Teenage Love Episode 57


“Time? Why can’t you give me a reply now?” Segun asked.

“I need to think of every possible thing that might take place. Both the positive and negative factor.” she explained.

“So like how many days should i give you?” he asked.

“Till the end of this week.” she said.

“That’s too much o.” he complained.

“Segun try and be patient. Patience is needed in a relationship.” she adviced.

“Okay.” he replied. He ended the call and sat down to think of the last few hours of the day.

“Jummy is trying to impress, so that i can reconsider her. Mummy is making plans with the girl which i pray won’t be successful. This Nike of a girl, i hope she won’t be a dictator. Because she seems to enjoy preaching.” he thought as he replayed those events in his mind.

He laid down to sleep but his sleep was interrupted by a knock on the door. He told the person to come in. It was no other person than Jummy.

“What is she looking for now?” Segun thought. Jummy walked into the room and sat on Segun’s reading table. Segun sat up on the bed and faced her. He gave her a say what you want to say and get out look.

“Segun, i came to talk to you.” she said.

“I know.” he thought. “Hope no problem?” he asked.

“There is.” she said as she stood up and walked to the bed where Segun was sitting. It was then Segun was able to access her. She was dressed in a short and revealling nightie, the one which stopped at mid-tigh.

“Segun, i love you.” she said holding his hands. Segun had never been in a situation like this before. He was sweating like an xmas goat. Jummy climbed the bed and sat down with him. One way or the other, Jummy lips found its way to his. Which he couldn’t resist. They began kissing hungrily and the rest was history.


Jummy readjusted her nightie and face Segun.

“Promise me you won’t break my heart.” she said.

“Break your heart ke? I’m not in love with you.” he thought. “I promise.” he replied.

“You are the second person to have S3x with me. I don’t want to see you with other girls because i have sealed this relationship.” she said caressing him.

“Seal ke? Did mummy tell her to do this?” he thought. She left him wondering. Just then his phone beeped, it was a message from Olanike.