The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 8


I couldn’t focus on work. I kept trying and trying to figure out why he let me off without even a warning. I finally figured it out. He’s a play boy and probably doesn’t even love her so what she does is none of his business and what he does shouldn’t be any of hers.

He doesn’t care what she thinks so he wouldn’t take any advice from her. At the realisation of that, I started laughing. I laughed so hard tears threatened to fall out of my eyes.

“Wow, she’s gone crazy. Why am I not surprised?”

Mr Dax says as he approaches me. I ignore his comment putting it under the fact that he has hated me since day one so I shouldn’t be surprised.

He disappears into the office and I couldn’t wait till 4pm so I could head home. I know I need this job but working is really stressful.

My mind wanders off to the Mikeslson and how Mr Dax unknownly saved me today.

That’s one of the reasons I’m on the run and if they were to know I’m here and working for Damon O’Conner, you can be sure I’ll end up at the bottom of the river.

That’s how dangerous these people are. I don’t care what I have to do to keep my big mouth in check .

I’ll close up, endure every f****ng insults thrown my way and I’ll work for this Arrogant bas***d for just 30 days, get f****ng paid and get the hell out of this f****ng country.

I need a new start, a fresh place where I can be free, where I won’t have to look over my shoulders in fear of being caught. I’m on a tight leash and sooner or later, it’ll break. I just hope am half way across the country when it happens. The past should remain in the past.

My watch beeps as I reach my lunch break. After I used the restroom earlier on, I remembered hearing some co workers arguing about a cafeteria well not the cafeteria itself but the food that was served there. They walked away before I had the chance to ask any further questions.

Arranging my things on my desk neatly, I took some money from my bag in search of the cafeteria. I didn’t know anyone here so I would have to ask some questions.


My mouth was being engulfed in a big belly burger. The taste was heavenly, certainly worth the half hour I spent searching for the place. I only had ten minutes for lunch before I go back to the office and I really hope I don’t get lost on the way.

I sip from my coffee as my lunch break ends.


I grumbled since I would be unable to finish my meal. Once again, I’m in a hurry to get back to my station and once again I did something out of my control.

I tripped and spilled my coffee on someone. I prayed silently it wasn’t Mr Dax as fate loved toying with me. I half smiled when it wasn’t him and then I wished the ground would open up and swallow me when it turned out to be Mr O’Conner……