The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 46




I didn’t pack heavy. I figured I would use the remaining amount left to start over. Get some new clothes, set up a business or find a job. I didn’t care. I just had to leave and I had to leave today.

I would get a mover to clear the house, sell off the things I didn’t take along with me and send the money later. But for now, I needed to fit as much clothes as possible.

After I was done, I zipped the bag and searched for any other thing that would be used. Files, documents and others. I picked up the photo slowly, the one of me and Van. I wanted to rip it apart or leave it but yet I found myself stuffing it in my bag. I rolled the suitcase towards the door ready to leave. I twisted the knob about to walk out but he stood there blocking my way.


I called breathlessly.

“You’re leaving?”

He made it sound more like a statement rather than a question. I can’t default in my plan now.

“Yes. I’m leaving.”

I was happy my voice came out strong and clear like I intended.

“You’re leaving.”

He states and starts to walk towards me. His powerful strides makes me move back slowly.


I trailed off and he covered his lips with mine.

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I went back to the office, carrying on with my daily activities as platonic as I could. At the back of my mind, I couldn’t wait for the day to be over.

When the clock struck four pm, my things were already gathered. I was ready to leave.

“You seem to be in a hurry. Going somewhere?”

“Yeah, Justin and I are…”

“Oh, right. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Alright Mr O’Cornner.”

“Miss Salvatore….”

“Yes Sir…”


He breathed, I stared at him strangely but left anyways.

“Ready to go?”

He asks for confirmation the moment I reach his office.


I fake a grin and we walked away.

As he drove to God knows which restaurant, I formulated a plan to confirm my first doubt.

“Umm Justin, can I use your phone? I have a call I need to make. It’s really important.”

“Sure, here.”

He handed it over unlocked, I checked his call log and the set of numbers he called last were all unknown.

I thought fast and checked his messages instead hoping to find a clue there inside.

Wait, the call says they would be meeting today. We’re having dinner so how would that be possible. I checked and there was only one existing message sent a few minutes ago.

“Can’t meet up. Something came up. Go see Damon, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And just like that, a few words confirmed all my suspicions.