Teenage Love Episode 44


She removed her phone and checked the caller. It was Emmanuel, Segun urged her to pick it and activate loudspeaker mode.

“Hello.” she greeted calmly.

“You have just drawn the battle line. I promise you that one of us gats to cry at the end. I dated you for a whole year without cheating but because you have found a guy of your social level you jilted me and clinged unto him. I tell you, you gonna regret it.” he shouted from the other end.

“Emma what nonsense are you saying? I thought you have broken up with me.” she asked.

“Me saying nonsense? I broke up with you doesn’t mean i have cleared you to have another relationship.” he replied.

“Mr man shut up and stop saying rubbish.” Segun said.

“Wow! So you are there with her? I promise you’ll cry.” Emma said. They continued in their hot verbal exchange before Segun angrily cut the call.

“This guy is a beast.” Segun said irritatedly. They got to the bus/stop and Segun hopped into a waiting cab.

“Thanks for making my day.” Nike said.

“Its nothing.” Segun replied.


“Welcome bro.” Mary greeted.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Am fine.” she replied.

“Is mummy back?” he asked.

“Yes. Where did you go?” she asked with concern.

“A friend’s birthday.” he said and left for his room. He got to his room changed his clothes and took a shower. He laid down to take a nap then he started reminiscing of the incidents of the day. Ranging from the way Nike introduced him to other guests, Nike’s dad’s questions, their(Nike and him) conversation.

“What could have cause this girl to shed tears?” he asked himself before nature did his work by taking him to the wonderland.


“Bro Segun.” Mary called knocking on his door. He woke up and opened the door for her. She stood at the doorpost and delivered the message.

“Mummy wants you downstairs.” she informed.

“But why can’t you tell her am sleeping?” he asked angrily.

“I told her but she wouldn’t listen.” Mary explained.

“Okay, tell her am coming.” he said with a tone of dismissal. He shut his door and went into the bathroom to rinse his face. He came out minutes later and headed for the sitting room.

“Welcome ma.” he greeted as he descended the stairs.

“Where did you go today?” she asked.

“I went to a friends place.” he replied.

“So because of a friend you refused going on a proposed date with your girlfriend? You are a disappointment.” his mother said angrily.

“I have told you times without number, it is over between Jummy and I.” he explained.

“It is a must you date her.” she replied.

“But mum, why are you so concerned about me dating this girl? Moreso, you once told me, she doesn’t fit me.” he asked his mum.

“You want to know why?” she asked.

“Yes.” he answered.

“I’ll tell you.” she replied and cleared her throat. {flashback}

To be continued.