Teenage Love Episode 67


“Nike i appreciate you for honouring my invitation. I pray you will also be honoured in all your endeavours.” Mrs Akinola prayed.

“Amen.” Nike replied feeling nervous.

“I called you so that we can iron things out between you and Segun and know where we are headed to.” Mrs Akinola explained and waited to see if she got what she was saying by her reaction. Nike looked at the faces in the room. They were not smilling. She looked at Segun who gave her an assuring smile which made her feel relaxed a little bit.

“You see i don’t like when people influence my son negatively. I noticed that since Segun met you or rather since the time when your examination started. He has been behaving strange and has become extremely rude and proud. Mrs Akinola began. Nike looked at her with a scared face.

“Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say you influenced him. I was just using the exam as a case study. Shebi you met him during the examination?” Mrs Akinola asked.

“Y…….y……yes ma.” Nike stammered in fright.

“You see this girl here. You know her right?” Mrs Akinola asked pointing to Jummy.

“Yes i know her.” Nike replied a little bit composed.

“She is Segun’s girlfriend. So if you call Segun your boyfriend i guess you are just kidding yourself. Segun personally told me he is just playing you.” Mrs Akinola said.

Every other person in the sitting room was shocked to the marrow as to what Mrs Akinola just said. Nike looked at Segun for a clue but instead of giving her a facial expression he looked down in shame like actually did what he was accused of.

–to be continued– (