The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 44



“Good, my question is….”

He trailed off once more nearly making me faint in anticipation.

“Did you get something to eat or my deal was concluded on an empty stomach.”

I breathed in relief.

“Oh my…”

I exclaimed still in relief.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Sir. Yes, I had something to eat.”

“That’s good. You can go back to your office. I’m sure you’re really tired so I’ll leave you to resting.”

“Thank you Sir.”

I spun around and walked away.

“By the way, Justin has been searching for you. Maybe you could swing by his office later.”

“That’s it.”

I exclaimed in my thoughts.

“I knew I actually forgot something, someone. How could Justin slip my mind like that. I didn’t even say hi after the incident. Oh God, I’m a terrible person. If I believed in the universe crap, I’ll think it was preventing us from seeing each other. One problem or the other must certainly arise when we try to meet up. I owe him one so suck it up universe, I intend to pay up.”

“Are you going or…..”

“I’m leaving sir.”

My face flushed slightly. I really have to stop making a fool out of myself.

I walked down the hallway to Justin’s office.

“Like I said, suck it up universe.”

I giggled about to twist the knob. I halted hearing Justin speak. I don’t know why but I just listened keenly. Of course he was on the phone with someone.

“Yes, we’ll meet up later today.

He states making my thoughts go far. Was he seeing someone? I guess I read his signs wrongly. I actually thought he had feelings for me but if he’s on the phone with a woman, maybe I was wrong.

Or could it be an investor or something? It’s wrong listening on his conversation like this, I should just go inside.

“Yes Jenny. The usual place.”

He says. Wait Jenny? As in Mr O’Cornner’s Jenny. He’s in contact with the same crazy ass Jenny.

I thought he defended me from her that day, why would they be meeting up?

What do they possibly have in common to try and discuss.

Well universe, I finally believe. Happy, I believe. You’ve succeeded again because there’s no way I’m walking in now.

Something’s fishy, I intend to find out what. I walked away but stopped suddenly.

“Maybe I should walk in, if I get close to him enough, I just might be able to find something. Get information.”

I got back to his door, gave a soft knock and walked in.

“Hi Justin.”

I forced a smile and he returned it in the sweetest possible manner.