Teenage Love Episode 7



Segun was busy writing and supplying answers to the questions given to them.

“WAEC in trouble.” he thought to himself.

“Submit everybody.” the invigilator shouted. Signifying the end of the theory paper.

The students all stood up at once and walked towards the front to submit their answer booklet causing pandemonium. Segun waited till everything had settled before he stood up and submitted his booklet and sat down patiently waiting for the OMR sheet for the objectives.

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The students all trooped out of the exam hall signifying the end of the paper for the day. Segun came out and was surprised to see everybody talking and pointing at him. He pretended he didn’t hear them as he continued walking towards the gate when he saw Olanike walking in front. He increased his pace and caught up with her.

“Nike?” he called out.

“Yes.” she answered coldly amidst sniffing.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?”

“Am not crying.”

“But tears is in your eyes.”

“Please i want to be alone.” she requested.

“Okay. Can i have your number?” he found himself asking.

“No problem.” she collected his phone and typed her number.

“Thanks.” he said.

They walked on in silence till they got to the bus-stop where they went their separate ways.