The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 11


At the orphanage, I heard stories about parents who used their adoptive children to do whatever they wanted. I made up my mind that I wouldn’t let myself get adopted.

Whenever we had guests,I would lock myself up and wait out. One day, some of the other children found out, they mocked me, said no one would want me anyways and then they lock the door from the outside.

I was in a closet, it was dark and I couldn’t get out. I stayed there for hours crying and begging anyone to open it up but no one did. I passed out after a while and when I woke up, they found me.

After that day, I couldn’t stay in tight spaces for a long time. It would feel as if the walls are closing in on me.

The soothing effect of Damon had started to wear off. At this time, I couldn’t breath. I laid on the floor gasping for air. He held me restlessly trying to calm me down.

I deserve an award for the “worst first day ever.”

Suddenly, the elevator made a ding sound. Damon carried me and took me out and it was like I would given an enormous amount of O². I felt better in an instant.

“Thank you ..”

I mumbled after regaining my breath. He stood up replacing the once plain look with a professional one.

“Goodbye Miss Salvatore. Make sure you get done rest, I expect to see you at work early.” He leaves me on the floor, taking the stairs.

Minutes later, I regain myself and got up. I stared at my bag in the elevator, scared to go in and pick it up. I quickly went to get a stick, using it to drag it out before finally picking it up and scurrying out of the building.

Resting on the seat in the cab I boarded, I began to reminisce on how lucky I was on my first day. Three f****ng instances where anyone would’ve gotten fired and yet I got lucky, I have to be careful. Get through the month, get out.


The driver swerves the car on the highway and thoughts of my new P.A cloud my judgement, she looks exceptionally farmilar.

I just can’t remember where I know her from, was it someone I had sex with before.

Or I’m just over thinking things?

There’s something about her that just doesn’t feel right, I can’t put my finger on it.

She didn’t want to go with me to the company for some unknown reason, that seemed really weird. Unlike the other girls, she doesn’t make advances at me.

What is it about her that’s just so alluring. I know her but from where? I’m just over thinking. That’s probably it. Yeah, I’m over thinking.



I look to my side staring at the alarm clock.

“Oh, it’s 9am…” I mumble tiredly.

“Holy f**k it’s 9am!” I scream.

I jump out of bed realising it was a dream but it was already too late, I landed on the floor with a large thud hitting my butt in the process.

I moaned in pain, caressing it slowly.

“Ooh my soft sweet ass, I’m so sorry…”

I coo slightly. Then, I checked the clock.

“sh*t! It’s 7am!”

I yell jumping up, making my way to the bathroom and sticking my tongue out to the blankets. They didn’t get me this time and neither will tardiness.