The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 22



He raised me slowly until I could stand on my two feets.

“We’ll be on our way now.” Damon says and the workers bade him goodbye before we take our leave.

My face was flushed in sheer embarrassment. I needed to be more careful next time or else I might get myself hurt. Damon can’t always be there to save me.

We reached the office and it was business as usual. I put in my best to get the job done.

When it was lunch break, I stepped out and went to the cafeteria for a snack. This time, I took precautions with my food.

I took the elevator clinging onto them tightly when I bumped into someone. Our fore heads collided and she spilled the contents of her bag and I my lunch.

“Am sorry.” We said simultaneously.

My lunch was gone but at least I could help her with her things.

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry about your lunch.”

“It’s okay. I was the clumsy one” I said as I tucked my hair behind my ears.

“I’m Catherina O’Conner.”

“Damon’s married.” I gasped and she giggled.

“Not really. I’m his little sister. Pleasure to meet you.” I took her head and shook it lightly.

“Umm… Elena Salvatore Damon’s Perrsonal Assistant.”

She smiled cockily making me feel nervous.

“I’m in a hurry. I’ll catch you later.” She says before running off.

“That was weird.” I muttered before finding my way back to my office. I got a janitor to clean the place up but my tummy rumbled in anger.

“I’m so hungry.” I moaned caressing my tummy. Damon walked out noticing the position I was in and I quickly straightened up.

“Are you okay Miss Salvatore?”

“I bumped into your sister and I mistakenly spilled my lunch. I’ll just wait until the day is over…”

“I cant decide who’s more clumsy between the two of you.” He shakes his head slightly before placing his hands in his pocket.

“Stand up. I was just about to go get lunch. You can’t work on an empty stomach.” I didn’t need to be told twice,I sprung up and trailed behind him immediately.

The restaurant we were at was pretty fancy, I felt a little underdressed but who could blame me.

I distracted myself by focusing on the heavenly meal in front of me sipping a little wine.

Damon barely even touched his food, I guess he wasn’t hungry.

Suddenly, the manager went towards the door and locked it. The waiters looked distraught and people started panicking.

“What wrong?” I asked curiously

“Wait here, I’ll go find out ” He dropped his fork and strode away.

He emerged moments later before taking a seat.


“A dangerous criminal just escaped. This place is on lockdown. Get comfortable, we might be here a for while.” He says before going back to his food.

I can only hope we leave here before 8pm, I can’t blow Justin off for the second time.