The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 10


His arrogance disgusts me. I mean what is it with rich people thinking everyone wants them. I came here because I felt I was wrong and maybe, just maybe I would’ve apologized but instead he says this.

“Miss Salvatore, I hired you to be my assistant. Nothing more, if you can’t perform that job then….”

“Let me stop you there Sir….”

I cut him short with a sarcastic comment .

“Firstly, I came into your office to speak to you about something that happened earlier. I didn’t come to make any moves like you so bluntly put, that I assure you, I never will. Before you go about throwing wild accusations at me, you should have the courtesy to ask questions first. ”

I place my hand over my lips after the statement I just made. I can’t believe I just said all that to my boss. Obviously he wasn’t expecting a reply like that one, he shakes his head slightly and regains his composure staring at me.

“Well Miss Salvatore, i’m glad we’ve reached an understanding then, we are to maintain a strictly professional relationship with me and nothing more.”

He states, clarifying the whole thing.

“You may go Miss Salvatore.” He points to the door, I heaved a large sigh before finally walking out.

“He’s extremely lucky I controlled my temper with him. So lucky. How dare him accuse me of something like that! It’s not like he’s that attractive, well he is but still!”

I grab my things frantically, eager to get the hell out of this place as fast as I can. Get home, take a warm bath and hug my bed. Then maybe set an alarm so I don’t piss him off again tomorrow.

As I’m out to leave, he walks out of the office, shutting the door lightly and i can feel him trailing behind me.

I hurry to get to the elevator before him but it’s of no use, he walks right in after me, closes it and presses the button that takes us to the last floor. I tap my feets on the ground nervously, his gaze is on his phone. I’m sure he doesn’t even notice I’m here.

Silence reigned between us, at least until the power goes off and the elevator stops moving immediately.

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“What just happened!”

I raise my voice little alarmed. Just then, the back up generators kick in but the elevator doesn’t move.

“Why aren’t we moving?”

“If I knew why don’t you think I would try to fix it!”

He snaps at me rudely getting his phone out.

“I’ll make some calls, it’s probably just a power surge. We’ll be out of here in a few minutes.”


Damon made a couple of phone calls and there are people trying to get us out of here. We’ve been in here for almost thirty minutes or maybe even more and my fears began to surface.

I place my hands around my body getting frightened. I’m extremely scared of tight spaces, I can’t stay here for long. I won’t be able to breathe. I gasp for air, exhaling as fast as I can.

“Are you okay?”

“Nope, can’t breath. Can’t breath” I mumbled looking around, touching the walls for a way out.

“Too tight, I can’t breath.” To my surprise, he rushes towards me, holds my hand and makes me look at him.

“I’m right here, focus on me. Inhale, exhale and you’ll be fine.”

I nod my head practicing what he said, feeling a little better in seconds.