The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 36



I shook my head practicing my breathing exercises so I wouldn’t lose control.

I brushed past all his meaningless gifts, got into my room and took a shower before getting changed.

Then, I did as much research as I could and found his number online. It was ringing but he didn’t answer.

“You better pick up you two faced b-…..”

I trailed off the moment the receiver clicked.

? Van Mikeslson. How can I help you?

? In only one way. You get whomever put those stupid things in my house to take them out. You have one hour Van or I swear I’ll rain hell on you.

I threatened and hung up flinging my phone away.

I scoffed getting up from bed and going back to the living room waiting for someone to show up and get the thing.

Exactly thirty minutes later, my door bell rang.

“Who’s there?”

“Moving company. We’re here on behalf of Mr Mikeslson.”

I quickly opened the door for them and they sprung into action clearing out every last one of his gifts.

Another twenty or thirty minutes went by before they were finished.

“Thank you.”

I muttered in appreciation to the men.

“Mr Mikeslson asked us to give you a message?”

I rolled my eyes knowing he wouldn’t pay down without doing something first.

“What’s that?”

One of them walked out to go get something.

When he returned, he held a box and handed it over.

“We’ll talk our leave now.”

With that, they walked out gently closing my door behind them.

I placed my hands on the box with shaky hands. After a few seconds, I grew a pair and opened it.

There’s nothing inside.

Oh wait… I grabbed the paper which was placed upside down. It turned out to be a picture. The first one we took together when we arrived at the party. He’s forcing me to remember.

I held my head but it’s too late. More memories came in.


I got into the restroom. The more I poured water on my face, the harder I sobbed until I started crying.

The pain was excruciating, I knew I never should’ve come here. My stupid heard just wouldn’t listen. Stay home, in bed and rest instead am here getting my heart stumped over repeatedly. My dignity reduced to zilch. I’m so stupid.

I sobbed staring at my reflection. It’s going to take a really warm bath to get the juice out. I need to slip out without Van seeing me. I can’t deal with him right now.

I also need to avoid Octavia, she might get physical the next time she sees me. I’ve had enough beatings to serve me a week or more. I took off my heals holding them in my hand. My eyes were red and puffy, my make up looked terrible resulting from too much crying.

All of that didn’t really matter. I walked out of the restroom and prayed to my lucky stars Van wasn’t outside.

He was. And I got yet another heartbreaking sight. Not only was Van out there, he lip locked with Octavia and they were engaging in a hot make out session right in front of me.

I averted my eyes running off into another round of tears.


I had no idea when I folded my fists in rage and squeezed the picture.

I ripped it into pieces, disposed of it and got into bed to rest.