The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 69



I slumped at the back of his door. He had a big chance of noticing my shadow and coming out to check it. Then, he’ll know I put up a facade and was actually having a major breakdown right now. I had to get out of here for a second or two but first I need to take deep breaths. Take deep breaths.

When I felt I was ready, I pulled myself off the ground and walked into the restroom.

When I faced my reflection in the mirror, the figure there was barely recognisable, my eyes shone differently and my lips were slightly protruded. A memory flashed from earlier as he gently sucked on my lower lip. I shut my eyes and tried to shove it off.

Then, I turned on the water and washed my face. Luckily, my light makeup is waterproof. I gently dabbed on the surface with a napkin and stared at my reflection for the second time. I looked slightly better.

I placed my hands on both sides of the sink afraid I would fall off if I didn’t. My mind was blocking all thoughts of the kiss. I knew I’ll have to face it soon but I’m afraid it’ll overwhelm me. If I don’t face it, it’ll consume me for sure.

A minute later, I exhaled yet another and let go.

I remembered how his lips felt against mine, they were soft but not too soft. I could tell he didn’t want it too rough or hard on me. I felt how his tongue pushed against mine and rolled against my lower lip. I remembered every detail from the past ten minutes.

I relieved it and couldn’t deny it felt f****ng amazing. The realisation hit me, it dawned. I just made out with my boss and I enjoyed it.

I turned on the water and sprinkled some more on my face breathing erratically.

“This cannot be happening.”

I gasped out.

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Elena Salvatore.

I have no idea what this woman is actually doing to me. All I know is that I don’t like it, she’s making me do things I never dreamed off. I couldn’t explain the feeling I got when she stormed off. Did she finally conclude that I’m a terrible kisser?

I groaned in frustrated running my hands through my hair and leaving them there.

I knew she has or had something with Van Mikeslson but after today I’m sure it’s not an affair. With that being concluded, I have no choice but to accept the inevitable. I found every reason to deny it in the past. I promised myself that I wouldn’t have anything to do with a woman who has affairs with a married man. I forced myself to believe it.

Now that she denied it, I have no more excuses. I have no idea how it happened so I can’t offer any explanations to ease your confusion. What I can tell you is that somehow, at this moment I find myself falling slowly and definately, without caution for my personal assistant.