond. They both smiled and talked. Desmond received an urgent call and had to leave immediately. Sandra escorted him to his car and he drove off.

“I just pray I will be able to love this guy as he loves me. He has a good heart, but I don’t understand why I don’t feel any intimacy for him. I love him very much, but as a brother. I really need time to develop this feeling because I think of Jesse even when I am with Desmond. Why should it be so? Why can’t everything in life just be simple!? I want to be with Jesse, but I can’t because I am scared I might get hurt again by those his lunatic and obsessed girlfriends. This is really a war,” Sandra brooded over this as she headed back into her house. She was indeed confused, but was determined to make things work out between her and Desmond.
Jesse closed work and decided to pass by Sandra’s place before going home. Sandra was asleep when Jesse got to her house.
She hadn’t rested because of the long chat she had with Desmond. Jesse knocked severally before she ambled to the door with sleepy eyes. When she opened the door, Jesse realized she was asleep and apologized for waking her up. “It is okay, Jesse. I was actually expecting you to pass by after work. Is the meager agreement going smoothly? I hope my absence hadn’t caused any major inconveniences?” Sandra asked. “There is no need to worry about anything, Sandra. I have covered everything. I want you to rest well so you can heal faster. Don’t burden yourself with work,” said Jesse.

Jesse waited for a while to make sure he had got Sandra’s attention before he continued. “Sandra, these past days had made me analyze a lot of things. I have come to realize that I have strong feelings for you. I don’t want you to be afraid of anything because the person who could have cause troubles is behind bars. I know that the feeling is mutual because I also see how you enjoy spending time with me. I want to make it official, dear. Would you want to be in a relationship with me?” Jesse asked.

Sandra became quiet for a while. Actually, that freaked out Jesse since he was expecting a straight ‘yes’ answer from Sandra. But, his hope began to dwindle by Sandra’s mysterious silence. “Jesse, I am surprised. I wasn’t expecting that at all, trust me. Please, can I give you an answer later? As you are aware, I was discharged from the hospital today. Can we please discuss this another time?” Sandra implored Jesse. Jesse agreed by nodding. He was showing signs of displeasure although he agreed. He had come there to pour out his heart only to be met with an indefinite answer. He knew himself. Raising such a topic again wouldn’t be easy. He had to show virtues of patience if he was going to win Sandra’s heart. He had no idea that Sandra had accepted Desmond’s proposal earlier in the day.

Why didn’t Sandra inform Jesse about her new relationship? What has she got in mind? What about Theodora? What is she trying to achieve by contacting Jesse?

…to be continued