Teenage Love Episode 68


Nike looked at Jummy who smiled her as a sign of victory. Tears flowed freely from her eyes.

“You don’t need to cry over a spilt milk.” Mrs Akinola advised. Nike stood up and made for the door.

“Bye ma.” Nike said and walked out without waiting for a reply. Segun quickly ran after her.

“Nike.” he called.

She ignored him and continued walking towards the gate. He ran after her and held her hand immediately he caught up with her.

“Nike don’t do this to me.” Segun pleaded.

“Do what to you? You’ve spelt it out for me. Jummy is the choosen one for you. Your family has consented to it so my presence in your life will eventually turn to be a waste.” She lamented.

“Nike. Its all a lie.” Segun defended.

“Why didn’t you oppose your mum when she was talking but instead you looked down like you did it which i know you did.” Nike added and walked out of the compound.

“It doesn’t speak well if i oppose my mum openly before you.” Segun defended.

“There are better ways through which you can do that and will sound polite.” Nike explained.

A bikeman wandered freely on the street. Nike flagged down the bike and mounted it and off she went home. Segun walked back home dejected.

“It is now i show this people my true character.” he said and slammed the gate angrily as if the gate was part of those who offended him. He got to the sitting room and could hear voices of his parents which seems like they were arguing.

“You disappointed me by saying all these to that innocent girl.” Mr Akinola said. “Why is she forcing herself on my son?” Mrs Akinola asked.

“Who is your son? I think these children are too young to be exposed to things like this.” Mr Akinola buttressed his point.

“Let them know themselves better now so that they won’t have problem in the future.” Mrs Akinola said.

“Which future? Don’t tell me you are planning on getting them married in future?” he asked.

“I made a promise to her mother.” Mrs Akinola replied.

“Don’t you know they could take the silly engagement of yours and start having sex with the belief that they are couples.” Mr Akinola said and walked away to his room.

–to be continued–