Teenage Love Episode 6


He unfolded the paper and read the words scribbled on it.

“The battle line has been drawn. I pray you don’t loose your life cos you have gotten entangled in a web of trouble.” Segun sighed and stood up facing the enraged Emmanuel.

Meanwhile Olanike had left her seat for Segun’s seat. Immediately she got there, she collected the paper from Segun and read what was written on it. She looked at Emma with an angry face.

“Emma! Why are you doing this?”

“Hey! You’d better stay out of this.” he retorted.

“Segun please don’t do anything.” she advised.

Segun tore the paper into pieces and gave it back to emma before walking angrily out of the hall. Leaving Emma and Olanike together.

“What do you think you are doing? She asked.

“What does it look like?” he replied with another question.

“Leave the guy out of this. We aren’t dating. We are just friends.”

“friends my foot. Continue being friends with him, since he is more important to you than me.” He said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You can’t deny seeing my messages on whatsapp requesting to see you outside. He said.

“What message? I didn’t see anything of such.” she said bringing out her phone from her purse. “Oh my God! I didn’t knw you sent me a message. Infact my phone is in silent mode.”

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“Your phone is silent mode to avoid disturbance right?”

“Yeah, but not disturbance from you…..”

“Save it for all i care.” he cut her short and walked away angrily.

“Emma!” She called after him but got no reply. He met segun by the door and blocked him from entering.

“Hey! Let me in. Segun warned.

“Do your worst.” emma dared him.

Segun held him by his collar causing him to gag and leave the way for him to enter. Just then the invigillator entered into the class. Paying no attention to struggling boys.

“Bastards. See how they are fighting in public.” he said irritated. The whole hall bursted into laughter.

“Only God knows what they are fighting for.” he said.

“They are fighting because of a girl.” a boy shouted from the backseat.

“You see. They were sent here to write exam but they are chasing girls.” he said and hissed.

Segun went back to his seat and waited for the distribution of the question and answer booklet.

–to be continued–