Teenage Love Episode 59


Segun turned to look at the intruder and discovered it was Emmanuel. He attacked him and threw him to the ground but he backed off immediately he saw the security men coming towards them. He settled things with them and was allowed to go.

He went in search of Nike but couldn’t find her and he didn’t know where her class was located. He tried her number but the preset network operator told him her phone was switched up. Segun gave up and went to join his other teammates in the dressing room. The students of brights college left steadfast thirty minutes later.

Segun sat close to the window and looking at the volleyball court he could see Nike staring at their bus. He waved but got no response. They got back to their school around 2pm and were given a warm reception, the principal commended them and told them to work harder in their subsequent matches.

The ss3c students got back to their class and the guys began arguing about the match they played. Segun sat down and was thinking about Nike.

“Segun, what’s wrong?” Jummy asked with concern written on her face.

“Nothing.” he replied.

“Are you thinking about the match?” she asked.

“Am not thinking about anything.” he replied coldly. Jummy was suprised at his sudden outburst, but she didn’t retreat.

“Segun, you know you can tell me what is wrong.” Jummy said playing with his fingers.

“I have no problem to share with you. I just want to be alone.” he said angrily.

“Have you forgotten that i am your girlfriend?” she asked. Segun stood up and left the class for the staff room. He got to the staff room and met the absence of uncle steve, he waited for five minutes with the hope that he will return before the time elapse but he didn’t.

Segun left the staff room and walked back to his class. He got back to the class and saw Jummy still seated on his seat. He walked up to her and said.

“Jummy, please i have somethings to do.”

“Do it now.” Jummy said shifting for him.

“start going back to your seat.” he commanded in a low tone. She stood up hissed and picked up his phone with the aim of sending files from there to hers. She got back to her seat and opened his media, where she saw numerous pictures of Nike with lovely names and also love messages in the message inbox. She copied Nike’s number and went back to return his phone.

–to be continued–