The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 23



I looked over my shoulders every ten seconds. Everyone else was having a good time trying to bound whilist I tried to get out of here as fast as I could. Justin had already given me six missed calls. I had a feeling a Seventh was fast approaching.

“Why are you in such a rush. I’m your boss remember.” I ignored him fiddling in my seat.

“Could you go ask the manager when we can leave. I have somewhere important I need to be. Please.” I half-begged.

“Where are you going?”

“I owe Mr Dax a date and I couldn’t go the first time because of you and now history is about to repeat itself.”

“Why don’t you call and cancel or tell him you would be late instead of letting it ring on the table, it’s rude not to answer you know.”

“And tell him what. A criminal escaped so I’m stuck in a restaurant with you?”

“Pretty much.” He says in a duh-tone.

“Well I can’t tell him that!” I said twitching my lips.

“Do you have a crush on him or something that makes you worried about how he sees you?”

“No I don’t have a crush on him. You’re my boss it feels weird talking to you about things like this.”

“Well we’re stuck together whether you like it or not. Might as well find how to kill time that way. ” I see reason behind his words but still feel uncomfortable.

“When we get back to the office we can both act like it didn’t happen.” He adds making me exhale.

“He helped me with point taking and all so he asked for dinner in return. I agreed because I had nothing to lose.”

“It’s really funny because I could swear two days ago he told me how much he despises you. He wanted you fired.”

“I accidentally spilled coffee on him and ran away during the day of my interview.” He choked on his drink trying hard not to start laughing.

“Ever since then, he hated my guts but suddenly wants dinner ”

“Maybe he likes you.” He teased before grinning.

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“Did Damon O’Conner just tease me?” I asked myself almost giggling.

“It’s not possible.” I retort sucking in a sharp breath

“It might be. Come on haven’t you found yourself liking someone you thought you would never look at.”

“Not really.” I respond and sip my wine.

“That’s not possible.”

“It is…”

“So you haven’t done anything that looked stupid or crazy for love?” He asks making me speechless.

All my reoccurring problems are because of love.

“Well, I have actually. Just this once and it cost me everything. ”

“Well what happened?” He asks curiously making my mind drift off to Van Mikeslson.

“It’s a really long story. I don’t want to get into it. Maybe some other time.” It’s obvious he wants to push further but he doesn’t want to which I was thankful for.

“I’ll go talk to the manager and see if they find a safe passage so you won’t miss your date.” He says making me smile heartily.

“Thanks Damon.” I found myself saying freely and for a second I didn’t see him as my boss, he became the guy who I indirectly confessed to about my past. Maybe not fully but all the same…..